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Use Patterns in Home Design

Use Patterns in Home Design

Patterns are the best way to add movement and have happy designs, there are different ways to use patterns in home design. Patterns can be used everywhere covered by fabrics. Instead of that; they are also suitable for wallpapers. There are a few things to keep in mind. Choose according to your taste, the rest of the design and the effect of these designs. Be especially careful when using patterns in small places. Large patterns show your room even smaller.

Different ways to use patterns in home design

Living room is one of the best places to use designs. Because we have used many accessories for the living room; It is good to choose simple patterns to prevent cluttered appearance. Other; You can move the focal point of the design into patterns if striking is selected.

For kitchens; your options are smaller than the living room because there are smaller fabric areas. The best option is the use pattern on walls with wallpaper. Or you can also get specially designed patterned cabinets. Wallpapers are suitable for kitchens; Some of them are special for kitchens and improved to be resistant and durable.

As for the bedroom; There are many places you can use designs. Bedding, sheets, pillows are the simplest ways to add a little pattern to the design. The shape of the pattern changes according to your personal taste. But in general, peaceful schedules and patterns prefer good night sleep.

How to use patterns in home design?

If you want to see your room wider; Use horizontal striped patterns to choose wallpaper. Do not use vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes are a great way to add some illusion and make the place bigger. For small places, use small-scale designs instead of large ones. Large patterns will be eye-watering for small places and look messy.

How to mix designs in home design?

You must mix similar patterns together. Their shape may be close to each other or their theme is the same. Otherwise, you cannot get harmony. For more ideas; see different ways to use patterns in home design gallery here.

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