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Alcove Beds Design in Bedroom For Small

Alcove Beds Design in Bedroom For Small Space

Sometimes a room's architecture is such that the whole room cannot be fully utilized with a conventional design. It is often when faced with such challenges that designers go for alcove beds and hooks as a creative solution. A small recessed area with three walls can be transformed into a single sleeping or resting place. Alcove beds are a fun and space-saving solution to the space problem in small residential areas such as townhouses or apartments. Designers often turn a quiet corner or a recessed area in the room into alcove beds or reads. These beds look charming when decorated properly and can also make you feel warm and safe.

There are many creative ways to place a bed in a room. Some options are wardrobes, corner beds, window beds, bunk beds or small sofa beds. You should definitely try the alcove beds if any small area in your room is normally left empty. If used properly, these beds can lift the mood of the room. they can turn a small, shabby place into a well-organized unit that is as neat as the rest of the room. Not only that, they can also provide some extra space in the room for storage or other use. Some beds may have storage options built into them, while others may be tall beds with storage space under them. Let's take a look at some of the most wonderful and creative ideas for designing alcove beds for small spaces.

Wind built in alcove beds

wind built into alcove beds
Cozy and compact built-in bunk beds House home
The most common use of alcove beds is to turn the attic into a bedroom. The corners of the attic are usually not suitable for any kind of storage or furniture. Therefore, to use these corners and have room for the rest of the room, place an alcove bed in the corner. You will find that it is surprisingly cozy and warm. You can decorate or design this space according to your taste.

Natural recessed alcove in a room

alcove bed with stone walls and pendant lights
Stone walls and commuter lights Nook Village Onekinddesign
Formed by lava stones, this transitional alcove design is a perfect example of compact and cozy alcove beds. The unique stone walls and parquet flooring make the place look old. But the pendant light and the bed give it a modern look. The end result is a space that is warm and inviting.

Stone Archway Alcove beds

Greek Style Stone Archway Bedroom Nook by Yatzer
This Greek bedroom Alcove is amazing in its simplicity and beauty. The natural stone arch in the room is used very smartly as a bedroom with an installed fan and wall mounted lamps for lighting. This frees up the rest of the room to add other decor or storage elements. The arc of the Alcove holds out much of the natural light, but the white walls balance this lack of light nicely.

Alcove bed under the stairs

Under the stairs alcove bed
Alcove beds under the stairs via Pinterest
This alcove under the stairs makes really good use of the area under the stairs that would otherwise go to waste. A wall lamp is smartly installed on the wall which is below the stairs as it is the darkest area. A small side table stands next to the bed for storage. The bed also allows more storage under it which is an added plus.

Rustic farmhouse style alcove beds

rustic farmhouse alcove design
Rustic Farmhouse Style Nook Bed Via Smartspace Interiors
This little alcove has a rather rustic charm. It is also simple and functional. The large wooden corners and the wooden bed give the place a farmhouse. The area under the bed is kept open and used as a storage shelf. The open shelves on the side walls make it really easy to sit back and relax with a good book. The antique wall lamp also adds to the farm look.

Circular Alcove bed

circular alcove cozy bed
Circular Alcove bed via Pinterest
This circular alcove separates the bedroom from the rest of the room quite effectively. The large and comfortable alcove bed fits perfectly in the round room. Separating the bedroom into an alcove cleans the rest of the room for other storage or decoration. The huge ceiling and the large windows keep the place from feeling small or dark.

The cabinet turned to the Alcove bedroom

closed turns into bedrooms
Match wallpapers and curtains via Pinterest | Photo by Nicholas Haslem
This little alcove was a wardrobe before it was made into a bedroom. The place is spacious and warm. The wallpaper used inside matches the curtains and upholstery in the room. This gives the whole place an old Victorian look. The moldings on the entrances to the alcove also contribute to this look. In addition, the wall lamp provides lighting options at night. Since the closet has a cozy bed, the bedroom does not need another large bed. You can use this free space for other furniture or decor.

Transition bedroom

wardrobe alcove bedroom
Beacon Hill Condo by Frank Shirley Architects | Photo by Greg Premru
This wardrobe has also been transformed into a bedroom nook. If you open the wardrobe and push the bed up against the wardrobe wall, it leaves some room. This allows more space to move around the room. It also allows more storage space under the bed. The muted colors make the place look calm and peaceful.


corner alcove beds
Inspiration home of Christopher Architecture and Interiors
This wonderful design is the perfect environment for an alcove bed. The small alcove in the room is nicely lit by windows. A night lamp and ceiling lamp also provide enough light for night time. The rest of the room acts as a sitting area that is quite separate from the alcove bed. This makes the room look spacious and larger than it really is.

Colorful bunk bed

colorful bunk bed
Colorful bunk bed in Leech Lake 1 at Lands End Development
This bunk bed is dense and comfortable. This colorful bed is built into the attic of solid wood and is happy and well lit. When you have the bed pushed up on the attic walls make the rest of the small room feel much larger and spacious. It also leaves room for decoration in the room, such as the rugs or rocking chair as shown in the picture.

