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How To Style Black Fur Heels

How To Style Black Fur Heels

Whether you refer to them as floor heels or fur heels, they are the adorable looking shoes that can take your outfit to the next level if you style them right. It’s not always easy to style the fur heels. For the most part, they look fine when paired with some costumes, but as always, additional trial and error is required. To speed up your trial and error, I’ve rounded up some of the best fur shoe outfit ideas to use as a starting point. Let’s look at them now.

White longline blouse with black fur heel


I’ll start the list with a little surprise. No, it’s not a costume outfit. Instead, it’s a causal and stylish street outfit. You can just wear a long white button down shirt dress and skinny jeans to pair with the black fluffy heels with ankle straps. A small black wallet can also spice up the relatively calm upper part of the outfit to make the overall look more balanced.

Red fluffy heels with a white shirt and ripped jeans

red fluffy heels white shirt ripped jeans

Sometimes an outfit with controlled internal conflicts can create a pretty interesting look. This outfit is a great example of a crazy mix of feminine pieces and unisex pieces. For the top, wear a black buttoned shirt and a gray faux fur scarf. Wear ripped and tied boyfriend jeans and red open toe fur heels for the bum. What makes all of these contrasting pieces work so well together? I have no real answer to that. Sometimes you can reverse engineer a bit and come up with a possible answer. But the better way is to do more trial and error and find out what works and what doesn’t.

High split pink silk dress with fluffy heels

high split pink silk dress fluffy heels

For a ladylike look, you can simply wear a rose gold-colored, high-split silk dress with pink fur heels. This adorable look can be an interesting surprise when you wear it to a cocktail party filled with typical cocktail dresses by people.

Black fur heels with a green velvet dress

black fur heels green velvet dress

Even though I always encourage people to exercise or jog to keep their shape, since I think exercising the body is a way to exercise your mind, I’ll still show you that an obese woman always is A celebration can still look decent. You can wear a green velvet long sleeved dress with black fluffy heels to dress up as a minimalist. Keeping things simple is a good way of thinking when you can’t see an obvious path.

Green sequin maxi dress with black, fluffy heels

green sequin maxi dress, black, fluffy heels

To stand out from many cocktail mini dresses, you can do something else by wearing a green sequin maxi dress. This is like a blue ocean strategy where you try to stand out with the shiny fabric and feminine cut when others are wearing backless or deep v-neck dresses. For the shoes, you can wear black fur heels that match the dress.

White short halter top with ripped white skinny jeans

white, short-cut skinny jeans with a halter top

Here is an interesting outfit in warm weather. Instead of just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, you can wear a white cropped halter top with white skinny jeans. Pair them with black fluffy open toe heels to complete this stylish black and white look.

Short crepe sweater over a long white blouse

Short crepe sweater over a long white blouse

This outfit shows a clever layering technique. Wear a cropped crepe sweater over a long white tunic top. Wear a light pink mini skirt under the top. Wear a pair of white, fluffy open-toe strappy shoes for the shoes.

Black shift dress with half sleeves and open toe fur heels

black shift dress with half sleeves and open toes

This is a typical work outfit that lies between a business casual outfit and a business formal outfit. It consists of a black V-neck top and a black blazer for the top and a black pencil skirt for the bottom. Pair this pretty serious outfit with black fluffy heels to add a nice touch.

Pale pink fluffy heels with teddy cardigan

pale pink fluffy heels teddy cardigan

This is an absolutely pink outfit that is perfect for dating and meeting friends. For the top, wear a white cropped high-neck t-shirt and a slightly oversized pink teddy coat. For the bottom, wear a light pink high-waisted mini skirt and pink fur heel with an open toe strap. The reason I think this outfit is so good for dating is because it makes you look adorable and reservedly sexy without having to show a lot of skin at all.

Wear with black lace and chiffon dress

black lace chiffon dress

For a sleek, all-black look, you can wear the black fit and flare dress. The top part is a lace top while the bottom part is a chiffon skirt. If you don’t know how to finish off, this dress is teamed with black fur shoes.

Cropped top with sequins and white pencil mini skirt

Silver Sequin Cropped White Pencil Mini Skirt

For those of you who want to wear something shiny to a party, this silver and white look might just be for you. Wear a short silver top with sequins and a high-waisted white mini skirt. To make this outfit even more beautiful, wear a pair of pink fluffy heels.

Burgundy fluffy heels with an all black outfit

burgundy fluffy heels all black outfit

For those of you who are bosses and managers, you might want to get dressed up for a corporate event like an annual dinner. You can consider wearing a black suit with a black t-shirt and burgundy fluffy heels to lessen your vigor for a happy event.

Wear with a white shift dress and cheetah coat

white sheath dress cheetah coat

This is a typical white shift dress and black heels outfit with a little twist. First of all, the typical black heels are now replaced by the black, fluffy heels. Second, you can wear a cheetah coat to add a classy feel to your look.

Pink flurry heels with a black midi dress

pink flurry heels black midi dress

For a cute look, you can simply wear a black short sleeve loose fitting midi dress. Pair it with pink fur heels for a nice black and pink look.

As you can see, these outfits are not that difficult to take off, although the fur heels sound like they are difficult to style. I know some of you still don’t like the nice feel of the fur shoes. It’s okay not to wear them, but you shouldn’t decide until you’ve tried them on first.

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