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White Living Room Design Ideas

White Living Room Design Ideas

White is certainly the color of the season when it comes to interior design. Modern, contemporary interiors in warm white hues are truly the rage of interior design today. White interiors have an elegant and sophisticated look. In addition, white living room design or bedroom decor is quite popular today because of the tranquility and simplicity it brings. White is a soothing and calm color. It is also considered to be the most refreshing color in the color spectrum as it evokes purity, purity and confidence. It also works beautifully as a background or foundation for the rest of the interior. A white foundation can act as a perfect empty space to create a striking space that is timeless in its elegance. Alternatively, it can also be the perfect backdrop for showing off your art or displaying your treasure or collections.

Also popular with interior designers is the completely white look with little or no color accents. And while a completely white interior sounds crisp and cold, it can be warm, inviting and fantastically elegant when carefully decorated. White is also known for its flexibility and fits well with all other colors. This quality can help you create a sophisticated and seamless decor. The trick is to put the decor in different white shades. This makes the interior look uniform and symmetrical. But if you want to add accents to a completely white décor, warm and bright colors are a perfect choice. Natural materials also help to revive a crisp white decor.

{1} Scandinavian White Living Room Design

Scandinavian White Living Room Design
Bright white and warm wood tones in oak Reno Village Park and oak interiors
White interiors can often feel a little cold. But in combination with warm colors and textures, it can also feel warm and inviting. Take for example this beautiful Scandinavian everyday design. The white walls, windows, sofa and chairs in the living room look even more striking with brown accents. The Moroccan puff, leather cushion and mat of the jute area give the interior warmth and color. And the violet leaf plants bring to life the crisp decor.

{2} Black Details Everyday Decor

Black Details Everyday Decor
Black accents and roof clips in Caruth village Tatum Brown Custom Homes | Photo of Danny Piassick
The patterned carpet provides tone for the rest of the décor in this fabulous living room. The white walls, the floors and the ceiling make the room look very striking. But the warm beige and brown sofa and black accents from the carpet area and window frames give the room some color and warmth. An open fireplace increases the cozyness of the decor. Colorful art displayed above the fireplace draws the eye up to the ceiling and adds elegance to the interior. The beautiful stucco ceiling in the living room is made even more attractive with a modern chandelier.

{3} White Details Midcentury Modern Room

White Details Midcentury Modern Room
Warm and welcoming living room design in Westlake Village village AE Design
White interiors can give an elegant and sophisticated look anywhere. This living room, for example, has white walls, ceilings and white windows and doors. A white sofa in a modern style adds to the decor's monotonous theme. The beautiful coffee table, gray textured carpet and beautiful modern chandeliers add some color and texture to this decor. But they take nothing away from the warm white interior. Instead, they add further to the simple elegance of the design. The coffee table adds a bit of glamor and a touch of sophisticated décor.

{4} Grand White Decor Living Room

Grand White Decor Living Room
Soothing and comfortable white everyday decor by Barnes Vanze Architects Inc | Photo of Allen Russ
Rustic accents and sophisticated finishes combine the look of this beautiful white living room design. The various white shades in the walls, the ceiling, the sofa and the carpet give the room a cool and composite look. Light beige sofa and light wood tones fit well with the bright white and give an elegant look to the design. Soft and calm colors give the room a soothing appeal. Rustic embellishments such as the cocktail table by Century, the mirror at Restoration hardware and chandeliers of Currey & Co. give the room a hard feel and add some character to the decor.

{5} Bay Windows Coastal Living Room

Bay Windows Coastal Room Decor
Bright refreshing color palette in elements 2017 of Page 2 Design
The room's high ceilings and open space could have been scary. But oversized furniture and light white interiors make the room look good and balance the openness of the room. The custom-made sofa, chairs and pillows also reflect the blue accents on the carpet. In fact, the white fabric in the sofa is also used to stop the chairs on the front with a refreshing blue backing and matching blue belt. The blue accents balance the whiteness of the interior and provide a refreshing coastal intrusion into the room. The large window windows draw the eye upwards to the nested ceiling. Hand painted with fantastic details and finishes, the ceiling further enhances the elegance of this room. All in all, this beautiful white living room design is bright and refreshing!

