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Long Sleeve T Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

Long Sleeve T Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

T-shirt dresses are so good that they make you look slimmer and stand out from the crowd. While more and more people are wearing short-sleeved t-shirt dresses in the summer, you may not know that long-sleeved t-shirt dresses will make you look even more beautiful and feminine, especially when fall or spring comes. Wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt dress is one of the best casual outfit ideas that you can easily take off. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best ways to wear a long sleeve t-shirt dress.

Drop shoulder midi long sleeve t-shirt dress

Long sleeve t shirt dress striped drop shoulder


For some of us who have to dress formal or chic casual every day to work every day, we like to dress to look fragile and feminine. To do that, we need to wear something loose and relaxed. A drop shoulder midi t-shirt dress is the perfect cut for this style. Dark blue striped t-shirts and black striped t-shirts are my favorite choices for this outfit. It works best when you pair it with white sneakers.

Gray long sleeve t-shirt dress

heather gray long sleeve t-shirt dress outfit


Some types of clothing have their magical colors. The magic color for long sleeve t-shirts is gray, heather gray, or light gray to be more specific. A gray long sleeve t-shirt dress looks just gorgeous for certain reasons. Usually, you look best when the length is above your knees. For this outfit idea, you just wear it as if. You don’t need a belt or a necklace. For the shoes, you can wear white sneakers or sandals.

Long sleeve t-shirt with one shoulder

One shoulder long sleeve t-shirt dress


It’s just a fact that most people don’t bother to eat healthy and exercise to get a slim and curvy waist. On the other hand, many of you are born with beautiful shoulders and collarbones. If you do, a long sleeved strapless t-shirt dress is a good idea for you. Just show a little bit of skin to look incredibly beautiful and sexy.

Long sleeve oversized t-shirt dress

long sleeved oversized t-shirt dress outfit


If all you are looking for today is just feeling lazy and not wanting to make the effort to dress properly for your own body type, a black or dark oversized t-shirt dress will hide your whole body except your legs. This outfit can be a little boring. You can spice it up by wearing accessories like a long stylish necklace, bracelet, and rings.

Color block long sleeve t-shirt dress

Color block long sleeve t-shirt dress


For a cute look, you can wear a color-block long sleeve t-shirt dress. Color block t-shirts come in many different colors. My favorites are gray and navy blue dresses and gray and white dresses. It’s just some lovely color combinations that can make you look beautiful.

Long sleeve hooded t shirt dress

Long sleeve hooded t-shirt dress outfit


For those who like a little more detail on their t-shirt dresses, a hooded t-shirt dress can make you look more stylish and unique. This is an outfit idea that hoodie fans should try.

Sports Jersey, Number or Baseball T-Shirt Dress

Long sleeve baseball t-shirt dress

For a sporty and refreshing look, you can wear a t-shirt dress with a number print. While technically not really long sleeved, they usually have long, wide sleeves that extend past your elbows to make it look like you’ve borrowed a sports jersey from your friend. You can make the whole outfit sportier and more stylish by pairing the dress with a baseball cap. If you’re interested in baseball cap outfits, check out our other blog post that covers different baseball cap outfit ideas for women.

Cold shoulder long sleeve t-shirt dress

cold shoulder long sleeve t-shirt dress

Wearing a long sleeve cold shoulder t-shirt can help you look really beautiful, feminine and sexy without showing too much skin. For the best ratio for this outfit, keep the dress short. The combination with heel sandals is preferred over white sneakers.

Wear with a thin belt

long-sleeved t-shirt dress thin belt

The only accessory that can instantly change the style of your t-shirt outfit is a thin belt. Although I personally prefer the casual look without a belt, adding a thin belt can make you look more elegant and fashionable.

Wear with long boots and a long coat

Long sleeve t shirt dress coat boots

When winter comes you can add pieces around your long sleeve t-shirt dress to suit the cold weather. Simply combine the dress with a long coat and over the knee boots. It can also be a perfect fall outfit idea if only the dress and long boots are worn without a coat.

Geo Floral Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Geo flowers long sleeve t-shirt dress outfit


To look absolutely cheerful, you can wear a geo-floral t-shirt dress that will make you look beautiful and gorgeous. This is the perfect outfit if you have an open-minded and cheerful character and have the confidence to create a colorful look.

Long-sleeved V-neck t-shirt dress

Long-sleeved V-neck t-shirt dress


If you don’t mind showing more skin, you can pair a long sleeve neck t-shirt with a feminine necklace to look elegant and casual. For this outfit, it is best to wear high heels or sandals.

Long Sleeve Batwing T Shirt Dress

Long Sleeve Batwing T-Shirt Dress

When you wear a batwing t-shirt dress, you look stylish and unique. It works well when you pair it with a long, stylish necklace. This is an outfit idea that will suit those of you who are strong in character.

Long Sleeve Tie Dye T Shirt Dress

long sleeve tie-dye t-shirt dress

Wearing a tie-dye t-shirt is a unique outfit idea. Depending on your choice of patterns and colors, the style can be very different. I prefer some low key patterns and colors like the picture above. It makes a very stylish and feminine look.

In summary, long sleeve t-shirt dresses can be worn in many ways. They make some of the best casual outfit ideas. Don’t hesitate to try any of the ideas above. They are easy to peel off. If you found this article helpful, check out our other articles for more useful tips on outfit ideas.

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