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How To Style Chemise Dress

How To Style Chemise Dress

Over the years, the term “shirt” has become a bit unclear. By definition, it is a dress with a straight cut that allows the dress to fit loosely, especially at the waist. Some people interpret it as a different way of calling the “shift dress”. I would argue that a shirt dress is often looser than a shift dress. But of course the definition is never as important as the beautiful result. To help you expand your outfit game, I’ve rounded up some of the best chemise outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive right in.

White maxi shirt with bell sleeves


Since I’m pretty sure some of you are still not sure what a camisole is, I’ll start this list with a textbook dress. This is a white bell sleeve maxi dress. Note that the entire dress fits pretty loosely. The waist area is quite unsuitable. The airy and slightly chunky cut is the hallmark of a shirt dress. To style this particular dress, you can simply wear it with knee high boots made of black leather to complete this feminine and unique look.

Sleeveless knee-length chemise dress with a blue belt

sleeveless knee-length shirt with blue belt

For many of the chemise dresses out there these days, they have a belt design that makes the mismatched waist a little more fitting, but not down to the skinny fit. For example, here is a nice knee length shirt with a blue belt. Just wear it with black heels and you would have an airy casual look.

White Off The Shoulder floor length shirt dress

white off the shoulder floor-length shirt dress

Since a chemise dress is a loose fitting dress that doesn’t really let you show your curves, one way to make it sexy is to go for an off the shoulder version. This strapless white maxi dress looks pure and beautiful. Just pair it with black ankle boots to complete this great outfit.

Blue Denim Chemise Mini Dress

blue denim shirt mini dress

This dress is unique looking blue jeans chemise mini dress. To achieve a stylish look, you can pair the dress with a pair of knee high black suede boots. For more outfit ideas for similar boots, check out our blog post on wearing knee high boots.

Ruffle Collar Long Sleeve Chemise Dress

long-sleeved shirt dress with ruffled collar

For a brief period in history, a shirt dress is referred to as the type of dress you wear when you go to bed. The term is still used that way on occasion. For example, this white ruffled collar shirt dress is really at home for you. You can definitely feel very comfortable, which makes it the perfect dress when you go to bed.

Royal blue button up mini dress

royal blue mini dress with buttons

Here is a royal blue chemise mini dress that looks almost like a polo shirt. To style the dress, wear it with brown pointy toe ankle boots and a cheetah clutch for a super chic look.

Dark blue and white striped shirt dress with belt

dark blue and white striped shirt dress with belt

For an airy and casual look, you can wear a dark blue and white striped mini dress. This dress also has a super slim brown belt that is designed to make the waist a little tighter. For the shoes, I would recommend wearing either white sneakers or bare boho-style sandals.

White, loose fitting maxi dress in boho style

white maxi dress in boho style with a loose fit

This is a white chemise maxi dress with some gorgeous boho style details. For example, there are criss-cross elements on the sleeves. The ruffle hem also makes the dress more stylish and elegant. You can just wear it with nude heeled sandals to complete this awesome outfit.

White knee-length shirt with shirt

white knee-length shirt with shirt

Most shirt dresses have a straight, loosely cut, which means they automatically wear chemise dresses. Here is a white knee length shirt dress that is simply paired with black open toe heels with ankle straps to create an artsy minimal look.

Black belt chemise mini dress

black shirt with shirt and belt

For a lovely ladylike look, you can wear this black belted shirt and a pair of brown suede ankle boots. The elegant narrow brown belt goes perfectly with the brown boots and makes this outfit an elegant and feminine outfit.

Light pink shirt dress with silver heels

pale pink shirt dress silver heels

Here is another shirt dress that is a camisole. This time it’s a pale pink shirt dress. Pair it with a silver ankle strap with open toe heels and a silver choker necklace to add a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Boho Style Tribal Printed Chemise Dress

Tribal printed shirt in boho style

For a breezy boho look, you can wear this tribal printed boho style mini dress. For a minimal look, you can combine the dress with nude heeled sandals. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of black knee-high gladiator sandals to add even more depth to the boho style.

Chambray shirt dress with sandals

Chambray shirt dress sandals

Here is a chambray shirt dress with a slim brown belt. Very interesting, the dress is paired with brown heels with open toes that have a golden element. The result is surprisingly casual and feminine.

Two-layer green shirt dress

two-layer green shirt dress

Here is a very creatively designed two-layer green shirt dress. The inner layer is basically a white sleeveless midi dress while the outer layer is a green, semi-transparent layer. You can simply wear the dress with black open toe ankle straps. This outfit is one of those outfits that doesn’t require you to show skin while standing out from the crowd at a cocktail party or prom.

Black and white checked pattern dress

black and white checked shirt with checked pattern

For a super chic street look, you can wear a knee-length check shirt dress in black and white. Wear it with a pair of canvas shoes with a similar plaid pattern that goes perfectly with the dress. Wear a white clutch to complete your outfit in style.

Here are the shirt dress outfit ideas I want to share with you. It doesn’t matter if you feel clearer about the definition of the term “shirt dress” after reading this blog post. What matters is whether the outfit ideas you see can inspire you to come up with outfits that suit you. The best way to learn is to imitate first and then tweak a little to make it your own version.

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