{6} Vaulted Ceiling Farmhouse Living Room

Vaulted Ceiling Farmhouse Style Room
Soft, warm white and wood tones in red ledges project by Studio McGee
The wooden chairs combine all the wood tones in the room. They give a little natural appeal to the strong white interior of the room. With white walls and ceilings, it will be easy to add accents and surfaces to the interior. The furniture gives a softness in the design that fits well with everything white. The soothing tones and the hand knotted structure on area rug keeps the sense of space alive. It's soothing Tidal Marsh artwork complements coffee table, the rich leather x pallets, textured lounge chairs and rustic accessories such as clocks and vases. The beautiful landscape extends the white walls and makes the place feel big and open.

{7} Scandinavian living rooms with neutral colors

Neutral colors Scandinavian Room Decor
Neutral palette with rich wood tones in Lake Wisco at Deluxe Design Studio | Photo by Johnny Hoffner
Warm whites, in pairs with rustic browns, give a warm and rich look to the interior. This beautiful living room is really a perfect example of that. The strong space and the clean white walls give the room a bright and happy look. In contrast, the dark tones in the natural wooden plank applied on the wall behind the sofa balance the light and give the character to the interior. The cocktail table, hornand the window treatment also takes up the warm natural look of the room. The neutral color palette of the furniture emphasizes the rich wood tones. All in all, this well-lit and elegant living room seamlessly combines the best of modern and rustic design.

{8} Midcentury Modern White Living Room

Midcentury Modern living room decor
Bright and spacious living room off Kimberly Demmy Designs | Photo of Daniel O'Connor
The simple design and the completely white interior make this small living room look bigger than it really is! White is the color of unity and peace. It makes every other color look brighter and sharper while fading in the background. This living room shows it in vivid detail. The sectional sofa pressed against the wall makes the place look bigger while staying in the background. But the golden details of the wall art, the colorful accents to the table accessories and the painting and golden side tables comes into sharp focus due to the strong white background. The area rug and star coffee tables add an elegant and sophisticated look to the interior.

{9} Brown Tones Modern Living Room

Brown Tones Modern Living Room
Neutral color palette Simple living room off Ora Studio Inc. | Photo of Richard Cadan
The black accents and the brown finish of this white living room design are very attractive! Armchairs with modern design, sofa in sofa and coffee table give the interior a modern look. The wood tones and the lacquered surface of the fireplace and TV surround give a modern feel to the interior. But what really sets the room apart is the small details like the brown frames on the windows, black shag mat, Look like Roset coffee tables and indirect lighting on the accent wall. These details add color and warmth to the interior.

{10} Spacious white living room

Spacious and white room design
Herringbone floor in elegant living room off Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro
This large living room design is really very spacious and cozy. White is a cool and peaceful color. But it can also bring heat when you do it right. This living room uses layers of white to give warmth and cosiness to the interior. The many white shades in the sofa, armchairs, carpet and walls make the room look bright and effortlessly elegant. The patterned carpet ties the look together. The completely white walls and ceilings make colorful accessories and accessories even more attractive.

{11} White farmhouse-style living room

Farmhouse Style Room Decor
Elegant design Soft colors in Franklin TN Village Noble Johnson Architects | Photo of Studio Buell
The soothing color palette in the living room is soothing and at the same time refreshing. White walls and windows keep the room bright and lively. However, the dark wooden floors balance the light and the painted surface gives the room a modern look. The modern design sofas and armchairs provide comfort and warmth. The gray armchairs, tufted Ottoman and tufted chairs add a little pattern to the decor. A matte textured area ties the whole look together. The beautiful chandelier adds a nice touch to the design.

