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How To Wear Plaid Blazer

How To Wear Plaid Blazer

Whether you wear business casual or formal outfits to the office, you should be very familiar with wearing blazers. They can just make you look slim and smart. If you get a little bored wearing monochrome blazers all the time, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to talk about how to style a plaid blazer. To make things clear and easy for you to digest, I’ve put together a short and interesting list that includes some of the best plaid blazer outfit ideas especially for women. Now let’s check it out.

Gray checked blazer with black vest top and jeans


For those of you who can wear jeans to the office, here is a very chic and stylish business casual outfit. For the top, wear a slightly oversized gray and black plaid tweed blazer with a black vest top. Pair them with gray-blue skinny jeans and black pointy heels to complete the outfit in style.

Gray oversized checked blazer with black, ripped skinny jeans

gray oversized plaid blazer, black, ripped skinny jeans

Here’s another outfit that is classy and casual for those of you who can wear jeans to work. For the top, you can simply wear a black crew-neck t-shirt and an oversized gray plaid blazer. Combine these pieces with ripped black skinny jeans. For the shoes you can wear black ballerinas to give the outfit an elegant and feminine touch.

Wear it with a light blue button-up shirt and a black leather skirt

light blue shirt with buttons and black leather skirt

This is a very stylish, layered look that includes a heavily oversized blazer. Wear this oversized gray and black tweed blazer over a light blue button down shirt and black leather skirt in detail. Wear a pair of unique gray and white lace-up boots to add extra style to the outfit.

Gray checked blazer with black shirt and boyfriend jeans

gray plaid blazer black shirt boyfriend jeans

A very interesting and good looking way to style a plaid blazer is to wear it with a plaid shirt. As an example, you can wear a gray plaid blazer with a black and white plaid shirt with buttons. Team them with boyfriend jeans with cuffs and white pointy toes for a stylish and casual touch.

Gray and white plaid wool blazer with turtleneck sweater

gray and white checked wool blazer with turtleneck sweater

While many plaid blazers come in the shape of a tweed blazer, there are other types of plaid blazers that look great. For example, here is a very nice looking gray and white wool plaid blazer. You can pair it with a white turtleneck, black leather pants, and black pointy toe heels to look feminine and elegant.

Wear it with a green suede mini skirt and black heeled ankle boots

Green suede mini skirt, black ankle boots with heels

If you think a gray tweed plaid can make your outfit look too plain and gray, add some flashy colors to offset the gray. For example, you can wear a gray plaid blazer with a white chiffon top and a light green suede mini skirt. Wear black heeled suede ankle boots to look sleek and slim.

Navy and green plaid jacket with black skinny jeans

Navy and green plaid jacket, black skinny jeans

For an artistic look, you can wear a navy and green plaid jacket with a white button down shirt and black skinny jeans. Pair them with black leather boots and a small black leather backpack. Finally, wear a black felt hat to add that magical-artistic touch. If you want to see more outfit ideas for similar hats, check out our blog post on how to style a black felt hat.

Long gray checked blazer with a white top and ivory-colored skinny jeans

long gray plaid blazer white top ivory skinny jeans

One way to look more stylish and slimmer is to wear a long but slim-fitting blazer. In this case, it’s a gray, slim, long, plaid blazer. Team it with a figure-hugging white t-shirt and ivory or light yellow skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can wear black ballet flats or a pair of classic black and white panties for a more casual and stylish look.

Dark blue and green checked jacket with white turtleneck sweater

dark blue and green plaid jacket, white turtleneck with turtleneck

Here is an outfit that looks both stylish and pretty. To achieve this look, you can wear a navy and green plaid blazer with a white chunky turtleneck turtleneck. Just pair them with blue skinny jeans and black suede boots for a simple and elegant way to complete the outfit.

Oversized blazer with chambray shirt & mom jeans

oversized blazer chambray shirt mom jeans

For a boyish look, you can wear a chambray boyfriend shirt with a heavily oversized gray and black plaid tweed blazer. Pair them with mom jeans and white sneakers to complete this stylish look.

Wear it with a lemon yellow ribbed knit sweater and chambray shirt

Lemon Yellow Ribbed Knit Sweater Chambray Shirt

If you’re feeling a little bored with your dark or simple work outfits and want to look more cheerful at work, here is an outfit to consider. To look happy you can wear a chambray shirt with a lemon yellow knitted sweater. Wear a green and navy plaid blazer over the yellow sweater for another lovely layer. You can easily combine these pieces with navy cuffed skinny jeans and black ankle boots to complete the outfit.

Wear with a white t-shirt & mom jeans

white t-shirt mom jeans

Here’s another boyish outfit that has a lot of character. This is especially for those who like stylish, unique, and slightly unisex outfits. To achieve this, you can just wear a white t-shirt and mom short jeans. Team them with an oversized gray plaid blazer and black loafers.

Green and black checked blazer with white t-shirt and blue jeans

green and black plaid blazer white tee blue jeans

For a business casual outfit that looks chic yet understated, you can wear a white t-shirt with a green and black plaid blazer as a top. Team them with blue skinny jeans and black ballerinas. Wear a brown handbag for extra style to the look.

Gray blazer with denim overalls

gray blazer with denim overalls

For a contrasting look that is both girly and stylish, you can wear a white blouse with bell sleeves and a blue denim. Wear them with a gray plaid tweed blazer and pointy toes to complete the look.

Wear it with a dark blue and white striped t-shirt and a silk scarf

dark blue and white striped t-shirt silk scarf

To look stylish and elegant, you can wear a dark blue and white striped long sleeve t-shirt with a gray oversized plaid blazer. Team them with black leather leggings and black leather boots for a stylish touch. Wear a navy silk choker scarf for a more feminine look.

Here are some ideas for plaid blazer outfits that look great and, most importantly, are very easy to take off. If you find these type of blog posts useful, check out many other similar blog posts that have great outfit ideas on this website.

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