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Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Eclectic decor is a style that encompasses a variety of styles and periods. This design is a mix of structures, time periods, styles, trends and colors. To the untrained eye, an eclectic design can come across as a bunch of items randomly thrown together that magically work. But creating an eclectic interior that works is not so easy. It means creating a harmonious look by using contrasts and variety. However, moderation is important when creating contrasts and creating a balanced design. Originality and individuality are another important factor in this style. So don't be afraid to show your collections in your eclectic living room or make bold color choices for your eclectic bedroom! However, make sure that the entire output is interconnected and harmonious.

Eclectic design is unique and unusual. It gives you a chance to experiment with ideas and bring your own style to the design. It lets you show off your individuality in the design. You can mix and match colors and layer structures. You can also mix the elements of the old and new eras and add your personal touch. But you must ensure that all elements of your design are brought together to provide a complete and coherent design. When designed well, eclectic style transmits your confidence in your own style while following the basics of good design. In this post we will look at some eclectic living room designs that are unusual and original.

{1} Glass roof Purple walls

glass roof purple walls
Sophisticated purple and beige living room Image of Calico
The bold colors of this purple living room show the owner's bold and individual style. The different purple shades are balanced by the addition of the beige accents. The flame fabric pattern and the lively fuschia and plum hues on the sofa and armchairs add extra glamor and vitality to the design. The roof pattern fits well with the windows and gives a further dimension to the design. The beautiful chandelier also adds style to the design. In addition, the canopy blinds add texture to the windows and the smooth glossy surfaces of the ceiling. The versatile x-bench can serve as a coffee table and extra seating.

{2} Ethnic carpet wall decor

ethnic rug wall decor
Earthy colors and pattern living room in Milan, via Garian Photo by Anna Romashova
The soft and earthy tones in this living room provide warmth and comfort. The ethnic patterns on carpets give little interest to the design. The use of an ethnic rug as a wall decor is unique and interesting. It adds texture and pattern to the decor and keeps the attention. The soft tones on the wooden floor and furniture serve as a base and also provide balance in the design. However, the red tones on the stairs, chair supports and the table runner add color and sparkle to the design. The soft gray sofa and silver armchair contrast nicely with multicolored pillows and rugs. The hanging sphere light enhances the eclectic design.

{3} Patterned ceiling eclectic living room

patterned ceiling eclectic living room
Cow skin pattern and roof design in Cowgirl Chateau, Weston MA by Other Birkerts | Photo by M. Lee
This living room design is really a game of colors and patterns. The herringbone floor is nicely complemented with the geometric ceiling design. The stylish ceiling lights draw the eye upwards and improve the design. Pillow patterned pillows adorn the bench behind the sofa. The carpet area also gives the pattern and color to the room. Colorful pillows with different patterns decorate the corner bed. The armchair support also has a floral pattern. The sofa cushions also add color to the room. The fireplace walls also have a pattern that is marked by the flames of the fire. All in all, the different colors and patterns in this eclectic room blend beautifully and add warmth to the décor.

{4} White walls and colorful furniture

white walls and colorful furniture
Rustic but grand Spanish charm in Ibiza Villa of Godrich Interiors
This magnificent eclectic Spanish resort reflects the relaxed bohemian life of Ibiza. The interior, scattered with religious references, exudes rustic charm. The various armchairs give variety and designs to the interior. They work as bright splashes and provide fun design. In addition, the hanging pendant lights give visual interest and draw the eye upwards. They further enhance the eclectic nature of the design. Natural materials, Mediterranean colors and whitewashed walls create a truly authentic aesthetic.

{5} Old and new elements

old and new elements
Dark and glamorous colors in country houses Rachel Bates Interiors | Photo of Darren Chung
This glamorous living room has a subtle eclectic charm. The sophisticated design of the room gives an old Victorian fall. The carpet, wall mirror and crystal chandelier further enhance the space of the old world. However, the dark colors and modern furniture have a modern appeal. The smooth and shiny structures on the walls and ceilings simultaneously enhance the room. The peacock feather design in the modern sofa gives the pattern to the interior. The gold details on the side table further enhance the glamorous appeal of the decor.

