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Asian Bedroom Design Ideas

Asian Bedroom Design Ideas

When you lead a fast life, it is quite natural to look for peace and balance in your surroundings. As our urban lifestyles become increasingly hectic, more people are seeking a place of residence to escape this endless rush. Asian interior design manages to include this sought-after tranquility in our home decor. This authentic design style is slowly gaining popularity due to its unique quality of creating balance and harmony in the interior. The decor in this style radiates calm and tranquility. The main function is the right balance of colors, textures and elements in the interior that inspire a sense of calm and tranquility. A soothing Asian bedroom design or an inviting Asian living room can transform your home into a tranquil haven from the hustle and bustle of life. The rich character and vibrant colors of this design are perfect for today's lifestyle.

Asian design style is a fusion of many different designs such as the Japanese, Chinese and Indian styles. However, oriental influences and Japanese and Chinese designs often dominate this style. Asian interiors use natural materials to create an organic and sustainable design. Elegant minimalism, oriental decor and sculptural lighting define the features of this style. The use of soothing backgrounds with vibrant accent tones that stand out in a relaxed, relaxed environment is another feature of this style. Another characteristic of this style is the influence of traditions and cultures in the interior. You can also integrate some of these fascinating elements into your home decor. In fact, adding a cool water feature is a wonderful way to integrate the Asian style with ease and simplicity. These fascinating Asian bedroom design ideas can help you bring in the oriental style while keeping the fresh, modern atmosphere intact.

{1} Asian bedroom design with traditional look

Traditional look asian bedroom design
Traditional indian furniture in asian bedroom design of Tara Design

The use of traditional Indian furniture really gives this bedroom a truly Asian look. The low bed of Sheesham wood and the hand cut with intricate floral details are the main features of the design. Rajasthani Castle in Northern India inspired the intricate design of the bed, bedside table and colorful rug. The Moroccan pendant lights further contribute to the traditional look of the decor. In addition, the white walls and the wooden floor give the room a natural and cool look. In addition, colorful linens, multicolor pillows and nice recycled table lamps Add some color and elegance to the royal decor.

{2} Vintage Headboard Simple Bedroom Decor

Vintage Headboard Simple Bedroom Decor
Traditional design head width in Asian bedrooms in Woodside Estate village Scavullo Design Interiors | Photo of Matthew Millman

The vintage headboard is really the main feature of this design. The traditional look of the headboard with the yellow walls and wooden furniture gives the bedroom an Asian look. However, the cozy gray bed and the comfortable carpet give the room a modern touch. The wall-mounted lamps illuminate the room and give a glamorous look to the interior. All in all, the bedroom looks traditionally mysterious but modern at the same time.

{3} Modern Touch Bedroom Decor

Modern Touch Bedroom Decor
Asian inspired luxury modern bedroom in light loft at INC Architecture & Design | Photo of Josh McHugh

This bedroom is really a good example of modern minimalism mixed with a rich culture. The elegant Poliform platform bed with a low profile headboard and wooden bench gives the design a modern look. Similarly, the gray and metallic accents are added to the modern look. In contrast, the Oriental table lamps and the hand-painted Edo period gold leaf in Japanese display give a cultural feel to the interior. The satiny spokesman soft pillowsAnd cozy carpet gives the design warmth.

{4} Asothing Design for soothing colors

Soothing Asian design
Minimal, natural, Asian bedroom design in modern winery house of Adeeni Design Group | Photo of Christopher Stark

This beautiful bedroom is the symbol of elegant Japanese minimalism! Simple spacious layout, plenty of sunlight, soothing colors and cozy linens give this bedroom a warm and inviting look. The soft colors and white walls illuminate the room. they give the room a calm and peaceful look. Similarly, the use of natural materials such as wooden doors and furniture and concrete floors gives the room an Asian touch. The open, airy space and the tranquil atmosphere of the room give it an Asian Zen appeal. The stylish pendant light and the patterned window remain another room in Asia.

{5} Birds Wallpaper Accent Wall Decor

The bird wallpaper Accent Wall Decor
Hot brown and quirky green asian bedroom design By Li Chaoshu / Shutterstock

This warm brown bedroom gets a snap and bright lift with the green wallpaper on the chinoiserie print. The beautiful green color of the walls adds some color and brightness to the neutral color scheme. The minimal and elegant furniture with a colorful, cultural touch in the table lamps shows Japanese design influence in the interior. The ceiling lights and large windows also give an open, spacious and bright look to the room. It also increases the Asian appeal of the interior. In addition, the comfortable beds and warm brown tones on the carpet and décor add warmth and comfort to the simple décor.

{6} soothing blue tones bedroom design

Soothing blue tones bedroom design
Soothing Minimal Design Asian Bedroom In The Mandarin Collection by Orchid

This simple bedroom design is so soothing and nice! The cool blue accents in a soothing neutral setting give a tranquil atmosphere to the interior. At the same time, the green accents and the green flowers give the room a fresh and organic look. Wooden furniture's vintage style, white walls and bright, open feel of the interior give the room an Asian look. The beautiful mural and nice pendant light add the Asian appeal further. The plush carpeted floor, warm brown tones of the interior and comfortable Mandarin bed The quilts give the interior warmth and comfort. Overall, this bedroom is a nice and refreshing getaway from the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives!

{7} Asian bedroom with neutral color scheme

Neutral color scheme asian bedroom
Neutral colors and luxurious decor in Asian inspired by Mary Washer Designs | Photo of Kim Sargent

This bedroom is a perfect blend of rich Asian influence in modern minimalist design. The stunning metal ceiling and window frames give the room a modern look. The neutral colors, indirect lighting and elegant table lamps further contribute to the modern appeal of the room. However, the elegant minimalism of the décor shows a Japanese influence. Similarly, the beautiful Asian print on the bed cover and pillows, as well as the oriental rug design, give the interior an Asian appeal.

