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Turquoise Living Room Design Ideas

Turquoise Living Room Design Ideas

In this post we gather best turquoise living room design ideas. Turquoise color attracts beautiful sky and sea to us. It creates soothing and relaxing effect and peaceful interior! In addition to these calming features; this color is also energetic and dynamic. So we can say many great features that we are looking for in this color! But; Are you wondering how to use turquoise in living room design?

Modern pattern with turquoise

We all think of gray and white for modern design; but a vibrant color like turquoise is also suitable for modern designs! You can use light shades of turquoise for walls and combine them with modern sofas white sofas! It looks fantastic when you add some green pillows on sofas. Details except wall color should be simple. Because turquoise will be the focal point of the living room!

Use turquoise as an accent color

If you want to use as an accent color; Many ideas will come to mind. One of the best ideas is to use turquoise well balanced. So you have to divide this color properly into the living room. For example, use turquoise for pillows, an armchair and curtain. Choose other furniture in different colors. This balanced design will look beautiful. Turquoise is also a good color choice for pastel living room design. Because it fits well with pastel colors; can be a wonderful option for your room! When using turquoise pastel colors; the results will be peaceful and fascinating!

White and turquoise living room design

Many of us first combine turquoise color with white. It sounds like a classic choice but I think it's the best combination you can make with turquoise. This combination is also ideal for beach-inspired living room designs due to the fresh look. White and turquoise combination looks good in both modern and classic rooms. But; Don't forget to consider the color balance between them! You can find out the best examples of turquoise living room design ideas here.

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