{6} Interesting wall art and pillows

interesting wall art and pillows
Contemporary with a touch of bohemia in the South Melbourne Family Home by Studio Stamp
This eclectic living room is a wonderful combination of modern and bohemian design styles. The modern furniture and soft colors of the sofa together with the white walls and large windows give the design a modern feel. The colorful patterned carpet and various multicolored ethnic and unusual pillowcases together with the fantastic wall art give the simple room a bohemian twist. The mix and match of patterns and the different colors make the room look really eclectic. The fantastic table lamp is a modern design and contributes to the eclectic appeal of the room.

{7} Colorful living room with Indian pattern

Colorful living room for Indian pattern
Traditional Indian patterns and details in Pune Bungalow by Shabnam Gupta
This eclectic living room is strangely decorated with traditional Indian patterns and colors. Indian-style tiled floors, tiled ceilings and exposed wooden beams give the place a rustic charm. The jute window further complicates this charm. The colorful hanging lanterns enhance the roof design. The furniture upholstery has traditional Indian colors and floral designs that add some color and design to the interior. The antique side table and chest give the room a vintage look. The colorful daybeds with patterned pillows contribute to the eclectic appeal of the place.

{8} Unique design wooden coffee table

unique design wooden coffee table
Modern and unique furnishings in the Upper West Side Condo by Vivre Interiors – Life well lived | Photo of Regan Wood
Emerald green velvet L-shaped sofa is the main attraction in this eclectic living room. The bright color of the sofa attracts attention while its glossy velvet padding gives the room a glamorous look. The animal print on the armchair further adds to this look. The unique coffee table design adds a modern touch to the interior. the modern wall shelf with golden details attracts the eye. The elegant table lamp and comfortable mat with zigzag pattern give the room an eclectic look.

{9} White and gold motif background

white and gold motif wallpaper
Cheerful furniture and gold accents in historic Revibe by Tiger Lily Greenwich | Photo of Kyle Norton
With a colorful combination of different designs, this eclectic living room design is lively and refreshing. The cheerful yellow color of the sofa attracts the eye and lifts the room's mood. The eclectic pillow covers fit well with the usual yellow on the sofa and also give a little pattern in the decor. The brown patterned carpet balances the bright colors of the sofa and further enhances the simplicity of the furniture. The gold motif wallpaper gives the room a touch of glamor. It also reinforces the wall's gold fittings and gives the room an old appeal. However, the glass coffee table gives a modern touch to the interior. The gold details on the wall shelf and the wall construction further enhance the glamorous appeal of the room. even the golden chandelier gives the room a luxurious feel.

{10} Black and white patterned rooms

black and white patterned room
Simple eclectic living room off Amber Interiors | Photo of Tessa Neustadt
This simple living room has a black and white theme with lots of colors and designs. The striped rug attracts the eye and gives patterns into the design. The white sofa complements the white walls and makes the room look happy and bright. In contrast, black armchairs and black window details balance the brightness of the room. The colorful pillows add color to the interior. The chandelier gives the interior modern design.

{11} Blue theme eclectic living room

blue themed eclectic living room
Colorful and cheerful decor in Newbury Family Home by Tallon Perry Interiors and Philippa Spearing Styling | Photo of Adam Carter
The blue accents in this eclectic living room lift the mood and make the room look happy and bright. The blue firewall and the blue carpet are the main focus of the focus. The white walls, doors and windows provide a nice backdrop for the colorful theme. The chandelier adds color to the room. The armchair's blue and gold colors also fit well with the blue theme. The colorful pillows add to the eclectic theme of the decor.

{12} Coral colors and wood accents

coral colors and wood accents
Bright colors and lighting
The accent ceiling lamp covers this eclectic living room in soft golden light. The coral shades in the interior are the main focus of this design. The light orange, deep blue and green shades of the upholstery are also reflected in the roof design. The wall window has a bar pattern that is also reflected in the opposite brown wall with gold details. The industrial table lamp, the wooden door and the windows and the wooden coffee table add wood accents to the interior and also give the interior an industrial touch. The mix of different colors, designs and design styles is what makes this living room truly eclectic.