{8} Cozy two-bed Asian design

Cozy two-bed Asian design
Subtle Asian accents in Hualalai Serenity Village William Interiors | Photo of Linny Morris

This modern bedroom is full of subtle Asian accents! Tablecloth wallpaper forms a nice backdrop for dramatic headboards and stunning Kimono art. The influence of Kimono hangers in the headboard design shows an Asian influence. Similarly, the oriental rug, pillows and ceiling fan give the room an Asian appeal. However, the modern benches, side tables and elegant table lamps give the room an elegant modern look.

{9} Sophisticated elegant interior Asian bedroom

Sophisticated elegant interior Asian bedroom
Beige And Gold Elegant Bedroom In Atlanta Midtown Condo City Habachy Designs

Elegant minimalism and sophisticated elegance define this beautiful bedroom design. The fantastic gold table lamps stand out against the room in neutral colors. The beige low bed with a tufted headboard with a nailed design looks striking against the beige patterned wallpaper. Plush mat and faux fur felt provide the warmth and comfort of the interior. The amazing pendant light, low side table and large Asian design vintage lamps add a touch of sophisticated opulence to the simple design. The elegant and minimalist design of the bedroom gives it a fresh, modern look.

{10} Blue Walls Asian Bedroom Design

Blue Walls Asian Bedroom Design
Soothing blue walls. Bright Asian bedroom design By Artazum / Shutterstock

Bright blue walls and large open spaces give this room a fresh and welcoming look. Similarly, the large windows and glass doors let in a lot of natural light and give the room a spacious look. The modern bed, side table, recessed ceiling lights and wall lamps give the room a modern look. The light curtains, the comfortable bed, soft pillows and the cozy carpet give the warmth the decor. However, the dark vintage floor lamps and oriental accessories and vintage armchairs add an Asian touch to the design. The simple, fluid-free and balanced décor of this bedroom is typical of Asian design. It gives the room a harmonious and soothing look.

{11} Amazing green wallpaper asian decor

Amazing green wallpaper asian decor
Rich cultural influence in Asian bedroom in Mandarin collection of Estuco Interiors

This beautiful bedroom is really a good example of a simple oriental abundance. Satin pillows, silk sheets and curtains and chinoiserie print wallpapers give the bedroom a luxurious feel. Oriental pendant lights and accessories and Palais Chinois chinoiserie desktop wallpaper also get a touch of culture and an Asian appeal to the decor. In contrast to the darkness four-poster bed with four-poster bed and ebonized hardwood floors, the bright jade-and-cream color scheme illuminates the room. The curtain on the back of the bed also gives the right amount of texture to the interior. Overall, the bedroom looks quite fresh and modern.

{12} Orange patterned headboard asian decor

Orange patterned headboard asian decor
Colorful fabric treatment in asian bedroom design by Studio West Interiors | Photo of James Ray Spahn

Light orange and warm brown tones in this bedroom make it a warm and welcoming retreat. The simple and comfortable décor, exposed wooden beams and neutral color scheme with light accents really give the room an Asian look. A small sofa at the end of the bed gives the room an intimate feel. The orange fabric treatment for the headboard really looks striking against the warm brown tones of the decor. It gives the room an Asian look. In addition, the pattern on the headboard of the bed cover, pillows and sofa cover is reflected. It gives the room a uniform and balanced look. The oriental nightcloth further adds to the Asian appeal of the room.

{13} Bright and sunny bedroom decor

Bright and sunny bedroom decor
East Asian Influences in Spa Residence, Santa Barbara, California by AB Design Studio | Photo of Ciro Coelho

AB design studio took signals from Japanese modern design and Southern California sentiment to create an East Asian-inspired spa sanctuary in Santa Barbara, California. The warm and lively colors of the walls lift the atmosphere and give the room a happy atmosphere. hardwood floors, comfortable linens and cozy jute rugs provide warmth and comfort in the bedroom. The four-poster bed with four-poster bed, display of wooden wall art and lively décor really shows an East Asian influence. This relaxing retreat is as luxurious as it is refreshing!

{14} Asian bedrooms with warm brown tones

Warm brown tones asian bedroom
Warm brown Asian bedroom with black details in Panacea Villa Village Baya luxury design

A beautiful black metal frame headboard is the main focus of this warm brown bedroom design. The low Japanese futon bed is a custom design by the designer and fits well with the elegant minimal look of the interior. The light wooden walls and dark wooden ceilings give a natural feel to the brown bedroom design. The white linens and carpet provide a rather striking contrast to the dark brown interior. However, the beautiful hanging pendant lights and orange pillow give a splash and cheerful vibe to the interior.

{15} Colorful bright Asian bedroom decor

Colorful bright asian bedroom decor
Asian inspired glamorous bedroom design by Nicolette Camerin | Photo of Cody Rasmussen

The Asian influence seen in this bedroom gives it a colorful and bright look. The red lacquered furniture in red tones stands out against the white walls and the wooden floors. Flowers of silk design are also reminiscent of Asian design. In addition, the red dragons with cushions and the carpet in the woolen area add some drama and character to the design. The fantastic main hallway contributes to the drama of the room. In addition, the oriental accessories contribute to the Asian appeal in the room. But the dramatically bright and stunning crystal lights are really the show-stealer for this design. They light up the entire bedroom and give it a glamorous look!

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