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Coffee Table Designs For Living Room

Coffee Table Designs For Living Room

The coffee table is the centerpiece of a living room. We would even dare say that it is an important design element. Fortunately, you can choose between different coffee tables, which compete in beauty and uniqueness. Choosing a beautiful coffee table can inspire you to challenge your creativity and experiment more when it comes to decoration.

Here are some of our suggestions!

{1} Wood, unique coffee tables

Wood, unique coffee table designEdwardian House, South West London Via Rebecca Hayes Interiors
If you use wood, nature-inspired designs, this item can be a nice addition to your living room. The minimalist construction and the brown shades make this a unique piece.

{2} Rounded coffee table

Rounded coffee table
Modern living room rounded coffee table via Wettling Architects Residential New York
We think this is a lovely article that would perfectly fit a modern but at the same time living room. In fact, it is a versatile coffee table that combines two timeless materials: wood and glass, topped with a unique design.

{3} Shabby-Chic inspired coffee table

Shabby-Chic Inspired coffee table
Antique white harvest coffee table via Etsy
Our next recommendation is for those of you who are keen on the shabby chic style. This looks good in an English farm, but not only.
Imagine drinking your daily dose of coffee here: can you imagine it? Nothing compares to a cup of coffee cooked on an excellent coffee maker, right?

{4} Marble, elegant coffee table

Marble, elegant coffee table
Marble coffee table for every budget via The Every Girl
If you advocate the minimalist style, this marble coffee table will be located along your alley. It is elegant yet extremely subtle and fits almost any living room design.

{5} Luxurious, statement coffee table

Luxurious, statement coffee table
Celebrate in style living room via Z Gallery
This article proves that a piece of furniture can make a statement similar to a piece of jewelry. The luxurious design combined with the use of high quality materials makes this table the definition of extravagance.

{6} Bookcase coffee table

Bookcase coffee table
160+ best ideas for coffee tables via Deco Ratio
This is the coffee table that reading enthusiasts long for. Not only is it unique, but it is equally practical, which allows you to store (some) of your many books.

{7} Unexpected geometry

Geometric coffee table
Geometric coffee table via Four hands
Usually we expect coffee tables to be either round or square. This article proves that the assumption is wrong. Its geometric shape, the mixture of gold accents and the use of glass make this the centerpiece of every living room.

{8} Gold + glass – a winning combination

modern geo living room interior
Modern Geo Living Room Decor Via Shutter Fly
A bright living room is inspiring. A good way to create such a space is by using different shades and, of course, gold (as you can see in the picture). We believe that this coffee table is a timeless object – the shape and materials make it one of the beautiful pieces that does not come out of style.

{9} A picturesque addition to your living room

modern rustic living roomModern rustic living room via style Files
This is one of the coffee tables designed to make a lasting impression on you. It is massive, tight and yet fantastic. It's a simple, yet unmatched piece of furniture.

{10} Paris-inspired coffee table

Paris-inspired coffee table
Paris-inspired marble coffee table via Nuno Almeida
Parisians are experts at combining the modern with the vintage. The results they get are second to none. This beautiful marble coffee table testifies to just that.

So, which of the coffee table designs listed in our article appeals to you most? Let us know!

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