{13} Floral Print Rug Eclectic Room

floral print mat eclectic room
Warm and welcoming living room design and photo of Luci Dibley-Westwood Interiors
The white walls are a good contrast to the colors and patterns of the decor. The bookshelf is the most important center of design. The floral pattern in the carpet and upholstery together with the multicolored throws gives a warm and nice decoration. They also add color and pattern to the interior. The wall art and the design light give the room a modern touch.

{14} Tropical colors and patterns

tropical colors and patterns
Playful combination of colors and textures in Sycamore Canyon by Tom Meaney Architect, AIA
This artificial living room shows the owners furniture and collections quite nicely. The tropical colors of the wooden floor, the ceiling and the green walls and doors provide a perfect backdrop for colorful furniture and upholstery. The multiple colors and patterns in the armchair support also add designs to the design. The hidden carpets of the animals further contribute to the different patterns in the interior. They also give the room a glamorous look. The playful combination of colors and textures captures the spirit of the beer life and the eclectic taste of the client.

{15} Neutral walls and colorful furniture

neutral walls and colorful furniture
Elegant combination of contemporary and bohemian styles of Commonwealth Building and Design
This captivating living room design shows an elegant combination of modern and bohemian design styles. The neutral color palette and modern style furniture really gives the room a modern touch. The carpet, beige curtains, gray side tables and a wooden coffee table further add to the modern look. However, the blue accents and the different patterns in the upholstery give the room a bohemian appeal. The multicolored pillows with different designs also give the room an eclectic look. The fantastic chandelier also gives the room an eclectic look.

{16} Patterns with gray walls

gray walls patterned wallpaper
Simple and sophisticated living room in LoHi Private Residence by Andrea Schumacher Interior | Photo of Ron Ruscio
The gray wallpaper design in the reading corner is the biggest attraction for this design. The gray theme of the room is accentuated by gray walls and sofas. The unique golden coffee table adds some glamor to the interior. The gray carpet gives some texture to the interior. The design curtains and multicolored pillows give the design some designs and colors. They also lift the mood in the room and make it look more happy.

{17} Traditional Indian eclectic living room

traditional indian eclectic living room
Artistic ornament living room in Irrfan Khan & # 39; s Mumbai Home past Shabnam Gupta
This artificial decorative living room of Indian actor Irrfan Khan's Mumbai home has many elements of eclectic décor. The traditional Indian interior has many colors and designs in its design. The accents on the ceiling draw the eye upwards and also pull this room together. These colors are also reflected in the different elements of the décor. The traditional swing gives a touch of whimsical to the already eclectic decor. The beautiful tree design on the front door contributes to the decor's appealing appeal. Multicolor charpai contributes to the colorful design. The patterned rugs enhance the lively interior. The traditional center table together with the various interior decorations such as the pickle jar vase and clay pots give the room a traditional feel. The beautiful Jali design displayed on the wall further adds to the traditional look.

{18} Grand Hollywood Style Living Room

grand Hollywood living room
Dark and luxurious living room design in Malvern Residence 2 av Massimo Interiors | Photo of Stu Morley
This magnificent living room design has the influence of Hollywood design. The large mirrors replace the wall on one side of the room. The position of the mirrors is such that they open up the whole room and make it look much bigger than it really is. The custom-built carpet is beautiful and also gives the color and pattern to the interior. The golden framed mirror on the wall creates visual interest in the wall. The marble-topped coffee table and side table also provide structures for the design. The velvet blue colors on the sofa and the curtains add a touch of glamor to the house. The unique armchairs and patterned cushion covers give the pattern to the interior.

