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Ruffle Maxi Dress

Ruffle Maxi Dress

Ruffles as a detail can make any piece of clothing look very interesting and chic. It is usually placed around the neckline and on the bottom of the dress. The more ruffles there are, the more attractive the dress will be.

You might think this detail is reserved for little girls and their pink tulle dresses, but in recent fashion seasons you could definitely see every big name in the fashion industry wearing the ruffles.

As the summer days get longer, the clothes get longer too. The maxi dress is the best piece of clothing that you can wear on hot summer days.

In this post we are going to see how best to style and wear the ruffle maxi dress and what colors and patterns are trending. Let us begin.

Maxi dress with orange, yellow and red ruffles

All of these three colors dominated this season. They were seen in street style and on the runway shows. That’s why you definitely can’t go wrong when choosing the maxi ruffle dress in these three colors.

Maxi dress with red ruffles
The coral red maxi dress will make you feel like summer again. It has very small points that you can barely notice. They are exactly what makes this dress very beautiful.
One of the biggest trends of the season is metallic details. If you want to give this combination a nice metallic touch, wear it with the silver sandals.

orange ruffle maxi dress
Bright colors like orange have the power to lift your mood. So there shouldn’t be a dilemma when considering whether or not to buy a maxi ruffle dress in this color.
The dress is the statement in itself so you can easily add a little detail like a bag or minimalist jewelry.
You can wear the platform high heels for formal events or try the flats for the casual events.

yellow ruffle maxi dress
In the photo above you can see a pretty interesting combination, mainly because of the leather gloves. When you wear them, you get a certain ladylike look, but with the mix of modernity because of the yellow ruffled dress.

Flowery frilled maxi dress

Vintage or modern, the flowers are always in style. They can be seen on every item of clothing and accessory this season, so you should definitely have something floral for the fall season.
When it comes to ruffles, it looks even more interesting when paired with the floral pattern. With all this in a dress, you don’t need to wear anything to look beautiful.

green maxi dress with flower frills
Green maxi ruffled dress with small flower details in red, orange and yellow.
You will highlight your waistline by putting on the belt. To make it more attractive, choose a belt with metal details, as in the photo above.

Maxi dress with floral green and black ruffles
When you wear this dress you will feel like you are in a Spanish country and dance to the sounds of flamenco.
The flowers are not that big and there isn’t too much detail on the dress. The ruffles are large and are located around the arms and on the bottom of the dress.

Red floral ruffle maxi dress
The red one with the little flowers will suit you perfectly if you are going for a casual brunch with your friends. The diagonal ruffle on the bodice is a very interesting detail of the simple cotton dress.
If you’re going to a more elegant event, wear it with flats or high heels.

Blue and white ruffle maxi dress

The colors of the sky and the sea go perfectly with this summer garment. The dresses in these colors could be seen both by the girls by the sea and by those who feel comfortable in street style clothing. Let’s look at the best models in these colors.

blue ruffle maxi dress
Perfectly flowing and in an amazing turquoise color. The dress worn by Chiara Ferragni is a perfect example of a floating maxi ruffle dress that can be worn during the day. If you need it for the elegant occasions, don’t worry. It can easily be upgraded to a nightgown by adding more details like jewelry, clutch and that lovely pair of high heels.

white ruffle maxi dress
The snow-white cotton dress. The ruffles are discreet, making them perfect for almost every day. It is made of the most flattering material, so it is suitable for any occasion that you need to be comfortable with.

blue ruffle maxi dress
Another blue one. This time the color has the shadow of the summer sky. It is very romantic and is combined with the metal shoes and the modern bag. With all of this together, you get the perfect mix of vintage and modern pieces.

Black and dotted ruffle maxi dress

After Dior’s show in Paris, everyone wanted the ruffles on their clothes. They showed a beautiful collection full of maxi dresses with ruffles.

black maxi dress with ruffles
This one can often be seen on the superstars and models after the show. It is made of black tulle and the upper part is transparent. So if you are unsure about having a transparent piece in your closet, I have another suggestion.

black ruffle maxi dress neckline
The classic black model with a halter neckline is a perfect replacement for the transparent Dior model.
Great maxi dress to wear on the beach or with the black boots, like a real rock’n’roll girl.

dotted ruffle maxi dress
There are two groups of people: one loves polka dots and the other hates them. If you’re in the first, check out this gorgeous polka dot white dress with the Parisian chic.

There are many options ahead of you. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what suits you and your preferences. If you like colors, choose the bright ones. If you prefer classic looks, go for the black one.
On the other hand, if you like patterns, choose the floral pattern and you can’t be wrong.

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