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How To Style Green Velvet Dress

How To Style Green Velvet Dress

While many people like to dress sexy for cocktail parties and proms, you can actually get dressed deeply to stand out from the crowd without showing a lot of skin. A great option is to wear a green velvet dress. Not only is the color of dark green or emerald green deep in itself, the velvet fabric adds another dimension to the depth of the dress. For this blog post, I’ve gathered some of the best green velvet dress outfit ideas and I’m going to share them with you now.

Emerald green velvet flare dress with high top Converse


Most green velvet dresses are suitable for cocktail parties and proms. But I’ll start with a little surprise from the list by sharing this casual outfit with you. To achieve this lovely casual look, you can wear an emerald green long sleeve velvet dress with a pair of black and white high-top Converse. It’s a minimalist, casual outfit that looks super chic and is perfect for dating and dining.

Green maxi dress made of high split velvet

green maxi dress made of high split velvet

Now, let’s get to a dress that you can elegantly wear to a prom or cocktail party. It’s a green velvet high split maxi dress. It also has a sexy deep V-neckline. To style this dress elegantly, wear a pair of silver open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Green velvet strapless midi dress

green off-the-shoulder midi dress made of velvet

Sometimes you don’t have to have the perfect body figure to look sexy. If you have nice shoulders and collarbones, then you can probably pull off this green velvet midi dress for a sexy look. Wear a black choker and black gladiator sandals with the dress to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

Green long-sleeved skater dress with deep V-neckline

green long-sleeved skater dress with deep V-neckline

Cutting a skater dress makes it look kind of cute. But if it is a dark green long sleeved green velvet skater dress with a sexy deep V neckline it becomes a very feminine and sexy dress. For the shoes, wear silver heels with open toes and ankle straps. Finish off by wearing a gold statement chain for a slightly powerful and aggressive look. This is the perfect outfit for bosses and managers when they need to attend an official corporate event like an annual dinner.

Knee-length wrap dress made of green velvet

knee-length wrap dress made of green velvet

If you like dresses with creative cuts, here is one you might like. It’s a knee-length wrap dress made of green velvet that also features a subtle high cut. Like many other wrap dresses, this wrap dress is a deep V-neck dress. You can just wear it with black heels.

Green midi velvet dress

green midi velvet dress

One of the reasons I really like the midi dress is that it’s usually an understated yet beautiful dress that is perfect for introverts to wear to a cocktail party. Nevertheless, this green velvet midi dress with its deep V-neck is not that inconspicuous. Team the dress with pink heels for this elegant look.

Green velvet maxi dress with a silver collar

green velvet maxi dress silver choker

The green velvet maxi dress is quite similar to the previous one, except that it is a maxi dress. But this outfit is a better demonstration of what accessories to wear with the dress. To style the dress, wear it with silver ankle strap heeled sandals and a silver choker to add character to the outfit.

Green three-quarter skater dress with high boots

green three-quarter skater dress overknee boots

Now that we’ve just shared some cocktail party dresses with you, let’s look at one that you can wear more casually for scenarios like dating and girls’ night out. Here is a green three-quarter skater dress that looks pretty and elegant. Pair it with pink heels for a pretty good looking outfit. But let’s make the outfit look more feminine by wearing black suede over the knee boots.

Green wrap skater dress with deep V-neck

green wrap skater dress with deep V-neckline

To style this green long sleeve skater dress with a deep V neckline, you can wear it with a pair of silver heels with an open toe strap. To take this outfit to the next level, wear a long silver statement necklace. This is one of those outfits that feels just right for a cocktail party. It’s neither overly flashy nor overly sexy. It’s just right.

Green Velvet Skater Dress with silver heels

green velvet skater dress silver heels

If you’re not in good shape but still want to look good for a cocktail party, no problem, especially if you still have nice legs. Let’s wear this green long sleeve skater dress that covers everything but the legs. Wear silver open heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

High split floor length wrap dress

High split floor length wrap dress

Up until this point, I’ve always recommended that you wear the silver heels to match the green velvet dresses. I really think this is the best option, but the pink and nude heels will work as an alternative. For example, wear a green high-split maxi wrap dress with bare heels for a relatively understated look.

Cold Shoulder Green Velvet Bodycon Dress

cold shoulder green, figure-hugging dress made of green velvet

If you want to look sexy for a cocktail party but think that even an off the shoulder dress is way too far out of your comfort zone for you? How about a figure-hugging dress made of cold shoulder green velvet. You can wear it with black suede ankle strap heels and a silver statement chain for that low-key sexy look.

Deep V Neck Fit and Flare Dress with Black Choker

Deep V Neck Fit and Flare Dress Black Choker

When wearing a plunging V-neck dress like this fit and flare dress, wearing a necklace is usually a good idea to balance out the sexy cut. Alternatively, you can also wear a choker. For this outfit, a black choker and a pair of black heels with open toe straps are selected to combine with the beautiful green dress.

Green velvet sheath dress with felt hat

Felt hat made from a green velvet shift dress

Here’s a more creative way to style a green velvet dress. In this case, it is a green velvet shirt dress. Wear it with a white felt hat and a pair of black strappy ballet flats to complete this refreshing look.

Green Sweetheart Neckline Midi Bodycon Dress

green midi bodycon dress with sweetheart neckline

For those of you who have beautiful curves, here is a dress that will make you stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party. It’s a green bodycon midi dress with a sweetheart neckline. Just pair it with light pink heels to complete the outfit.

Hope you enjoy seeing all of these lovely green velvet dresses. They really aren’t that difficult to style and they are definitely not difficult to pull off. Let’s try them on and have fun styling them.

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