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How To Style Teddy Coat

How To Style Teddy Coat

When you wear a teddy coat in winter, you look so adorable that everyone just wants to hug you like you are a human teddy bear. To style something that has as much style and character as the teddy coat, basically all you have to do is wear it with some inconspicuous pieces like the black jeans and black sweater so as not to take the focus off the coat. In this blog post, I want to show you some of the best teddy coat outfit ideas that I have put together for you to use as a reference.

White teddy coat with brown knee-high leather boots


The best way to style a white teddy coat is to wear it with black or dark pieces so that the lovely white coat draws all the attention. For example, wear the coat with a black buttoned skirt, black skinny jeans and brown knee-high leather boots. A gray knitted hat makes the outfit look even more charming.

Gray teddy coat with black and white striped t-shirt

gray teddy coat with black and white striped t-shirt

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, the black and white striped t-shirt seems to look good with 90 percent of the outfits, if not more. You can combine it with black skinny jeans and a gray teddy coat. For the shoes, either knee-high leather boots or ankle boots go very well with the outfit. Wear a knitted hat that is the same color as the coat.

Camel teddy coat with skinny jeans and white pointed toe heels

Camel teddy coat white pointy toe heels

If you prefer a generally lighter shade, you can wear a lightweight camel teddy coat with skinny jeans. When it comes to shoes, this outfit is rounded off by white pointed toe heels and a black knitted hat.

Brown teddy coat with ripped jeans and sneakers

brown teddy coat ripped denim sneakers

You can also wear a teddy coat with a typical street casual outfit. Just wear a white t-shirt with ripped jeans and black and white sneakers. Up to that point it would be a nice looking but a little uninteresting street outfit for a warmer day. By wearing the brown teddy coat, the outfit not only turns into a winter outfit, but also gives the outfit an intense feeling of elegance and creates the stylish, chic and casual outfit.

Wear with Black Boyfriend Shirt & Ripped Jeans

Camel Teddy Coat Black Boyfriend Shirt

If you want to dress very casually, go for an oversized teddy coat. For example, wear the tan oversized teddy jacket with a black boyfriend shirt, ripped jeans, and white sneakers for a casual street look that looks pretty decent while not really trying.

Gray teddy coat with leather gaiters and ankle heels

gray teddy coat leather leggings outfit

If you want to show the serious side of you, a stylish black, white, and gray outfit can do just that. Just wear a white t-shirt with leather leggings and black suede boots. Add a long gray teddy goat, a black scarf and a black knitted hat to the equation. I really like this outfit because it can express the same cool and serious feeling that an all black outfit can have, but without the darkness and cold.

Ivory Maxi Teddy Coat with green suede pants

Maxi teddy coat red suede pants

The colors used in the outfit make the outfit look so refreshing and unique. To achieve this dreamy look, wear a white blouse with green suede pants. Wear a knitted hat that is a similar color to the pants. For the shoes, white sneakers are perfect as we want to keep the green and white theme consistent. Finally, wear an ivory-colored maxi teddy coat for a magical touch of elegance. Look again at the picture to really appreciate how wonderful the layers and colors work for this outfit.

White long teddy jacket with an all black outfit

white long teddy jacket all black outfit

If you’re not sure what to wear with a white teddy coat, there is one piece of advice that will at least make you look decent: wear the coat with an all-black outfit. For example, wear a white long teddy coat over a black sweater and black skinny jeans. A pair of black leather ankle boots to complete this outfit in style. By the way, if you want to learn more about styling shoes, check out our blog post on styling leather boots.

Wear it with black leather pants and sneakers

Camel teddy jacket black leather pants

This outfit is a creative but very causal outfit that is perfect to wear when you stop by a friend’s house or go shopping. The outfit consists of a T-shirt with a black print, leather gaiters and black and white canvas sneakers. Combine these pieces with a camel teddy coat and a very creative black painter’s hat. A painter’s hat is definitely not easy to style. We explored this in another blog post on painter hat outfit ideas. The black painter’s hat seems to fit in well with this special outfit.

White coat with cheetah top

white teddy coat with cheetah top

This outfit consists of a cheetah top, ripped jeans, black ankle boots and a white teddy coat. I really want to add this outfit idea to the list you’re reading right now because I want you to understand how to better style a cheetah item. While smaller items like cheetah flats go well with many different outfits, it can be difficult to style a larger item like the cheetah top like the one shown in the picture. I’m not saying the cheetah top doesn’t match the rest of the outfit. But it makes the outfit look a lot more mature, which can be good if that’s your goal.

Black teddy coat with a completely black outfit

black teddy coat all black outfit

Here is a very stylish black and white outfit. The twist on the outfit is to wear a long, oversized white t-shirt under the black sweater. A black teddy overcoat, leather leggings and white sneakers are a great choice to complement the look.

Pink teddy coat with black skinny pants

pink teddy coat, black tube trousers

To style a feminine pink teddy coat like this one, keep things simple by wearing it with black skinny jeans and black suede loafers.

White coat with floral top and white scarf

Flower pattern from a white teddy coat

In this example, the white coat goes pretty well with the dark blue flower top and white scarf. For the floor, plain black jeans and ankle boots.

Wear it with a black leather shift dress

Teddy coat black leather shift dress

This outfit idea is just meant to show you that a white teddy coat can look pretty good with a black dress too. A black leather shift dress is a great choice for this outfit.

White teddy coat draped over shoulders

white teddy coat over the shoulders, leather gaiters

Wear a gray t-shirt with leather gaiters and brown leather boots. Add a touch of elegance by slipping a white teddy jacket over your shoulders.

Here is the list of some of my favorite teddy coat outfit ideas. Start by trying out a few of these and you will see that you too can look very adorable.

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