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How To Wear Silver Shawl

How To Wear Silver Shawl

If you want to add a bit more sophistication to your outfit in seconds, it is best to put a silver scarf over your shoulders. While the results are often surprisingly good, the silver scarves are not so popular that you will see them everywhere. This is actually a huge benefit for those of you who like to look more unique. To make it easier for you to style, I’ve put together some really good silver scarf outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in.

Silver scarf with black figure-hugging sequin dress


After all, the silver scarf is something that is very noticeable and shiny. Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate it into a cocktail party outfit. For example, you can combine a black bodycon mini dress with sequins with a silver scarf. Pair them with silver open toe ankle straps to complete the outfit.

Silver scarf with deep V-neck made of white lace

silver scarf white lace deep v neck dress

From the previous outfit, you can see that the silver scarf goes well with a black dress. Here this outfit shows that it also works perfectly with white. You can wear the silver scarf with a white bridesmaid dress with a deep V-neckline. Pair them with white open toe heels to complete this sleek look.

Silver embroidered lace scarf with a black shift dress

silver lace embroidered scarf black shift dress

Sometimes you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look sexy. You can also look sexy by layering something sheer over a mini dress to give room for imagination. For example, you can wear a silver see-through lace scarf over a black shift dress to look beautiful and restrainedly sexy. Pair them with black ballerina flats for a clean look.

Silver scarf with white pleated chiffon maxi dress

silver scarf white pleated chiffon maxi dress

Whether you wear a white chiffon maxi dress as a bridesmaid dress or a cocktail dress, wearing a silver scarf is appropriate and can make the outfit even more standout. To make the outfit even more elegant, you can combine the dress with silver heels with an open toe strap.

Lace scarf with a white, figure-hugging mini dress

Lace scarf white bodycon mini dress

There are times when you might want to put a scarf over your shoulders to cover your shoulders. One of these cases is when you are wearing a bodycon mini dress with a white tube and you feel like you are showing just a little too much skin. You can just wear the dress with a silver lace scarf and white heels to tone down the sexuality a little.

Silver fringed scarf with black tank mini dress

silver fringed scarf black tank mini dress

One of the greatest advantages of wearing a silver scarf is that it can be paired with a casual dress to create an outfit that is suitable for cocktail parties. That alone should have saved many people who hate costumes from headaches. A good example of this would be wearing a black tank shift dress with a silver fringed scarf and black ballerina flats to create a simple but beautiful outfit.

Silver silk scarf with dark blue lace mini dress

Silver silk scarf navy lace mini dress

For a more ladylike look, you can wear a purple bodycon lace mini dress for a cocktail party. Combine it with a silver silk scarf to look more attractive and elegant. For the shoes, you can wear silver ankle straps with open toes to shine even more.

Wear with Black Sweetheart Neckline Bodycon Dress

black bodycon dress with sweetheart neckline

Here is another example of using a silver scarf to cover your shoulders. In detail, a black, strapless, figure-hugging mini dress with a heart-shaped neckline is combined with a silver scarf over the shoulders. Pair them with silver open toe heels to look more elegant.

Wear with Black Skater Mini Dress & Leggings

black skater mini dress leggings

To achieve a more youthful look, a skater mini dress can often help. For example, you can wear a black skater dress with a silver scarf. Add black stockings and black pointed toe heels to this outfit.

Silver scarf with white vest top and blue skinny jeans

silver scarf white vest top blue skinny jeans

Another way to wear a silver scarf is to wrap it around your torso like it was a wrap top. Pair it with light blue skinny jeans and ballet flats to keep the outfit as simple and clean as possible.

Patterned fringed scarf with a black and white dress with a zipper in the front

patterned fringed scarf black and white sweetheart zipper front dress

Now let’s explore this interesting outfit idea together. What would it look like to wear a patterned scarf over a patterned dress? This outfit has the answer for those who are curious including me. The result is definitely very nice. To achieve this, you can wear a silver patterned fringed scarf with a black and white dress with a sweetheart neckline. Wear silver open toe heels for the shoes that go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Silver mesh scarf with purple lace vest top

silver mesh scarf purple lace vest top

Now let’s look at this outfit that is relatively casual and sexy at the same time. To achieve this attractive look, you can wear a purple lace vest top with a silver scarf for the top. Pair them with black skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can wear black suede ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Silver sheer scarf with white wedding dress

Silver sheer shawl white wedding dress

As already mentioned, the silver scarf goes great with white clothes. In this case the white dress is a very minimally styled white wedding maxi dress. Wear them with white heels for a minimal and refreshing look.

Wear it with a black turtleneck and leather gaiters

black leather turtleneck sweater

Here is a very interesting attempt at wearing a feminine item like this silver scarf with a stylish outfit. In detail, the scarf is combined with a black sleeveless turtleneck and black leather gaiters. For the shoes you can wear black ballerinas to give the outfit a feminine touch.

Silver scarf with a completely black outfit

silver scarf with an all black outfit

Here is another great example of how a silver scarf can transform a classy outfit into a more feminine one. To shape this outfit, you can wear a black vest top with black skinny jeans and black suede boots. Wear a silver scarf for an elegant, ladylike touch.

Here are the silver scarf outfit ideas that I think are beautiful and unique. All you need to do to expand your outfit game is have a silver scarf ready in your wardrobe. Let’s try these outfits above and see if they go well with you.

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