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How To Wear Khaki Jacket

How To Wear Khaki Jacket

First, let’s determine the exact appearance of the khaki color. I am sure many of you are still unclear. I have to admit, I was never really sure what color it was. It’s the mix of olive green and dark yellow. You get the perfect earth tone that you can style with any other color. When we have solved that, let’s see how you can wear the khaki jacket.

The khaki jacket is a perfect staple that can make you warm and also very stylish. You may have noticed that it-girls wear their khaki jackets with just about anything. It ranges from sporty leggings to super elegant dresses.

Now let’s see what I have prepared for you. I’ve broken the outfits into the following sections: How to Wear Buffers, Bomber Jackets, and Trench Coats.

How to style regular and trench khaki jacket

Khaki jacket regularly
If you want to look elegant but not overdone, you should combine your khaki jacket with white button-downs and flared pants. The outfit will look very chic and stylish. If you’re not in the mood for super high heels, wear nice thong sandals.

Khaki jacket blush pink sweater
As you can see in the photo above, the khaki color of the jacket goes perfectly with the blush pink color of the sweater. The combination is just so beautiful that you can never imagine that khaki is the basic color for the army. Wear it with solid jewelry and dark jeans. Top it all off with a beige suede shoulder bag.

Khaki jacket blazer
Thanks to Erica Hoida – the stylist and blogger – we saw a lot of khaki jackets on her blog. She loves this color. Combine this khaki blazer with the dark jeans and nude strap sandals. Spice up this combination with the snakeskin shoulder bag.

Khaki jacket lace-up boots
This long parka jacket is ideal for casual and elegant occasions. It’s the perfectly acceptable option to mix with high-heeled lace-up boots and a blue-striped button-down. The jacket is perfect when you want to look stylish. However, you don’t want to look like you put too much effort into creating this outfit.

Khaki jacket white dress
Adding the khaki military jacket to the white knit dress seems like a bad idea. However, you can always try. If you look at the photo above, you will see the gorgeous, edgy mix of the fringe and army jacket. It seems very stylish and chic.

How to style a khaki bomber jacket

Khaki jacket bomber jacket
The khaki jacket goes perfectly with white chinos. It’s a nice combination of two styles: sporty and elegant. This outfit is perfect if you are looking for new and attractive work clothes. The leopard print pointed toes are a fantastic detail of this combination.

Parisienne khaki jacket
When in France dress like a French girl. This outfit is so Parisienne look like. You can make your khaki jacket a statement in this black outfit. Combine it with the fabulous belt and the beautiful ankle boots.

Khaki jacket black dress
If you think that bomber jackets are only reserved for sporty and casual outfits, then you are not entirely right. You can wear the khaki jacket with the elegant dress or skirt. You can always count on a khaki bomber jacket to warm you up, even if you are going to a winter party.

Khaki jacket overknee boots
The thigh-high boots go perfectly with the black jeans and khaki bomber jacket. Although the khaki jacket is a pretty sporty staple, it is combined with the overknee boots for a super chic look!

Khaki jacket pleated skirt
Another outstanding example of how the khaki bomber jacket with the elegant pleated skirt and ankle boots can be integrated into an outfit. It looks amazing and unique. Add a brightly colored bag and hat for a casual atmosphere.

Khaki jacket burgundy pants
Perhaps you didn’t realize that khaki colors mix surprisingly well with any other color. As you can see, it goes pretty well with the burgundy pants and red boots. If you think there are too many colors, just take a look at the photo above.

How to style a puffer khaki jacket

Khaki jacket puffer
Buffers are great when you want to look attractive and very warm at the same time. You can wear it while exercising or combine it with casual but sporty braces. This photo in the photo above is perfect for getting your first morning coffee from your favorite bar.

Khaki jacket mules
The puffer jackets are a big trend of the autumn / winter season. You could see them everywhere and mostly on it girls from the fashion industry. They are very entertaining and the khaki color gives them an absolute uniqueness. Wear your khaki bomber jacket with boyfriend jeans.

Khaki jacket white sneakers
If you want to achieve that bold ’90s look with sweatpants and an oversized jacket, consider wearing a khaki bomber jacket. It looks very fashionable and modern, but very retro. Wear your khaki jacket with the black leggings and white sneakers.

Khaki jacket animal print pocket
This gold-colored khaki jacket is a perfect basic piece of equipment to style a casual outfit. You can wear it with the black or brown clothes. Spice up the combination with the small bag with an animal motif.

Long khaki jacket
This khaki jacket is sure to keep you warm. It’s long and looks very comfortable. You can pair it with the black culottes and a khaki turtleneck for a super chic look. When it comes to accessories, you can wear a vintage bag and black leather loafers.

These were some of the ideas on how to style your khaki jacket. If you are a fan of the trench coat, let your next trench coat be khaki. On the other hand, if you’re more into bombers or puffer jackets, you can wear them with your skinny jeans or even dresses. You will also stay very warm.

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