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How To Wear Corduroy Pants

How To Wear Corduroy Pants

When it comes to corduroy pants, a lot of people immediately associate them with how they can keep you warm. As functional as they are, you can definitely still look good with them. It really isn’t that difficult to style them. You can think of them as suit pants with added texture. For this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of the best corduroy outfit ideas. Let’s check them out and see which one is your favorite.

Corduroy trousers with a blue shirt and gray trench coat

Corduroy pants blue shirt gray trench coat

I will start with a formal work outfit that looks nice and professional. Just wear a blue shirt with a gray trench coat and black corduroy pants. A pair of black leather boots and a gray handbag are the glue that will bring this outfit together.

Wear it with a denim shirt and green blazer

Corduroy denim shirt blazer

Here is another chic and professional looking work outfit. However, it is more of a business casual outfit than a formal outfit. Combine a denim shirt with a green blazer, black slim corduroy trousers and heels.

Wear it with a striped shirt and gray knit sweater

gray knitted sweater striped shirt corduroy pants

This outfit is perfect for work or friends. As an example of the layering, this outfit includes a black and white striped shirt underneath a gray knit sweater. Combine these items with burgundy trousers and black heels.

Brown corduroy trousers with a dark blue sweater

Short sleeve navy sweater brown corduroy skinny pants

For a fall or winter outfit that doesn’t leave you feeling chunky at all, wear a slim-fitting navy sweater with brown corduroy trousers and flats. It’s a nice way to dress up as a minimalist.

Flare corduroy trousers with slim fit high neck sweater

Flare corduroy pants high neck knitted sweater

Corduroy trousers very often come in three different shapes: skinny trousers, straight-leg trousers and bell-bottoms. After sharing a few ideas on the other two, let me show you how to style flared corduroy pants and look their best. A good example would be wearing a cream or pink slim fit high neck sweater, black corduroy trousers, and sandals.

Wear with a floral blouse with transparent sleeves

Floral blouse transparent sleeves corduroy pants

For this outfit, the blue corduroy trousers are worn almost like skinny jeans. Wear a floral blouse with transparent sleeves for the top and combine it with the narrow corduroy trousers and ankle boots. When winter comes, don’t be afraid to sometimes replace your skinny jeans with blue corduroy pants. It just works.

Wear with a White Button Up Shirt

Corduroy trousers button up white shirt

For minimal style, wear a white buttoned shirt. Tuck it into short, gray, straight-leg corduroy pants and black loafers. Although the combination is simple, the result is a professional and comfortable looking outfit that you can wear to work.

Green corduroy trousers with a black knitted sweater

black knitted sweater green corduroy pants

Another outfit idea for wearing the flare pants would be to wear the green pants with a black slim fit high neck sweater.

Light brown corduroy trousers with a denim shirt and blue blazer

brown corduroy pants denim shirt blazer Taylor Swift

For an absolutely chic and colorful outfit, you can wear a denim shirt with a blue blazer over it. Then pair them with light brown corduroy pants and fleece ankle boots. Wear a lovely yellowish handbag to complete this stunning outfit.

Gray pants with a denim jacket

gray corduroy trousers t-shirt denim jacket

Try this outfit idea for a nice and casual look and use a matching color combination. Wear a light gray T-shirt with gray corduroy trousers and color-coordinated ankle boots. The key to this outfit is the short blue denim jacket.

Short-sleeved white lace top with flared trousers

Flare corduroy pants white lace top

This outfit is pretty unique on the list. Wears a white short-sleeved lace top with flared corduroy trousers and boots. And the felt hat is the piece that gives this outfit a lot of character. If you’re interested in similar outfit ideas, check out our blog post on other felt hat outfit ideas.

Wear it with a light blue denim jacket

light blue denim jacket corduroy flare pants

Although I’ve already talked about other outfit ideas related to the denim jacket. Your outfit can look completely different if you replace your typical denim jacket with a light blue one.

Corduroy trousers with a denim shirt and white knitted sweater

Cord skinny pants white knitted sweater

This is an outfit idea that shows how thin corduroy pants can even be worn as if they were leggings. Just wear the gray skinny pants with a denim shirt and a white knitted sweater. Complete this elegant and pure-looking outfit with ankle boots.

Wear it with the matching corduroy jacket

Cord suit with jacket and pants

As a completely different outfit idea, this one shows how cord can also look pretty decent in the form of a suit. Simply combine the gray corduroy jacket with the matching trousers. Team it up with white heels and a green high neck sweater

White corduroy trousers with a military jacket


For fans of military jackets or for those of you who want to look a little harder at times, this outfit idea is for you. Just wear a white blouse and white thin corduroy pants. Combine them with fleece boots and especially with the stylish military jacket.

Up to this point, I hope that you’ve realized that corduroy trousers are a wonderful product in the cold winter. By understanding that they not only work, but also look beautiful and are also very versatile. So next time you find that the jeans, dress pants, or even leggings you are wearing are not keeping you warm enough, try the corduroy pants. As already mentioned, they come in different shapes, with the flared pants looking more unique, while the straight leg and narrow pants can be very easily put together with your usual outfit. Try the outfit ideas I just shared with you. I’m pretty sure you would find many of them very easily. If you like this list, please also check out many other outfit ideas we’ve put together to share fashion knowledge with as many people as possible.

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