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How To Wear Black Sequin Skirt

How To Wear Black Sequin Skirt

When it comes to the sequins, you probably think, “I can only wear these for New Years Eve or for a super classy party”. Well, Streetstyle decided to reassure us that it is possible to wear sequins during the day, that they are office-friendly, and finally, how to wear them for special occasions.

In this post we are going to see how to style a black sequin skirt. It is a very popular item of clothing and can be combined with many different items of clothing. The key is not to overdo it by putting as much detail on yourself as: B. glitter necklaces or rings.

I will show you how to combine sequin dresses with everyday clothes for the fabulous result in the end. Let’s see what I found for you.

All Black

Sequin skirt all black
Let’s start with this all black outfit. If you are unsure which colors to pair with a black sequin skirt, choose a piece in the same black shade. You will never go wrong wearing the black clothes.

As you can see in the photo above, the outfit consists of the black shirt, blazer, bag and shoes. The lines remain very clear and high heels give it an elegant touch. No matter what, you can wear this during the day and for some occasions when you need to appear as elegant as possible.

Muscle shirt

Sequin skirt black tank top
If you thought the only time you could wear a tank top was if you were wearing sportswear, you were wrong.

A tank top in combination with a black sequin skirt gives you a perfectly simple yet elegant outfit. With this type of outfit, you can wear some heavier makeup like red lipstick or darker eye shadow.

You can also consider using jewelry, but be careful not to overdo it. Some nice silver earrings do the job.

Printed shirt

printed shirt
When you’re ready to experiment a little, you can try putting a printed shirt and black sequin skirt together. Don’t worry, it won’t look too casual! On the contrary, it is very popular these days to pair a super casual piece of clothing with a more elegant piece of clothing to get that modern and chic look.

In the photo above, you can see that adding the red bag and leopard print pumps makes this monochrome black and white combo look more casual.

Even if you don’t see yourself in this outfit, give it a try and you will definitely change your mind!

Rock and roll

Sequin black rock n roll
Have you ever wondered how it was at the big concerts of Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and others? With this outfit you will feel like a real rock’n’roll star!

The sequins, the black printed shirt with the name of a band, and the black boots are all you need.

With some beach hair, heavy black makeup and jewelry just like the photo below, you are ready to rock some nightclubs!

Pencil skirt

Pencil sequin skirt
This outfit looks really glamorous. Large sequins on the pencil skirt and black cashmere sweater are the perfect combination for an elegant event, even if the formal dress code is required. If you go to the office and decide to wear this outfit, you sure won’t make a mistake.

It’s very simple and minimal, so you have a lot of choices about shoes. If you ask me, the best option is the black high heel sandals.

Depending on the situation in which you are wearing this outfit, you can add a clutch or a small shoulder bag.

Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt
The maxi sequin skirt is the only item of clothing that I would recommend exclusively for elegant occasions. It looks very chic and is not suitable to be worn on everyday events.
You should definitely keep this outfit for some special moments like New Years Eve or wedding.


Cardigan black sequin skirt
The outfit in the photo above is for those who want to dress slightly provocative. Nothing is over the top. The cardigan and black mini skirt with sequins are perfect for nightclubs where you want to relax, dance and have a drink with your friends.
If you want to make this outfit more suitable for every day, you can wear a tank top, white shirt or t-shirt under the beige cardigan. In addition, you can combine it with some ankle boots, flats or long flat boots. Either way, you will look amazing!

Like a Parisian

white shirt black sequin skirt
French girls have this chic and effortless look and it is very responsive and attractive. There are many guides out there who say what to or not to wear and some of the must-have items are sure to be a white t-shirt and black skirt. With this combination you feel good, but chic. The white shirt helps you look less sparkling by adding a white balance to your outfit. With this outfit I recommend you to wear black ankle boots and a red or black clutch.

Big slot

black sequin skirt slit
If you’re skeptical about this big slit, it’s okay. It’s really big, but it doesn’t expose too much skin. The key is to focus on the higher parts of your outfit, such as the shirt. In the photo above, you can see Kate Hudson use a sleeveless white turtleneck to make the large slit look natural. It’s interesting how the slit is enough to make the outfit provocative but classy at the same time.

Blue shirt

Blue shirt
Last but not least, the outfit is one of the most casual. As you can see in the photo above, it’s a mix of a blue cotton shirt and a black sequin skirt. And it goes perfectly together.
You can wear this combo day and night without wondering if it’s appropriate or too glittery.

After reading this guide, I really hope that you have realized that there are many ways you can wear sequin skirts, from elegant and casual to chic and provocative. If you don’t want to experiment too much, you can try wearing simple ones, like that with a tank top or a black outfit.

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