Minimalist alcove beds

minimalist alcove bed
Minimalist Alcove bed via
This Scandinavian design alcove bed is quite simple and minimalist. A simple bed in soft gray goes well with the other elements of the room decor. The neutral colors make the room look soft and spacious. The alcohol also looks like part of the wall and takes no extra space at all. The rest of the room is free for any other design or décor. A small wall-mounted TV offers entertainment options in the alcove itself. It also provides privacy from others when you are in the same room.

Alcove bed with storage under

alcove bed with storage below
This bohemian style alcove bed is a space saving alternative to the traditional bed. The alcove has a raised ceiling that allows the bed to be raised to a higher level. A small ladder gives access to the raised bed. You can use the free space below as you wish. As in the picture above, you can install an open shelf to hold books and make the space a reading corner or sitting area.

Round bedroom nook

round the bedroom nook
Rounded alcove bed with circular roof via
This stunning alcove bed area is as comfortable as it is beautiful. This rounded alcove space is located near a large window and receives a lot of light. Therefore, curtains are used to cover the entire area and separate it from the room for privacy while keeping the lights out. The location of the alcove ensures that it becomes part of the round wall that goes around the room. Not only does this design look amazing but it also saves a lot of space in the room.

Rustic alcove bed design

rustic alcove bed design
Rustic style Alcove Bed Design via
Unlike the previous alcove beds, this bed is not a recessed corner of the room but is actually built like a small wooden chamber in the room. The design of this bed also includes an elevated platform bed, a small ladder to access the bed, a door and a window in the bedside cabin for privacy and ventilation and under bed storage shelves. In addition, the weather-beaten design of the wood and the pattern on the doors gives a rustic appeal. In the same way, a small roof over the bed gives a whimsical look to the simple environment.

Innovative Alcove Bed Placement

innovative alcove bed placement
Innovative Alcove Bed Placement at Monticelli where Jefferson died of
This alcove beds are one of the most innovative bed placements to date. Instead of a recessed alcove in the room, the bed splashes over the open space between two rooms. The space that connects the study room to the bedroom is large enough for the bed to fit. Now this place usually goes to waste but the designers came up with this brilliant idea to take advantage of the extra space and free up some space in the bedroom for other furniture. In addition, an antique wall lamp and a beautiful pink bedspread lift the mood of this little place and make it look inviting and fun.

Children's room Ocean Nook Bed

children's room sea hook
Ocean Themed Alcove beds for kids via
This spectacular alcove design is perfect for a little girl to have some nightly adventures in her sleep! The beautiful alcove design together with the fantastic wall art in the hook makes it look like a cabin in a ship on the sea. The blue bedspread and the star-shaped pillows also contribute to the place's oceanic appeal. It is a fun and happy place for children to sleep. The alcove bed also sports under bed storage and side shelves to hold stories or toys. This is a good solution for problems with placement of small beds.

Small space elevated alcove beds

small space elevated alcove bed
Raised alcove beds via Apartment Therapy
This small white-themed house has an alcove bed that is high enough to accommodate the kitchen and bathroom area beneath it. The white bedding goes pretty well with the white theme of the house and makes the bed area look bigger and more cozy. This is a wonderful example of stylish as well as innovative interior designs today.

Compact alcove beds for children

stylish and functional alcove bed
White Bear Lake Home av Tea2 Architects
This small alcove bed is a picture of warmth and comfort. The warm colors of the natural wood, the curved details and the small window make this small space look charming and inviting. In addition, its compact space saves the home, while details such as built-in bookshelves and drawers below provide functional storage. All in all, it looks like a fun place full of life and character.

Tree House Style alcove bed

tree house style alcove bed
Tree House Alcove beds via
This alcove bed installed for children in the room is designed as a tree house. The design of the house would definitely appeal to the nuances of children around the world. The double bed is also comfortable and compact. In addition, a white ladder is placed for easy access to the upper level. The bed linen is in soft colors to match the natural look of the tree.

Alcove beds with playground for children

alcove modern
Children's playground above the alcove beds at Ruetemple via
This unique alcove bed design is suitable for the whole family. The bed occupies the corner area in the bedroom. A playground created above the bed allows parents to safely supervise the children while they are playing. The raised play area has a net cover to prevent falling and is available with a set of stairs. In fact, the designers used the high ceiling space of the alcove very creatively!

Bohemian style double alcove beds

bohemian style with double alcove bed
Bohemian style double alcove beds via
This double bed is perfectly placed in an alcove to take advantage of the rest of the small room for other things. Instead of placing a single bed in the alcove, place bunk beds to accommodate two people. In places like very small apartments, this type of bed placement can also save a lot of space. Interestingly, these beds can even become the show steals in the room if they are creatively decorated as shown in the image above. Hanging drapes, stylish ropes and multicolored curtains can lift out not only the alcove but the entire room.

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