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How To Wear Red Bodycon Dress

How To Wear Red Bodycon Dress

At a cocktail party or a prom, wearing a silver or gold dress will definitely get people’s attention. But don’t underestimate the power of the color red, it can get people’s attention too. Today I’m going to talk in more detail about a type of red dress that can help you show off your curves a little. The type of dress I’m going to talk about is the red body hugging dress. To get you off to a better start, I’ve rounded up some great ideas for a red bodycon outfit and I’m going to share them with you right now.

Red Deepcon Bodycon Knee-length V-neck dress


If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you should find that I’m a huge fan of low-key sexy outfits, as I really like the concept of looking elegant and of course with a slight sexy twist. A red dress isn’t restrained though, especially if it has a deep, figure-hugging cut with a V-neckline. To style a simple red bodycon knee length dress with a deep V-neckline, you can simply wear it with white open toe heels with ankle straps to complete the outfit with an elegant touch.

Red off the shoulder high split bodycon dress

red, figure-hugging dress split up from the shoulder

This picture actually shows something interesting that I want to talk about. Many people think that figure-hugging dresses are only for women with beautiful curves, and not for super skinny women. In this picture you can see that a bodycon dress looks quite stylish on a thin lady. To style this red off shoulder high split dress for a cocktail party, you can wear it with silver heels with an open toe strap to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Spaghetti Straps Neckline Waist Bodycon Dress

Figure-hugging dress with a spaghetti strap neckline

Bodycon dresses come in many shapes, such as this creative dress with multiple cutouts in the waist area. You can even make the outfit more creative by wearing white heeled sandals and a silver cuff bracelet.

Backless halter neck mini bodycon dress

backless halterneck mini dress

If you’ve put a lot of work into keeping yourself in shape, you might want to wear a red backless bodycon dress to show off a bit at a cocktail party. For the shoes, wearing silver heels with open toes would make an elegant outfit, while wearing red heels would create an all red outfit that is an absolute fire.

Long-sleeved red mini dress with a pink clutch pocket

long sleeve red mini dress pink clutch bag

While most red bodycon dresses are meant for proms and cocktail parties, you can easily find some that you can wear more casually. Here’s a long sleeved red bodycon dress that is perfect for dating, hangouts, or even work. To build an eye-catching outfit around this dress, you can complement the outfit with pink heels and a shocking pink clutch.

Red long-sleeved, figure-hugging dress with cold shoulder

red, long-sleeved, figure-hugging dress with cold shoulder

For a super classy look, you can wear a red bodycon dress with cold shoulders and silver heels with ankle straps. That would have been a great looking outfit by itself, but wearing a silver choker necklace would take this outfit to the next level.

Neckholder bodycon mini dress

New body dress with halter neck

The halter neck design and the figure-hugging cut go very well together, as you can see on this cocktail dress. The best way to style it is to keep things simple by simply wearing it with silver open toe heels.

Red super deep midi dress with V-neck

red super deep midi dress with V-neck

Warning: this dress is extremely difficult to take off. I just have to add it to this list here as I know some of you can take off this super sexy dress. It’s a red plunging bodycon midi dress with a V-neckline. Add black ankle strap heels to this stunning outfit.

Bodycon asymmetrical dress with red scoop neckline

Bodycon asymmetrical dress with red scoop neckline

A bit of asymmetry can often add style and randomness to a dress. This figure-hugging dress with a red scoop neckline is a good example of such a stylish and sexy dress. Wear black strappy heels to complete this look with extra style and elegance.

Red spaghetti strap bodycon knee length dress

Bodycon knee-length dress with red spaghetti strap

If you’re looking for extra depth in your dress, try one made of velvet. For example, wear this figure-hugging dress made of red velvet with a spaghetti strap and open toe heels with a black ankle strap for a nice and deep look. By the way, if you want to see more outfits with similar shoes, maybe check out our blog post on how to wear black ankle strap heels.

Red wrap dress with one sleeve

red wrap dress with one sleeve

This is a beautiful wrap dress with some nifty details. It has the stylish one shoulder cut that makes it look so unique. Silver heels are the perfect shoes to wear with a dress.

Red Tube Bodycon Dress with Statement Choker Necklace

Red Tube Bodycon Dress Statement Choker Necklace

Almost all tube dresses are figure-hugging dresses. This one is no exception. It is a red tube dress that is combined with silver heels. Wearing a statement choker necklace can easily take this outfit to the next level.

Scalloped Neckline Deep V Neck Bodycon Dress

scalloped, deep, figure-hugging dress with V-neckline

When it comes to sexy dresses with a deep V-neck, I like those with nice details. This red bodycon dress with a scalloped neckline is a good example. You can pair it with a silver necklace and silver open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Red Choker Bodycon Mini Dress

red choker bodycon mini dress

If you want to dress like a minimalist, you can simply wear a red bodycon choker dress with black ankle strap heels. The result is a super simple and clean outfit that will still make you look great at a cocktail party.

Burgundy long sleeve velvet bodycon dress

Burgundy-colored, figure-hugging long-sleeved dress made of velvet

If you prefer a color that is a little deeper and darker, try a burgundy dress. For example, wear this burgundy velvet dress with long sleeves and black ankles to complete an elegant outfit.

Here are the red bodycon outfits I want to share with you. When you’re running out of ideas on what to wear for your next cocktail party, this list is a good place to start.

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