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Wear Two Rings For Women

Wear Two Rings For Women

The trend of layering the rings started a few years ago and is still very popular. You are allowed to stack your rings on your left or right hand and you are free to choose whether you want to stack some rings on one finger or one hand. It can look very elegant or bohemian depending on the type of rings you want to wear.

The trend towards stacking rings was seen by many celebrities as they showed us the new way to wear both casual and engagement rings on one finger.
It is very important to know how to select and combine two rings on one finger, two fingers or on different hands. In this post we are going to see how all of this works in the best possible way.

Let’s start by choosing the right ring for your finger.

How to choose the right size of the ring

Measure your finger two rings
Measuring your finger and finding the right ring size are the two most important things you need to do before buying a ring. If your rings are too big, they’ll spin and slip. That way, you can easily lose them!
On the other hand, if the rings are too tight, your fingers will certainly look like tied roasts, especially if they swell to swell when exposed to heat.
When measuring the size of your fingers, it is best and easiest to use the strip / string method. The standard size of the ring finger is 54 mm.

How to wear wedding / engagement rings on one finger

two rings wedding engagement
Wearing engagement and wedding rings has become very popular in recent years. Both rings can be worn on one hand. Let’s look at some ideas on how to wear two rings on one finger.

two rings wedding engagement gold
These are the engagement ring and the diamond wedding ring in a beautiful set. Both rings are made of gold.
two rings wedding engagement rose gold
This is a great and romantic design for both rings. The combination of rose gold and diamond is just glamorous and amazing.
two rings wedding engagement set
Lots of diamonds on just one finger! This is a beautiful set of the two rose gold rings.

Wearing such sets is always practical and looks very beautiful and elegant. The jewelers offer the ring sets so you shouldn’t worry when you find the ring to match. The combination of rose gold, diamond and silver is very beautiful. Wherever you go, all eyes will be on your left hand and your fabulous two rings.

How to Casually Wear Two Rings and Stackable Rings (Both Hands)

The trend towards stackable rings hit the jewelry scene a few years ago. It’s still very trendy and that’s why I’m going to show you how to rock this super popular trend!
The key must not fit over the line. It won’t look good pairing all of the same rings, but also trying not to cause a mess by combining rings that are too different in style and material.
The two rings are something very classy, ​​and if you ask for my opinion, wearing them like this is more than enough.
Let’s see how you can wear two rings and combine different styles.

Silver or gold two rings

Do you prefer silver or gold? It doesn’t matter because when you layer your rings you are allowed to mix these two materials together.

Gold two rings (both hands)

two rings of gold
This is a great pair of two gold colored rings worn on two different fingers. It can be a great accessory when you wear your oversized sweater and jeans. It looks minimal and very casual.
two rings gold minimal
You can also try wearing two gold hue rings on both middle fingers. It looks very minimalist and chic and can be a great accessory for your outfits.
two rings of gold ribbons
two rings tapes a finger
It is always a good idea to have two rings on your index finger. You can style two different types of rings and still look stylish and chic. When you find a medium ring, like in a photo above, pair it with the classic one.

Silver two rings (both hands)

two rings of silver
two rings silver minimal
If you like a minimalist style of clothing you will love these two rings in silver hue. They go great with your denim sweater outfits and can also be a nice detail if you are wearing something more elegant.
two rings of rose gold mix
Combining the two rings in this way is very modern and chic. The main ring has two round rose gold circles, the middle one is silver and has a very minimal design.
two solid silver rings
On the other hand, if you like the more massive rings, you can wear them together too!
These two rings are made of silver and have a very modern design.

Boho two rings (both hands)

The boho style is known for its love for the massive rings. They usually have one large stone or they are paired with other smaller ones.
If you’re a fan of a boho style, let’s see how to combine and wear two rings.

two rings boho
These are very interesting bohemian rings. As you can see, two of you can wear them. You can wear two rings on each finger. You are very young and modern.
two rings boho stone
If you’ve been wondering if wearing two stone rings on one finger is too much for you, you can see that it looks absolutely gorgeous!
Wear your two rings with blue stones in the summer when your skin is sun-kissed and you can walk barefoot all the time.

Stacking rings on your fingers may seem like an easy task, but there are a few things to watch out for. It is always easier to buy rings from one designer than to combine different brands. Whatever metal you choose to wear, you can mix and match and it will help you look cohesive.
The key is to be creative and play with the combination of two rings on your fingers.
Hope you enjoyed this article!

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