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Southwestern Living Room Designs

Southwestern Living Room Designs

Southwestern decor is a warm and inviting style that blends rich cultures and traditions with bold colors and textures. This style is a beautiful infusion of Native American and Spanish styles. It shows the beauty of desert landscape through its interiors. It has been developed over time to reflect many contemporary and rustic elements. Whether it is the southwest living room or bedroom decor, the interiors designed in this style bring warmth, energy and vibrancy to the room. It represents a unique blend of rich culture and modern design. In addition, it is also quite simple and affordable to implement. To implement this style, decide if you want a traditional southwestern decor or prefer modern southwest decor.

The main characteristics of the southwestern style are earth and jewel tones, coarse textures, woven textiles and natural materials. You can also use metalworking details, terracotta tiles and objects and ceramics as accent pieces. Southwestern interiors have a warm earthy color palette with jewel tones similar to the desert landscape and the sky. It also uses natural materials such as Adobe and wood for structure while metalworking details in accents and accessories. Raw textures and bold patterns in woven fabrics also create a southwestern feel. For furniture, it is common to use knotty pine, leather and distressed surface treatments. In addition, Talavera ceramics, painted ceramic pieces, terracotta objects, wood carvings and wrought iron and other metal details give accents to the decoration. Here are some truly striking southwest living room designs that can give you inspiration for your own room decor.

{1} Cathedral Thank Southwestern Design

Cathedral ceiling southwest design
Neutral color palette in large living room in Hill Country, TX by C-Reese architectural design

The cathedral ceiling with exposed beams and vaulted doors and windows really make this living room an interesting sight. The typically southwestern fireplace design is also a welcome sight that gives the design warmth. Warm colors such as wood-burning floor and ceiling, cream walls and fireplace and leather furniture contribute to the warmth of the décor. A patterned rug in southwestern design and one double ceiling fan Bring some style and color to the decor. Overall, this living room is a warm and cozy retreat!

{2} Bold colorful everyday decor

Bold colorful everyday decor
Vibrant interior with bold colors in Hacienda Chic Residence By Astleford Interiors | Photo of Dan Piassick

The southwestern style is often dominated by warm earthy shades of brown and beige. But that does not mean that other colors can not affect the interior. This design style is inspired by nature and desert landscape. Therefore, bold bright shades such as red, yellow, orange, blue, green etc. can also play an important role in the design. Take for example this living room. Warm wooden floors and exposed beams also contribute to this living room. Blue sofa, colorful pillows, red and orange floor pillows, red chair and genuine rugs give the room an eclectic and colorful look. The abundance of bold colors in this lively interior gives this eclectic living room a surprisingly inviting look.

{3} Small living room with minimal design

Minimal design small living room
Southwestern Flair With Scandinavian Minimalism By Glynn Design Build | Photo of Paul Schefz

This minimal Scandinavian-style living room is full of southwestern style. The earthy color palette of beige and brown is reminiscent of the desert landscape. Paneled ceilings and wooden chairs and coffee tables give the room a natural touch. On the other hand, the modern style sofa and ceiling lights trace a modern touch. The simple design and fuss-fress decor resembles a Scandinavian living room in its simplicity.

{4} Earthy and naturalistic living rooms

Earthy and naturalistic living room
Round fireplace and roof beams in desert mountains at Bess Jones Interiors | Photo of Dino Tonn

The warm and cozy feeling in this living room is quite typical in all southwestern interiors. The radial ceiling beams and the round fireplace beautifully illuminate the circular structure of the living room. Exposed wooden beams, wooden doors and windows, adobe walls and earthy color palettes make this room feel closely connected to nature and its surroundings. But Turkish accents in doors, trays and accessories like the fishing stand, etc. remind one of the clear blue sky and give the room a fresh look. Tiled flooring, patterned upholstery and carpet give a little pattern to the decor.

{5} Warm Brown And Beige Decor

Warm brown and beige decor
Warm down-to-earth southwest living room off Tate Studio Architects | Photo of Mark Boisclair

The modern influence in this southwestern interior gives the living room a fresh and updated look. An earthy color palette of brown and beige adds warmth to the décor. Fireplace with a wooden enclosure draws the eye upwards. The exposed beams and the unique hanging lamps chandelier create visual interest. You can see the closed seating on the sofas which gives the room an intimate feel. Unique wall decor, textured glass bench island, and good looking stools give the room a modern touch. However, tiled flooring, wooden furniture and leather sofa are typical of southwestern design.

{6} Stone Fireplace Southwestern Design

Stone Eat Southwestern Design

A typical southwest living room with a stone fireplace, leather sofa, natural materials, earthy colors and rustic accessories. The beautifully patterned rugs in red and gray give a little pattern and color to the interior. The red leather sofa, orange fire and orange details in the chandelier remind us of the red and orange desert sun! The brown wooden floors, walls and furniture give the room a natural and rustic look. The animal skull on the fireplace wall, sheepskin armchair chairs, unique side table and patterned pillows, however, gives the room a southwestern charm.

{7} Natural materials living room decor

Natural material living room decor
Vibrant artwork and unique sculptures in Urban Ranch Village Design Directives, LLC.

This modern eclectic living room features cultural designs, warm rustic forests, flat fireplaces, lively artwork and unique sculptures. Wooden ceilings, beams and cabinets complement the rugged landscape outside the house. However, natural stone accents including thick granite countertops and elegant limestone floors give the home a luxurious feel with complete functionality and durability. However, the more modern pieces such as the large section and the cozy fireplace provide warmth and comfort to the interior. The beautiful composition of traditional wood accents and clean, bespoke furniture creates a surprising balance between urban design and country charm.

{8} Modern Touch Southwestern Living Room

Modern Touch Southwestern Living Room
Elegant and modern living room decor in Villa Azul Village Sun West Custom Homes LLC

Modern style furnishings in the southwest living room. This modern living room is the perfect example of the combination of elegant, modern finishes and traditional wood and stone accents. The natural wooden floors, wooden beamed ceilings and stone walls give the room a natural southwest look. the beige and dark brown color palette overlooking the clear blue water in the pool gives the room a soothing warmth and a desert touch. Modern furniture and modern surfaces give the room an elegant and elegant look.

{9} Bright and sunny room decor

Bright and sunny room decor
Beautiful bright southwest living room off Jon Tuthill Construction | Photo of Chris Marona

This light filled beautiful living room is reminiscent of the sunny desert landscape with the sunset as background! The bright yet soft light on the yellow walls and the ceiling gives a warm glow to the room. Large windows with thin wooden frames open the room for the view beyond. The yellow and brown color palette offers a nice contrast and creates visual interest. The Persian carpet, tufted Ottoman, armchair, also leather sofa add a southwestern touch to the décor. This influence is even more visible in wrought iron accessories like fireset and riders.

{10} Earthly warm southwest color palette

Earthly warm southwest color palette
Southwestern Accents In Living Room Decor By Metamorphosis | Photo of Marshall Elias

Exposed wooden beams, paneled ceilings, leather armchairs and a cozy fireplace make this beautiful living room a perfect example of southwest accents in the interior. The red and orange patterned carpet centers the design and becomes the focal point of the design. Leather armchairs, sofa and glass coffee tables give the interior a modern feel. Fireplace with an adobe clay surround gives an authentic southwestern touch and rustic charm to the interior. Pots of earthenware, colorful pillows, eclectic wall decor and accessories add another southwestern feature to the interior. Accent light in the contemporary ceiling fan gives decor and style elegance.

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