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Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are furniture that we sometimes forget to pay attention to in detail. They are an inseparable part of the living room. A coffee table is usually a piece of furniture that we see for a long time while we entertain guests, watch TV or just drink some tea or coffee. Ideas for interior design regarding the coffee table include height, shape, size, texture, color and style.

The height of the coffee table should provide practical use. Sit down on your sofa to see how high a perfect coffee table would be for your living room.

Rectangular coffee tables look good in most living rooms. If you have children, round shapes would be better for preventing injuries. Square coffee tables can also look good, but remember that they require more floor space.

When choosing a coffee table, consider the size of your sofa so that you can choose a reasonable table length. Your coffee table should be half to two-thirds as long as your sofa.

How about the material it is made of? Wooden coffee tables help to create a warmer interior, but don't forget that some types of penetrate easily. Ask the seller what the table is made of and check the structure.

If the coffee table has a painted surface, it means that the table surface is protected, so that it can be used for a long time. If you are going to put hard objects on your table, remember to use some decorative textiles to protect that varnish.

Tables made of metal are easy to use, but metal can have a cold effect on your living room. If you are sure you want metal, ask for stainless steel for high durability. You might also like chrome tables. There is a coating on the metal base, so it must be used carefully. The coating can wear out in time.

Glass coffee tables are especially good for small living rooms, as glass does not make the space look closed. Make sure the glass is either thick or hardened so that it does not break in the event of an accident.

You may want to choose a coffee table that is the same color as your furniture, but sometimes (especially in pale colored contemporary living rooms), it is a good idea to use a dotted color and make your coffee table a focal point.

If you have a small living room or you want things to be practical, you can choose a coffee table that has shelves or small compartments. It's a great way to keep your magazines and books around, without causing a stir.

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