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Special ideas for small rooms

Special ideas for small rooms

IN special ideas for small rooms is the value of each inch of space, and thus the ability to divide differently functional zones at a wall. How important is privacy to read or some work; or separate sleeping space in the children from playing to pay attention to guests' private space in the apartment …
We have collected 10 simple and quick ways to zonate a Studio apartment. Of course everyone

design ideas for small rooms

has its pitfalls, so before you take decisive action, learn about the main pros and cons of zoning: the forewarned is forearm!

When folded, it does not take up much space, and in working order the size is no match for wall. By the way, there are screens on rollers, easy to move around the room.

We can draw an invisible boundary between zones can and decorate part of the wall. To do this idea may be enough wallpaper remnants from the latest repair, which can save your budget significantly.
In this case, the benefits of separation are obvious: the room is zoned and no need to look for additional storage – it's already there.

Sometimes the owners love the open space and are not ready to block it, or the room is so small that a partition is placed just about anywhere. In this case, you can divide a room with flooring at different heights and for example place it on the podium bed. Another plus of this solution: in fact, the podium is formed of additional space for storage.
In a niche, comfortable sleeping space or reading space or workplace can be accommodated. To separate the niche from the rest of the apartment with curtains. If the niche is shallow, the shelves or storage cabinet fit perfectly in a small space.
Curtains share visually special ideas for small rooms no worse than the rack or screens. Their main advantage is that, when needed to combine the surfaces, curtains can easily be put together to unite the space.

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