{19} Colorful lanterns and ceilings

colorful lanterns and ceilings
Traditional Indian style Grandeur in Vora Residence, Santacruz city CTDC – Contours The Design Co.
This eclectic living room looks like a fantastic exotic retreat. The earthy colors of the decor attract calm eyes and give a sense of calm and tranquility. The dark brown velvet sofas go well with wooden floors and the wooden table's center table. The pillows in gold and green pillows give the place a look of luxury. The awning adds a bit of neat decor. The traditional Indian style lanterns further enhance the exotic appeal of the room.

{20} Patterned mat and gray sofa

patterned carpet and gray sofa
Gray themed living room in TV spot Koge by The Sweet Spot | Photo of Bjarni B. Jacobsen
This is a fantastic example of decor plant in your living room. All you need is to choose large leafy plants that give a very clean and minimalist touch to the room. Just take care of the plants regularly by cutting dead or deformed leaves so that your room always looks well maintained and healthy.

This gray themed living room has different colors in different places. The traditional patterned carpet stands out as a colorful element in the midst of the soft gray and light colors. The blue patterned bench also gives the room an eclectic look. The usual gray walls are adorned with murals. The woven baskets further enhance the eclectic appeal of the room. The gray coffee table with pink legs adds style to the interior. The pillows add colors and designs to the design.

{21} High ceiling eclectic decor

high ceiling eclectic decor
High ceiling walls with art in Marrickville House 2 off David Boyle Architects
This high-ceilinged eclectic living room is a space for the owner to display his varied art collection. The white walls provide a perfect backdrop for this purpose. Skylights and a vertical window provide light and also show the living room collection. The beige and brown carpet defines the seat and pulls the room together. The wall cupboard stands for extra storage and adds some color to the interior. Eero Aarnio's orange fiberglass Pastel chair, originally designed to fit into his iconic 1967 Ball Chair, is a bright splash of color. The sofa also has a patterned throw that gives patterns and color to the interior. 1930s vintage pendant lights hanging in the void give the room a vintage feel.

{22} Unique metallic pendant lights

unique metallic pendant lights
Oriental Style Living Room Design in Sukhanov Park by NW Interiors
This eclectic living room design has oriental influences. The blue L-shaped sofa attracts attention upon entering. The soft pillows of silk and velvet also add color and texture to the interior. The beautiful white and red patterned carpet enhances the decor's eclectic appeal. The oriental carvings on the wooden table create visual interest. The hanging lamps attract attention and draw the eye upwards. They also have oriental patterns on metal pendants that give interest to the design.

{23} Wall panels and door of plywood

wall panels and plywood doors
Custom made plywood wall in Skolkovo Park by Nikita Maksimov
The main focus of this eclectic living room design is birch plywood wall panels with hidden cabinets and secret doors. The cabinet's unique feature is hidden sections, each opening with a light touch to the facade. The soft colors of the plywood contrast with the colorful interior of the living room. The floral sofa with patterned cushions of silk stands out against the wall cabinet. The armchair's yellow patterned and plain red upholstery adds to the room's contrasting appearance. The modern coffee table and nicely hanging pendant lights further contribute to the room's eclectic room.

{24} Room with yellow and wooden tones

yellow and wood tones room
Elegant and cheerful living room design in condo in San Francisco by Jerry Jacobs Design
The dark brown wood tones and the bright yellow accents in this eclectic living room attract attention with their cheerful mood. The gold trim on the bookshelf that runs along both sides of the fireplace mantle gives the room a glamorous appeal. The chandelier draws the eye upwards and also fits well with the wooden elements in the room. The yellow area rug with stripes pattern defines the seat. The yellow furniture provides fun and lively decor. It also contributes to the eclectic design of the room.

{25} Warm and bright living room

warm and bright living room
Stylish look with light decoration in downtown Los Angeles Oh Beauty Interiors
This bright living room design is unique and wonderful. The exposed brick wall and ceiling design give the room an industrial look. The bulbs that decorate the ceiling also add to this look. A small swing placed in the living room is covered by the sheepskin rug. The coffee table and leather chairs add modern design to the interior. The patterned carpet gives designs and colors in the design. The woven basket contributes to the decor's eclectic appeal. The light decoration for lamps gives the room a fantastic look.

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