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Matte Lipstick The Best Beauty Guide

We all agree that any makeup is incomplete without a good lipstick.
There are many lipstick textures to choose from. The most popular is definitely the shiny one with the shimmer. These definitely stayed the longest on the beauty scene. But in recent years, the matte lipstick has taken off and has become a new favorite for many, many girls.

This type of lipstick has many advantages and disadvantages. They look amazing on the lips, have wonderful colors, and stay on your lips longer than any other lipstick.
However, the biggest imperfection is that the matte lipstick will dry your lips. That’s why you should take these steps before putting on your favorite lipstick.

Gently scrub your lips

scrub mats lpstick
This is the first thing to do. Using the soft toothbrush, make a very gentle pile of your lips. Some beauty experts suggest putting the petroleum jelly on and then brushing your lips.

Put lip balm

Lip balm matte lipstick
The second step is to moisturize your lips after stacking them. Just put on your favorite lip balm that you always use and that’s it.

Trick: use a primer and concealer

Primer matte lipstick
Using a lip primer will prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Concealer applied to the lips defines the lip line just before you put the lipstick on.

Using the lip liner

Lip liner matte lipstick
You should use the lip liner right along your lip line. Try not to put it over your lips or under the lip line. If you have thought about the color of the lipstick, I suggest using the same color as the lipstick.

And now: lipstick

Finally, you can put on your matte lipstick. Be careful as they are way more sturdy than any other type of lipstick. If you get it wrong once it will be very annoying to fix later.

Dark Matte Lipstick is ideal for fall and winter

Red, burgundy, and purple matte lipstick

Burgundy matte lipstick
A dark burgundy shade is a great color to wear with your winter staples. It’s great for everyday combinations too. The burgundy tones go very well with the brown hair tones.

dark purple matte lipstick
Purple is the perfect color for fall. As you can see, you can leave the rest of your makeup pretty simple. All you have to do is put mascara and nude shades on your eyes.

dark red matte lipstick
These dark red tones suit the girls with the lighter hair color. As you can see, this shade of lipstick can be worn while wearing the popular camel trench coat.

red matte lipstick
Another example of how amazing the red matte lipstick looks on the blondes! But don’t be discouraged, you can wear it even if you have darker hair color.

Coral red matte lipstick
Red i love you red. I changed the rhyme but you know what I was trying to say. This color is the classic and the queen of all shades of red. It looks perfect even if you wear it with the suit of the same color – coral red.

red matte lipstick of course
If you thought the red matte lipstick meant you needed a full makeup, I’m afraid you are mistaken. As you can see, the only thing that matters is getting your red lipstick right in place and you’re good to go!

brown matte lipstick
The great shade of brown-burgundy matte lipstick looks great on you if you have a darker hair color. You can also wear this lipstick all by yourself. Just add a nude shade to your eyes and you’re good to go.

red matte lipstick Bruinette
And there it is, the example of how brunettes can wear the coral matte lipstick. It looks very nice and pretty. The lipstick makes your face shine. Be careful not to overdo your eye makeup – just put on a few colors and mascara.

purple matte lipstick
This is a great shade of purple. The color of the plums was very popular, and girls all over the world love to bring matte lipstick into this mesmerizing shade.

Reshade matte lipstick
The trend of coloring the lips in two shades (from darker to lighter) looks very good when the color of the matte lipstick is dark. You can do this for very special occasions.

purple matte lipstick
Lastly, here is the lovely purple color. It looks amazing on the white skin and is great for casual or elegant occasions.

Nude matte lipstick

nude matte lipstick
In contrast to the red and burgundy dark tones, the nude matte lipstick requires you to put a little heavier makeup on your eyes. Otherwise, you can easily look sick or beige over the line. The easiest way is to apply a black eyeliner, a good eye shadow in a neutral earth color, and mascara.

nude matte lipstick mascara
Let your eyes speak for you Apply lots of mascara and make your lips trendy nude with this brownish matte lipstick. This combination is very trendy and can be worn every day.

nude matte lipstick school
The nude lipsticks are very practical to wear. If you’re still in school and prefer to put on makeup, nude lipstick is the perfect choice. Just add a little mascara and off you go! The perfect nude and decent makeup look.

nude matte lipstick Gigi
If your outfit makes a statement, it is important that you don’t apply heavy make-up. The best solution to avoid this is to put on nude lipstick and not worry about it! Gigi Hadid definitely nailed this makeup look!

nude matte lipstick smoky
Maybe you didn’t know, but the nude matte lipstick is perfect if you want to highlight your eyes with cool, smoky makeup. Use a mix of a shade of black and beige to achieve the great look for smoky eyes and just add a great matte lipstick in this completely nude beige color.

nude matte lipstick sequins
It’s a great nude brown color that will perfectly complement all of your natural makeup. It looks great when paired with this sparkling outfit.

nude matte lipstick eyeliner
Finally, something that you can always wear. The noble combination of eyeliner and nude lipstick. If you asked me, I’d say this is the all-time makeup look.

Matte lipstick is a great option if you want to look pretty for any situation. It has perfect tones, is very even and above all very modern.
Choose your color, follow these 4 steps before putting on your lipstick, and you’re good to go!

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