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How To Style White Swing Dress

How To Style White Swing Dress

The white swing dress makes you look very refreshing and youthful. Most of the time, you can wear it as part of a casual and airy outfit and expect it to look great. The best part is that it is extremely easy to pull off. To show you different ways in which to style it to make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of the best white swing outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

White Off The Shoulder swing dress with an open toe heel


To start the list, I’m going to show you this low-key sexy outfit that you can wear to cocktail parties and proms. Wear a strapless white swing dress with a pair of white open toe heels. That’s it. So simple, the two-piece outfit looks so beautiful that it can make you shine.

White long-sleeved swing dress

white long-sleeved swing dress

If you are looking for a nice and simple outfit for dating or girls’ night out, here is one to consider. You can just wear a white long sleeve swing dress with black open ankle toe boots that add some style to the outfit.

White halterneck pleated swing dress

white halterneck pleated swing dress

This white swing dress is more unique. First, it has a halterneck cut. Second, it has the nifty pleated details. To build a stylish outfit around this lovely dress, you can simply wear black leather ankle boots and a black leather handbag to complete the outfit.

White lace swing dress

white lace swing dress

For a more feminine look, you can wear it with a white lace swing dress. Pair it with a black clutch handbag and long boho-style necklace. Very creative, to create an interesting contrast, wear pink open-toed strappy sandals.

Wear it with black gladiator sandals

black gladiator sandals otufit

While the white swing dress is best when it is part of a minimal outfit, sometimes it is fun to build a more sophisticated and unique outfit around it. For example, you can wear the swing dress with black gladiator sandals and a yellow leather handbag to look unique and creative.

Turtleneck long sleeve dress with sandals

Turtleneck long sleeve sandals

This white swing dress looks a lot more mature and less airy as it has a turtleneck and a long-sleeved design. To make the outfit a little more colorful, you can combine the dress with red sandals.

White airy dress with bell sleeves

white airy dress with bell sleeves

By this point, you should have realized that the white swing dress goes very well with the airy look. If you want to move the envelope even further, you can choose a white swing dress that comes with the bell sleeve design. Pair the dress with white heeled sandals for an all-white dreamy look.

Wear it with a green and dark blue plaid wool scarf and boots

green and dark blue plaid wool shawl boots

If you want to add a feminine touch to your airy outfit, you can combine your white swing dress with a plaid scarf in green and navy. The scarf makes a huge difference. Wear a pair of black leather knee high boots for extra style.

White boho dress with cold shoulder and felt hat

white boho dress felt hat with cold shoulder

For an artistic look, you can wear a black and white boho style outfit like this one. Just wear a white boho style swing dress with a cold shoulder and a black felt hat. For the shoes, nude sandals go perfectly with the boho dress.

White spaghetti strap swing dress with a V-neck

white swing dress with V-neckline and spaghetti straps

This is a simple and beautiful white swing dress with a spaghetti strap design and a deep V neckline. You can easily pair it with white open toe heels for a sexy and dreamy look.

White t-shirt dress with boho style necklace

white t shirt dress boho style necklace

For a super casual look, you might want to choose a swing dress that comes in the shape of a shirt dress. With a boho style necklace and white sneakers, you would have a simple and good looking street outfit.

White chiffon mini dress

white chiffon mini dress

The choice of fabric can turn a normal dress into something sexy and feminine. For example, this white chiffon mini dress looks just so attractive. You can pair it with light pink heels for a minimalist and beautiful outfit.

Choke Neck Keyhole Swing Dress

Choke Neck Keyhole Swing Dress

For a stylish and sexy look, you can choose a keyhole white swing dress that looks like an av neck dress and is attached to a white choker. You can simply wear the dress with white open toe heels for a remarkable all-white look.

White swing dress with a deep V-neckline and cap sleeves

white swing dress with deep V-neckline and cap sleeves

Sometimes it’s the little details that set you apart from the rest. For example, this white swing dress with cap sleeve design and the deep V-neckline really takes the dress to another level. To build a feminine and minimalist outfit around the dress, you can wear a pair of light pink strappy sandals and a pink leather handbag.

Wear with camel coat and boots

Camel coat boots outfit

Although the white swing dress is best when paired with just the shoes, the dress can easily put together a more sophisticated outfit. For example, wear it with a camel coat with a faux fur collar for a layered look. Wear them with black leggings and black leather mid-calf boots for a stylish twist.

Hopefully you will find the white swing dress outfit ideas mentioned above useful. As you can see, the above outfits look pretty great but are quite easy to take off. Just give it a try and see if this can help expand your outfit game. But if a breezy look isn’t really your thing, there are thousands of other outfit ideas waiting to be discovered on this website too.

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