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Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The color purple may not be the most popular color for dresses. But when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, purple is no question one of the most popular colors. Imagine how beautiful it is when a bride with a beautiful white wedding dress stands in the midst of a group of bridesmaids in purple bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaids would look beautiful but at the same time not take the focus off the bride. To show you different types of purple bridesmaid dresses, I’ve put together a list of gorgeous outfit ideas. Let’s take a look at it now.

Purple Strapless Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


It is very typical for bridesmaids to wear short dresses. I think one of the reasons is to make the bride stand out with the long white dress and second, it’s easier for the bridesmaids to walk around and help out with tons of little chores at a wedding. This knee-length dress has a timeless design. It is a purple strapless chiffon dress. You can wear it with black and silver heels with open toes to complete this simple and gorgeous look.

Single Strap Purple Empire Waist Bridesmaid Dress

Single Strap Purple Empire Waist Bridesmaid Dress

This purple dress with a strap has a very interesting detail that is only reserved for weddings. The strap is filled with flowers made of chiffon and this is such a beautiful detail that can only be found at a wedding. One thing I like about this dress over the previous one is that the design with a strap is actually not as sexy as the strapless design. With strapless bridesmaid dresses, you need to make sure that the bride still looks her best. As the old saying goes, never outshine the bride.

Silver and Purple Chiffon Pleated Maxi Bridesmaid Dress

silver and purple chiffon pleated maxi bridesmaid dress

This is a unique two tone dress consisting of a silver sequin top and a purple chiffon maxi bottom. The dress isn’t too sexy as the top is just an av neck design.

Knee-length dress made of purple chiffon with lace sleeves

knee-length lace sleeves made of purple chiffon

For a more mature look, consider this dress with some lace element. It’s another two-tone dress, with the top part being a lace top and the bottom part being a knee-length chiffon skirt. The dress also has an elegant detail in the semi-sheer lace sleeves. Wear it with open-toed white heels. This dress is elegant and doesn’t require the bridesmaid to show off much skin.

Purple lace collar maxi dress

purple maxi dress with lace collar

Here is another beautiful and elegant purple bridesmaid dress that won’t outshine the wedding dress. It is a purple maxi chiffon dress with a lace collar design. Wear silver open toe heels to complete this low-key, beautiful outfit.

Purple Satin Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

purple bridesmaid dress in satin wrap

This is a purple dress that the bridesmaid can make to outshine the bride. So make sure that the wedding dress is on a different level compared to this bridesmaid dress. Anyway, this is a satin wrap dress with a feminine ruffle element. The slightly shiny texture of the dress gives the look a lot of depth.

Purple strapless midi bridesmaid dress with belt

purple strapless midi bridesmaid dress with belt

A strapless dress is usually very sexy, but this one is actually a cute one that has a chic belt design. You can simply pair this midi dress with gold open toe sandals for a beautiful and approachable look.

Purple Deep V Neck Bridesmaid Dress

purple bridesmaid dress with deep V-neckline

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, I tend to prefer ones that have a wedding-related element in their design. As an example of this, this deep V-neck dress is an adorable floral ribbon design that leads into the empire waist cut. You can wear this dress with silver open toe heels and a crystal bracelet to complete this feminine look.

Tie waist maxi dress with lace bodice

Tie waist maxi dress lace top

If the wedding is taking place outdoors, the bride sometimes wears a shorter, relatively inconspicuous wedding dress. In this case, the bridesmaid dresses should be toned down a little. A gorgeous yet low-key dress like this purple tie waistband maxi dress with some lace element is the perfect choice for making the bride shine.

Purple tulle dress with silver heels

purple tulle dress silver heels

Silver shoes go very well with a purple dress. This outfit is an example of that. It consists of a purple tulle dress and silver heels. To add an extra touch of beauty, you can wear a purple necklace to complete this beautiful and minimal outfit.

Light purple bridesmaid dress with a ruched waist

light purple bridesmaid dress with a ruched waist

I love the idea of ​​the bridesmaids choosing different dresses, dresses that are almost the same design but have slightly different cuttings. This gives the outfit a nice randomness and allows each and every bridesmaid to wear something that emphasizes their advantage and minimizes their disadvantage. When that particular bridesmaid has beautiful legs, why not choose a high-split version of the dress?

Purple Strapless High Low Chiffon Dress

purple strapless high low chiffon dress

To create an airy feeling, choose a purple dress with high chiffon. Wear it with silver open toe heels and a statement chain to complete the look with elegance.

Strapless Fit and Flare Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Strapless fit and a flared chiffon bridesmaid dress

This is a very typical bridesmaid dress indeed, which has a strapless fit and a flared chiffon dress. Wear it with silver heeled sandals and you will look beautiful and reservedly sexy.

One shoulder faux wrap dress

a strapless wrap dress

Here’s a low-key sexy dress that should safely say it wouldn’t outshine the wedding dress. It is a strapless wrap dress with a slim fit. It can actually make you look slimmer and taller. You can wear black open-toed heels to match the dress.

Dark purple strapless chiffon tulle bridesmaid dress

dark purple strapless bridesmaid dress made of chiffon tulle

For a deeper look, you might want to choose a dark purple dress like this one. It is a strapless midi dress made of chiffon tulle. Wear dark purple open-toe suede heels to add a chic touch to your outfit.

Here are some lovely purple bridesmaid dresses that I just shared with you. Whatever you do, remember the law: don’t outshine the bride.

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