{12} Colorful Accents White Living Room

Colorful accents in the living room
Vibrant and striking living room off Isolina Mallon Interiors | Photo of Construct Photo
This lively and striking living room is truly a work of art! The bright white walls and ceilings are the perfect backdrop for a colorful art and a fantastic light fixture. The white sectional sofa fades against the background while colorful accents such as gray pillows, blue chair and wooden tones in the coffee table come to the forefront. Focusing on accessories and accents make the room look elegant, colorful and more spacious. The artistic coffee table adds a touch of style and artistic touch to the design. In addition, the soft gray area defines the carpet living room and combines the entire look.

{13} Hot brown living room

Warm white living room
Wooden tones with warm whites in Szczupak residence of Freestyle Interiors
White walls with brown trim give the room a light yet warm feeling. The simple surroundings and the cozy furniture make the room look inviting. Brown curtains and wooden floors further contribute to the warm interior. The soft gray area of ​​the carpet and coffee table fits well with the soft and warm color palette of the interior. To get this look in your living room, choose light shades in furniture and pair with warm colors for pillows and throws. Add a finish with an amazing finish chandelier in modern style that completes the look.

{14} Unique living room decor

Unique seating everyday decor
Minimalist design White living room off NB Design Group | Photo of Haris Kenjar
This living room is simple and minimal and is a perfect example of the effect of white interiors. The transition room looks bright and spacious with white walls and ceilings. The wallpaper's ceiling design adds some old-fashioned charm to the decor. But the most noticeable feature of this room is really the unique design of the cut sofa. This modern masterpiece is spacious and minimal at the same time. The bright colors and the central location contribute to the spacious feel of the room. The patterned carpet defines the seat, while modern-style armchairs provide more seating. The green frames on the windows and the abundant foliage in the room give life to the strong decor and make it look fresh.

{15} Interesting roof design living room

Interesting roof design living room
Minimal modern living room design of Jendretzki LLC
This completely white living room looks grand and luxurious with its rich furniture and stucco ceilings. The modern sofa and Arne Jacobson Egg chair add a modern touch to the décor. The golden carpet centers the design and fits well with the fantastic chandelier. But the black tufted table, like the black frames in the wall gallery, adds some contrast and color to the interior. Black and white sharp contrast creates visual interest and balances the brightness of the decor.

{16} Beach White Decor Simple Room

Beach Style Decor Single Room
Bright and windy living room in beach style off Blue Ocean Design
The white-to-white theme in this room works well for the decor of the beach. The beach style design uses many whites, coastal colors and natural wood materials. White is such a soft and calm color that it goes well with all natural materials, especially wood. The brown wood tones give a warm touch to the strong and cold tones in white. Take for example this living room. The white walls, windows, ceiling and furniture all give a bright and calm feeling to the interior. But the dark wood tones on the wooden floor, wooden table and coffee table provide warmth and a rustic edge to the strong design. They give the room a natural feel.

{17} Victorian Living Room White Interiors

Victorian Living Room Interior Design
Cool white and warm accents in Victorian living room by Richard Massa Architects
Many design styles like the Scandinavian design use a lot of white for greater effect. White color can be just as effective when used in Victorian designs. Victorian interiors are rich, luxurious and formal. The cool white tones can go well with the important and formal appeal in Victorian style. This living room is a good example of the same. Beautiful rococo roof fittings and fireplaces really give the room a Victorian feel. The strong white walls, the curtains, the modern sofa and modern style armchairs Add a formal and grand look to the design. Colorful accents of ottomanand the mirror softens up the look while the potted plant and flowers give the room a fresh and lively look.

{18} Coastal White Living Room Design

Coastal White Living Room Design
Beach colors with white background in Newport Cliff WalK Village SLC Interiors
Coastal structures use a lot of white as it is the color of peace and quiet. This coastal living room is also full of warm white color. But small pops of color in the blue bench, gray chair, black furniture bases and blue vase give coastal accents to the interior. The white walls and sofa brighten the room and fade back to the background. This allows the coastal accents and accessories to add a subtle coastal feel to the interior. It also helps keep focus on the country's fantastic views. In addition, the white design gives a calm and calm feeling to the interior.

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