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Off Shoulder Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas

Off Shoulder Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas

You may think that the only way to achieve a casual and average look is with a sweatshirt. It is absolutely not true. For one, wearing it with the right parts with the right colors can make you look very beautiful and stylish. Second, you can wear a strapless sweatshirt to look reservedly sexy. The strapless sweatshirt is actually very easy to style and take off. To make it even easier for you, I’ve compiled the following list that features some of the best out-of-the-shoulder sweatshirt outfit ideas I’ve gathered. Let’s dive in.

Gray strapless sweatshirt with dark blue skinny jeans


For those of you who are not used to showing skin, it’s easy to wear a strapless sweatshirt to show off your shoulders and collarbones. You still look very casual and natural while looking cautiously sexy. As a case in point, you can simply wear a gray strapless sweatshirt with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers for a glamorous, casual look.

Pink strapless sweatshirt with light blue jeans

pink off shoulder sweatshirt light blue jeans

To look more feminine and refreshing, you can change the color combination a little. Wear a pink off the shoulder sweatshirt with light blue skinny jeans. Wear nude sandals instead of white sneakers for a chic look. You can even add a stylish touch by wearing a black choker.

White one shoulder sweatshirt with black pants with wide legs

white one shoulder sweatshirt wide leg black pants

For a youthful and stylish look, you can wear a white one-shoulder sweatshirt over a black and white striped tube top. Pair them with black wide leg pants to dress like a hip hop dancer. Finally, wear a black and white low-top Converse and a black knitted hat to complete this stylish look.

White sweatshirt with mini shorts

white sweatshirt mini shorts

For a super casual and adorable look that is great for stopping by a friend’s house or having breakfast in the neighborhood, this is an outfit to consider. You can just wear an off the shoulder white sweatshirt with white mini shorts. Pair them with white sneakers for a sporty twist.

Black and white off the shoulder wrap sweatshirt & jeans

black and white wrap strapless sweatshirt jeans

Here is a beautiful black and white sweatshirt that will make you look sexy and chic. You can simply pair it with blue skinny jeans and nude heeled sandals for an easy and neat way to complete the outfit.

Gray printed shoulder sweatshirt with ripped jeans

gray printed off-the-shoulder sweatshirt jeans

Here is a very casual yet reserved sexy outfit. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a gray off the shoulder sweatshirt for the top. Wear it with blue straight leg jeans and white sneakers for a casual look.

Pink strapless sweatshirt with black leather pants

pink strapless sweatshirt black leather pants

There is one very simple thing that you can do when you want to look more ladylike. This is to just wear some blushing pink. This pink off shoulder sweatshirt even takes the ladylike trick to the next level by making you show off your collarbones and shoulders. You can pair it with black leather pants and black suede boots for a more stylish look.

Gray oversized off the shoulder sweatshirt over white vest top

gray oversized off the shoulder sweatshirt over white vest top

A stylish alternative to wearing an off the shoulder sweatshirt is to wear it as an off the shoulder sweatshirt and show the strap of your vest top worn underneath. Pair these pieces with black skinny jeans and light pink heels to look both stylish and feminine.

White off the shoulder sweatshirt with gray mini cotton shorts

white off the shoulder sweatshirt gray mini cotton shorts

For a very casual and cozy autumn look, you should consider this outfit so that you don’t always have to wear t-shirts and denim shorts. To achieve this look, team a white off the shoulder sweatshirt with gray cotton mini shorts. Pair them with white sandals to look more refreshing and cheerful.

White Off The Shoulder Short sweatshirt with gray skinny jeans

white off shoulder short sweatshirt gray skinny jeans

If you are familiar not only with your collarbones and skin, but also your slim waist, this white off-the-shoulder cropped sweatshirt should be tried out. Pair it with gray skinny jeans and light pink pointy toe heels to show off your curves and look sexy and gorgeous.

Gray sweatshirt with ribbon details

gray sweatshirt ribbon details

If you want to add a girly element to your casual outfit, you can choose this off-the-shoulder gray sweatshirt with some nifty ribbon details on the sleeves. Team the top with white mini denim shorts and white sandals to look refreshing and attractive.

Gray zip front shoulder sweatshirt

gray zip on the front of the shoulder sweatshirt

Now let’s look at a sweatshirt that has some stylish details in it. It’s a gray zip front shoulder sweatshirt that looks both stylish and subtly sexy. You can pair it with light blue cropped mom jeans and white sneakers to complete this simple yet beautiful look.

Oversized gray sweatshirt with black mini denim shorts

oversized gray sweatshirt black mini denim shorts

A very simple trick to looking slim and tall is wearing an oversized long sleeve top with a mini shorts. In this case, the gray, oversized sweatshirt over the shoulder is combined with the black mini denim shorts with rips. Just pair them with nude sandals to complete this casual, refreshing and sleek look.

Wear it with ripped boyfriend jeans and a black collar

ripped boyfriend jeans black choker

Here’s a perfect demonstration of how a black choker can marvel a casual outfit. In detail, the outfit is already very stylish and pretty by wearing the gray strapless sweater with light blue boyfriend jeans. By combining it with white sneakers and a black collar, the outfit becomes a very stylish outfit with a lot of character.

Here are the off shoulder sweatshirt outfit ideas that are very easy to take off and the results of which are so pretty and sexy. Let’s try it out. Also, before you leave, be sure to check out our hundreds of outfit ideas available on this website.

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