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Off The Shoulder Dress Best Outfit Ideas

Off The Shoulder Dress Best Outfit Ideas

Thanks to the strapless trend, we’ve exposed our shoulders all summer. It was a very nice time to show off sun-kissed skin and look stylish.

The off shoulder dress is a staple that I honestly thought would only last a year. But I was obviously wrong. All the fashion girls loved the strapless dress and it was a pleasure to see all the cuts, colors and patterns they were wearing.
This post will teach you how to combine, wear and style a different type of off shoulder dress.
I’ve broken them down into four sections so we’re going to talk about classic and A-line dresses, then gingham and striped, and last but not least. At the end we will also see how you can wear maxi, midi and floral pattern dresses.

A-Line & Classic Off-the-Shoulders Dresses

blue a line from the shoulder dress
A blue A-line dress and lace-up shoes are perfect choices for hot summer weather. The cut of these dresses will make you feel very comfortable and chic. It has a nice detail on a neckline ruffle.
With some nice minimalist jewelry, this is the ideal look for a summer weekend.

pink off the shoulder dress
The great pink dress calls you to wear it every day! It’s perfect for your daily chores or for an easy and casual walk with the ice cream in hand.
Wear it with the flip-flops, flats or with the mules.

red from the shoulder dress
The red flowing dress is a great choice if you like this color and want to grab attention. It’s nice and made of cotton. Plus, it’s very flattering on your skin, especially on hot summer days when you need to be comfortable.
Wear it with the boater hat and lace-up shoes or sandals.

black off the shoulder dress
This dress strikes a perfect balance between a casual and sophisticated look. You can wear it with the funky flats or sandals. You can also wear it with the kitten heel shoes or even the high heels. You can definitely try to put on minimalist jewelry.

Gingham and striped off the shoulder dresses

red striped from the shoulder dress
This is a perfect red striped dress. It is very flattering on your body while highlighting your figure.
The length of the dress is very trendy and can be worn with any shoe. Wear this dress with a super trendy wicker bag.

striped blue from the shoulder dress
This is a perfect blue dress with the little stripes on it. It’s perfect to be worn every day for both casual and more formal events. You can wear it with the high heels or try the flats or sandals for a casual and comfortable look.

Gingham off the shoulder dress
The gingham pattern was and is a huge trend this summer. The shops were full of different styles of gingham dresses, tops and skirts.
This plaid dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline is ideal for combining with flats or platform sandals. You can wear it for casual occasions and upgrade it for an evening by adding platforms or high heels.

red gingham from the shoulder dress
As you can see, this is a very nice and ruffled dress with a red gingham pattern.
It is possible to wear it from early in the morning until late at night every day.
You can carry it with the lovely wicker bag as you can see in the photo above. To give it a bit of boho flair, you can add a lot of minimalist jewelry.

Flower-off-the-shoulder dresses

flowery off the shoulder dress blue
I’m going to show you some gorgeous embroidered dresses that you can wear.
This blue dress is my first choice when it comes to dresses with flowers. The little flowers are embroidered so you get the bohemian and trendy look at the same time.

embroidered from the shoulder dress
sourceThe second embroidered dress I wanted to show you is this yellow one. Yellow is a perfect color for summer and will get you in the right mood.
The bell sleeves make this outfit trendy, while the embroidery adds the ethnic flair.

If you like the embroidered staples, check out the article on embroidered jackets.

red flower dress over the shoulder
This is a pretty and cute red flower dress. It has beautiful details, white hand-knitted stripes and ruffles on the friction of the dress.
You can wear it all the time while on vacation with a pair of super comfy sandals or mules.

flowery strapless dress white
This is a great white dress with lots of delicate flowers. This dress has ruffles around the neckline.
You can wear it for pool parties, beach parties at night or just for a leisurely stroll around town.
If you want to feel super comfortable, wear flats, but if you want to make your look more formal, wear plateaus or high heels.

Off-the-shoulder dresses for maxi and midi

pink midi from the shoulder dress
As you already know, pink is one of the main colors this season. So you definitely need to own some staples in this color. I suggest wearing an off the shoulder dress like in the photo above.
You can wear it with another great trendy piece of the year – mules in the same shade of pink.

red pen from the shoulder dress
A gorgeous red strapless pencil dress is reserved for special occasions only.
All you need is bare toe stilettos and you’re good to go! Be ready for a lot of attention.

Maxi off the shoulder dress
If you love the boho style, you will love this orange pleated maxi dress.
You can also wear it on the beach on the beach with your bikini underneath.
If you’re staying on the beach, wear it barefoot or to flats, flip flops, and platform sandals.

Unbutton the button from the shoulder dress
This is a beautiful button-down dress in a delicate shade of blue.
It has a large slit and it flows around your body. That’s why it feels very comfortable to wear.
Combine it with the strappy sandals in the silver metallic color.

These were just a few of the models I chose to show you.
You saw that the off the shoulder dress can be worn in many different ways.
So what are you waiting for? Go and buy your new favorite dress!

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