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Wear Navy Floral Dress

Wear Navy Floral Dress

Flowers are perfect for any season. You can wear this print in winter and fall, but the most popular time is definitely spring and summer. There is a lot of debate about how flowers are cliché, but guess what – I don’t care. Every girl should have a dark blue floral dress in her closet. Why? You’ll see.

The dark blue floral dress is perfect basic equipment for every situation. You can wear it as casual wear, for a walk or a coffee in the city, or pair it with high heels and transform it into an elegant dress. It’s up to you to choose, but the good thing is that you have a dress for many different occasions.

I’ve rounded up some of the best outfit ideas on how to style a dark blue floral dress. Scroll down to see them all!

Matching navy floral dress

Navy floral dress appropriate
If you’re wondering what I meant by appropriate, I’ll tell you. This dress is great for elegant or formal occasions. This can either be a dinner with some customers or a meeting with your friend’s parents.
Anyway, this dress with a brown leather belt and a shoulder bag in the same shade is perfect for these kind of situations.

Embroidered navy

Navy floral dress embroidery
Embroidery challenged many girls’ hearts. It appeared on jackets, jeans, and dresses. Most of the motifs were floral motifs and that’s why I’m showing you this dress. It is made of a dark blue material with a delicate and colorful floral embroidery. It has an empire neckline and ½ fluted sleeves. This dark blue floral dress is the perfect choice for the hot summer time.

Navy tulle with floral print

Navy floral tulle dress
Dark navy tulle combined with colorful flowers make this dress really wonderful and so airy. It’s fluent and very flattering. You can pair it with ankle cowboy boots (a trend right off the bat) or if you want something more elegant, pair it with high-heeled sandals. The dress has long sleeves and is therefore perfect for autumn or cool spring days.

Layered Navy floral dress

Layered navy floral dress
If you’re feeling uncomfortable showing too much, you can simply top your spaghetti strap dress with a white cotton turtleneck. It looks chic and practical at the same time. If you want to wear it in fall weather, combine this fantastic combination with suede ankle boots in the same shade as your suede jacket – olive green.

Perfect navy dress for fall

Navy floral dress ankle boots
You can easily style this dress for chilly and cold autumn days. It has long sleeves and is made of stretchy material that is very flattering on your body.
Pair your dress with black pointed toe ankle boots and a navy tote bag. This combination can be your new workwear inspiration.

Navy Velvet

Navy floral velvet dress
The dark blue floral dress made of velvet is a nice basic equipment. It looks young. The embroidery is delicate and very colorful. It makes the dress unique and stylish for casual and elegant occasions. Since the dress is made of velvet, if you want to combine it with shoes, opt for the blue ankle boots made of fine velvet.

Navy floral dress with cut out boots

Navy floral dress cut out boots
If you are tired of those elegant high-heeled models, here is an outfit that you will love. The cut-out boots give this combination an edgy biker look that is perfect for everyday wear. Let your outfit speak for itself by adding some colorful floral designs. You can combine this sleeveless dress with a black top for colder days.

Ladylike Navy floral dress

Navy floral dress ladylike
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had (and still have) staples more casual than elegant. Because of this, all you need is a dark blue floral dress for special or formal occasions. This is perfect for work, for example, but also for weddings, birthday parties, etc. You can style it with a white button-down for a super chic look.

Bell sleeves on the navy dress

Navy floral dress bell sleeves
If you are looking for a new summer dress, I present you the dark blue floral dress with bell sleeves. It’s super fluid and mini. It has a V-neck with a small strap. The sleeves make a statement so you can be sure that you will attract attention while wearing them. You can combine this beautiful dress with strappy suede sandals.

Button-down floral dress

Navy floral dress button down
If you want to add a bit of retro flair to your everyday outfits, you can use this dress. It’s a midi button-down navy floral dress. This garment is perfect for everyday wear, vacation or even work. If you really want to look unique, pair this vintage dress with red shoes!

Navy dress with military jacket

Navy floral dress military jacket
For cool but sunny spring days, pair your favorite floral dress with a military green jacket to keep you warm. It’s a great way to style that everyday outfit combo. Adding nude suede ankle boots to a bag that is also gray-nude is a perfect way to round off these outfit combinations.

Cold shoulder navy floral dress

Navy floral dress cold shoulders
If you ask me what the perfect summer outfit is, I’ll point it out in this photo. Lovely Pepa wears this maxi flower dress with cold shoulders mixed with brown lace-up sandals, a straw hat and a stylish basket bag. Lots of popular staples in one place without looking over the line. This outfit is ideal for holidays, by the sea as well as for the hot summer on the urban concrete.

Mini flower dress

Navy floral dress mesh pocket
Another summer dress perfect for styling on vacation and by the sea. This dress is equipped with a super trendy and fashionable mesh pocket. Still, it looks trendy; This dress is also very flattering on your body. You can opt for strappy sandals or lace-up sandals.

Wrap Navy Dress

Navy floral dress sneakers
I love girls who mix styles. Sporty sneakers with the floral dress? Why not! It looks young, cool and fascinating. This outfit is perfect for many different occasions. It’s casual however, so don’t try to wear it to work or to meetings. However, you can style it for summer nights with your friends. Looking chic and unique has never been easier!

Hope you enjoyed reading these outfit ideas!

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