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How To Wear Button Skirt

How To Wear Button Skirt

The button-up skirt, also known as the button-front skirt, is very easy to style and has small details in the buttons that add an extra dimension to your outfit. Most of the time, button-up skirts come in the form of denim mini-skirts and suede mini-skirts, but there is actually a lot more that I’m about to talk about. For this blog post, I’ve rounded up some of the best button-up rock outfit ideas that you can use for your reference. Let’s look at them now.

White vest top with brown suede button-up skirt


Since a button skirt already has enough detail, you can wear it as part of a minimal outfit and expect it to look pretty good. For example, wear a white vest top with a mini skirt with a brown suede button. Combine these pieces with brown sandals with boho heels. This brown and white street outfit is simple and clean.

White tie shirt with blue button-up skirt

blue skirt outfit with buttons

For a more sophisticated outfit, wear a white tie shirt with a blue button down skirt. Wear nude strappy strappy sandals and a color-coordinated handbag to complete the outfit.

Blue and white striped shirt with black skirt

blue and white striped shirt black button skirt

What would a button skirt look like with a button shirt? This outfit tells us that the combination seems to work pretty well. To achieve that casual street look, wear a blue and white striped shirt with a black buttoned mini skirt. Wear white sneakers to make the outfit look sportier and more cheerful.

Off the shoulder black blouse with jeans button up skirt

Denim button up skirt off the shoulder black blouse

When it comes to skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is the denim skirt. I think it’s time to talk about how to style a button denim skirt. You can just style it like you would style a typical denim skirt. For example, to achieve a beautiful and restrained sexy look, you can wear an off-the-shoulder black blouse with a high-waisted denim mini-skirt with a button closure. A pair of black ballerinas would go perfectly with the outfit. You might want to learn more about similar shoes by reading our blog post on styling ballet flats.

Camel-length coat with a denim skirt

Camel long coat denim skirt

Here is an outfit that shows how to style a button skirt with a layered outfit. Wear a black high-necked knit sweater with a denim button pencil skirt. Then wear a camel length wool coat over the pieces. Then wear the stockings and brown leather ankle boots to complete the outfit.

Gray skirt with black thigh high leather boots

gray skirt with buttons over knee leather boots

This outfit shows that you can wear suede over suede to look chic. For the top, wear a gray vest top with a dark blue suede blazer. Team it with a gray buttoned suede mini skirt. Combine the skirt with another suede item in the gray suede boots above the knee. It’s a little surprising to me how natural this suede outfit actually looks.

Brown leather button skirt with knee-high boots

knee-high boots made of brown leather with buttons

The leather skirt is so popular and versatile, and it’s no surprise there is a button-up version. For a feminine and beautiful look, you can wear a white knitted sweater with a brown leather skirt with buttons. Combine the skirt perfectly with a pair of brown knee-high leather boots. The checked wool scarf gives the outfit a lot of beauty.

Denim skirt with a crepe hooded top and strappy sandals

Crepe hooded top with jeans button on the front

For a casual and refreshing outfit that’s perfect for spring, wear a crepe hooded top with a button-front denim skirt. Wear brown boho strappy sandals to add a classy detail to your outfit.

Striped t-shirt with skirt & ankle boots

striped ankle boots with t-shirt front skirt

This outfit shows a beautiful use of color that makes it look so unique. For the top, wear a white and gray t-shirt. For the bottom, wear a burgundy button skirt with camel suede ankle boots. It’s amazing how three simple pieces like this one can be put together for an amazing minimal look.

Burgundy button up skirt with trench coat

Trench coat with a burgundy skirt

This outfit also includes a burgundy buttoned skirt like the previous outfit. Instead of a minimal outfit, however, this outfit is more complex and made up of more pieces and layers. First, combine the white blouse with the burgundy skirt. Then wear a long trench coat over the parts. Wear stockings and black ankle boots to combine with the rest of the outfit. Wear a black felt hat for an extra artistic touch.

Black skirt with white knitted sweater

black skirt white knit sweater outfit

Here is a very minimalist but adorable black and white outfit. Just wear a white knit sweater with a black high-waisted skirt. Combine them with black leather boots.

Red tie chest top with black button up skirt

red tie chess tip black button above skirt

This outfit consists of a top with some interesting details. It’s a red rib cage top. Continue this creative trend by wearing a red felt hat. A black button down skirt and black heels are a nice complement to this outfit.

Black short t-shirt with denim skirt

black cropped t-shirt jeans button front skirt

For a low-key sexy outfit where you only have to show a little skin at the waist, you can wear a black short t-shirt with a skirt with a denim button on the front. Wear black and white trainers to finish off your outfit with a casual twist.

Denim skirt with a long black trench coat

Denim skirt black long trench coat

This outfit idea shows that a black long trench coat with a denim mini skirt with buttons can look pretty good. This overlay trick works well. Combine these items with a gray t-shirt and black leather boots.

Black suede button-up skirt with light pink knitted sweater

black suede skirt with buttons

Wear a light pink cable sweater with a black suede skirt for a feminine and form-fitting outfit. Wear a pair of beautiful thigh high boots to finish off your outfit.

Here are some of the best ways to wear buttoned skirts that I wanted to share with you. Let’s try some of the ideas. I bet you will find them pretty easy.

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