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White Scalloped Dress Style Guide

White Scalloped Dress Style Guide

Spring is near and you can finally feel it in the air. And if the best time is to clean your closet, it is definitely now. The popular spring cleaning can be carried over to almost anything, especially when it comes to fashion. The question is what to throw away and what to keep. I think we’re going to talk about one statement that is absolutely essential to keep and that is a white scalloped dress.
The trend of wearing scalloped hems was popular a few years ago. However, like any good trend, it has continued to this day. The dress itself is flattering, elegant, and has a bit of a vintage flair to it.
I’ve gathered some of the best ideas on how to style a white scallop dress. You will look effortless and very casual.

Scalloped frills

white scalloped dress ruffles
This eggshell white dress is perfect! I would love to wear it like this girl. And how is that? She paired it with an interesting two-sided long spring coat and statement booties. This look may seem a bit strange and eccentric, but it is actually very trendy and chic.

White scalloped dress with scarf

white scalloped dress giovanna
As I mentioned earlier, Giovanna Battaglia is a great style inspiration for many women, including me. She has a wonderful fashion sense and style a little bit eccentric. That’s why I love to see her in such classic clothes. However, she adds details that make her outfit unique. Here Giovanna opted for a printed silk scarf and pumps with rivets.

Sewn detailing

white scalloped dress sewn
The bohemian way of getting dressed is considered one of the most flattering and effortless. However, you need to choose details and elements that you want to carefully combine. This girl opted for a white scalloped dress with stitched details. The short bell sleeves look beautiful, while the hem is decorated with dark blue stitches. Top it all off with a brown hat and retro shoes.

Boho lace dress

white scalloped dress bohemian
Is there anything more flattering and casual than wearing lace maxi dresses in summer? They are comfortable and most importantly they look very nice! This one in the photo above has a shoulder-free neckline and a large bodice ruffle. It consists of thick fine and delicate white lace. It has scalloped hems that make it very interesting and beautiful. You can top it off with lace-up sandals and a shoulder bag.

Floral white scalloped dress

white floral scalloped dress print
Flowers for spring? Oh come on, we all love floral prints. And let me tell you something. Retail stores are full of this pressure. They are trendy again and not just for spring. This white scalloped dress has a floral print that looks very nice. It can easily be your special occasion dress. You can wear it to a wedding, cocktail party or birthday party by the pool.

Street style white

white scalloped dress street style
The snow white scallop dress looks great on the street. This it girl wears a scallop dress in a sophisticated and elegant way. This outfit is rounded off as best as possible with transparent pumps with black lace. You can easily recreate this lovely street style look.

Scalloped Chanel dress

white scalloped dress shanel
Tweed is one of the pillars of Chanel fashion. From blazers and jackets to dresses, everything looks perfect when made from tweed. This soft pink dress consists of two parts. One of them has a scalloped hem and is located above the skirt part. The sleeves are also scalloped. You can put on a belt to highlight your body figure.

Sparkling scallop dress

sparkling white scalloped dress
If you are looking for something unique and different, this dress should be a look. It is decorated with a lot of scallop details. The dress has a classic cut with a square neckline and is three-colored. Inside the circles the color is sparkling gold while the seams are white. This dress is perfect for parties, summer cocktails on the beach, or elegant outdoor events.

Classic white dress

white scalloped dress noble
You already know this fashion rule – every girl should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. However, nobody says that for whites. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but my suggestion is to have a white scalloped dress in your closet. They are perfect for many different occasions.

Scalloped dress with V-neck

white scalloped dress with V-neck
V-necks can be very flattering and interesting. Although your dress is simple and straight cut, you can wear this beautiful dress for many different elegant or casual occasions. This can be one of those dresses that will be your best friend in those moments when you don’t know what to wear.

White dress and boots

white scalloped dress bohemian
The lace dress looks bohemian when paired with knee high boots. These boots are very nice. They are made of brown suede and seem comfortable for everyday use. Pair them with this lace bell-sleeved scallop dress for an amazing boho look that is perfect for some open music festivals around the country.

Scalloped halterneck neckline

white scalloped halterneck
Halter dresses can be very flattering. Although your dresses are simple and white with no details, this neckline will definitely make them special. You can style these types of dresses for many events. When it comes to shoes, you can wear this dress with flat or high heeled shoes.

Elegant silk dress

white scalloped dress elegant
Eggshell dress made of silk and with scalloped frills looks great for an elegant event. You can style it for a friend’s wedding, birthday, or other celebration. Combine it with beige pumps with super high heels.

Blue embroidered details

white scalloped dress embroidery
Embroidery is nice to wear on any item. I like to see beautiful and romantic embroidery like on this white scalloped dress in the photo above. This is perfect for everyday life. Pair it with peep toe block heel sandals and a small bag for a great casual outfit combo.

I hope you enjoyed ideas that I have selected for you. They’re mostly casual, but you could also see some elegant models.
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