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How To Wear Windbreaker Jackets

How To Wear Windbreaker Jackets

I’ve talked a lot about casual outfits or work outfits. What I mean by “causal outfits” are those that still look very good and are perfect for collecting and eating. What I want to talk about today, however, are some “ultra casual” windbreaker jacket outfits that you would wear for a walk, jogging, and grocery shopping. Now let’s look at some of the coolest ways to wear the windbreaker.

Black and white windbreaker jacket with skinny jeans


If you are shopping just 1 minute from your house or stopping by your friend, wearing a black leather jacket is a little too much. While there is never anything that looks too good, wearing something that suits your mood and activity is just a good guideline for styling. So in these scenarios you can choose a nice, elegant looking black and white windbreaker and wear it with a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Blue, white and red windbreaker with a red crop top

USA windbreaker jacket red crop top

I purposely added this sexy and high-profile outfit second to the list to create a stark contrast to the permeable idea. This outfit simply shows that you can still look stunning and eye-catching when you wear something as sporty as the blue, white and red windbreaker. You can do this by pairing the jacket with a red crop top, jeans, and white sneakers. To be honest, this outfit is pretty hard to take off. Just the red crop top itself is so heavy to wear for people who are not that aggressive and have no faith in them. So I suggest that you really have to try this on and be real with yourself when doing a self assessment.

Black windbreaker with ripped black jeans

black windbreaker jacket crop top

Compared to the previous outfit, this one is much easier to take off. It’s a stylish all-black outfit that consists of a black windbreaker and black ripped skinny jeans. For the top, you can either wear a black crop top for a sexier look, or just keep it low-key with a black t-shirt.

Camo windbreaker jacket with orange sweater

Camo windbreaker jacket orange sweater

For something completely different than the last outfits with sporty windbreaker jackets, you can try this outfit with the camo windbreaker jacket. Wear this jacket over an orange hoodie. When it comes to shoes, add a pair of ripped black jeans and black and white canvas sneakers to the equation. There is nothing special or really breathtaking about this outfit. It’s just that the combination of the camouflage pattern and the orange color looks pretty stylish and creative when put together.

Wind protection jacket in black, white and gray with running pants

Running pants Nike black white gray windbreaker

For a real jogging outfit, try this combination of black, gray windbreaker with running shorts and black running shoes. Wear a ponytail for a refreshing and sporty look.

Black jacket with white t-shirt and low-waist skinny jeans

black skinny jeans winer sports jacket

For a low-key, yet decent look, you can wear a white t-shirt with a black windbreaker and black low-waisted skinny jeans. Pair the outfit with white or black sneakers.

Cream jacket with sky blue shorts

Cream Windbreaker Jacket Sky Blue Shorts

This outfit uses a very interesting color combination. The cream-colored windbreaker and the sky-blue shorts make for a very ladylike feeling. This is a very interesting and surprisingly beautiful way to style a windbreaker.

Semi-transparent white windbreaker with sportswear

semi-transparent white windbreaker for running

If you are a serious runner who jogs almost every day and you are also a fashion lover, you are very likely to find that there is an obvious trend in sportswear for women that sportswear is becoming more feminine and sometimes even sporty and sexy healthy. As an example of how to wear your running outfit in a subtly sexy way, you can wear a white, semi-sheer windbreaker over a black sports bra. Team the look with white running shorts and running shoes.

Polka Dot Oversized Windbreaker Jacket

Polka Dot Oversized Windbreaker Jacket Black Skirt

This outfit shows that you can style a windbreaker so that it looks good enough for hangouts. Go for a black and white polka dot windbreaker and pair it with a black mini skirt and black sneakers.

Blue and white windbreaker with white printed t-shirt

blue and white windbreaker jacket light yellow shorts

This outfit is another one that has an interesting color combination. Just wear a blue and white windbreaker over a white printed t-shirt and pair it with bright yellow shorts and white sneakers.

Gold windbreaker jacket with black leather shorts

golden windbreaker Puma with leather shorts

This is a cool looking, almost arrogant, outfit that you may want to try out every now and then to have some fun and make yourself look like an arrogant looking bad guy. To achieve this unique look, you can wear a black vest top and a gold windbreaker for the top. Combine these pieces with black leather shorts and black sandals.

White short vest top with cream-colored shorts

white, short cut vest with blue windbreaker

As a charming jogging outfit, you can wear a white, short vest top with cream-colored shorts and a tiffany blue jacket. This outfit is just gorgeous and reservedly sexy. This is a pure looking outfit that can really make you stand out from the crowd in summer.

Navy, red and white jacket with denim skirt

dark red white windbreaker denim skirt

For a comfy-looking outfit that is perfect for casual hangouts, consider wearing a navy, red and white windbreaker with a denim skirt and white sneakers. It is very comfortable to wear, I can consider it the perfect outfit when you go to a friend’s house to watch a movie together.

Printed windbreaker jacket & matching shorts

printed two-piece windbreaker

This is a printed two piece windbreaker and shorts that you don’t see often. Wear a striped sports bra to complete this stylish running outfit.

Pink windbreaker with running shorts

pink windbreaker for running outfit

I can’t end the list without mentioning a pink windbreaker jacket simply because the way pink has taken over the sportswear trend for women. You can keep the outfit simple by wearing the pink jacket with running shorts and sneakers.

Here are some of my favorite ways to style a windbreaker. Also, be sure to check out the thousands of outfit ideas that you can find on this website before you leave.

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