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French Provincial Homes

French Provincial Homes

French provincial homes designed by me specifically for this project. Six hangers in plain matt white bulbs connected with a light yellow thread, it looks like derived from a transaction (receipt, often found in the attic, and sometimes – in the Scandinavian interiors). The work area on the table top is also marked with built-in diode units.

We chose white as a base – it solves the boundaries of a small kitchen. Black mirror apron adds contrast, dynamism, making the whole room a new focused and elegant. Dark metallic on the floor serves the same purpose. The yellow thread and the painting on the wall two bright spots, they contribute to the atmosphere romantic spirit and some dared.

The decor is almost there, except that the aforementioned painting is a reproduction of Malevich's paintings "Red cavalry", I just took the picture in print, and then we hung it on the wall. The yellow thread is decorative on the worktop with several black and white and matte black vessels. And, of course, elegant frame for all our interiors works like Roman shades of white, with wide black tubes on the edge.

Scandinavian minimalism

At the request of the customer, we divided the kitchen in the style of "Scandinavian minimalism". White walls, contrasting black inclusions, natural textured materials and finishes – all principles are met.

The hardest thing was to place all the technical items in the kitchen: this area is a combination of technical blocks, a dining room group and a style that initially seemed impossible. rescued counter top frame and transfer the laundry to the window.

1. To create a comfortable kitchen, one should understand that the art and the functional content for you will be the most important and the secondary. To build your own technically convenient operating scenario on the basis of which to mark the location of equipment and furniture (also necessary to take into account all technical conclusions).

2. In Scandinavian style, a lot of white space. It must be basic, but unlike him, you can add all your favorite colors (or multiple colors) to furniture, furniture, accessories. Also on a white background would look good with a little structure: weathered boards, rusty metal, beautiful patterned tiles or wallpapers. The main point French provincial homes Don't be afraid to experiment and look for new ideas.

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