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Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas

Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas

One bedroom is a personal space reserved only for you. It is a room where you can be completely yourself without any kind of claim. Therefore, it is natural that you want your bedroom designed according to your wishes and choices. Even if your choices clash with the rest of the decor or are a little different from other room decor, they are still your choices. Whether they go well with the rest of the interior or stand out as something completely different, it's time for you to open up and embrace your choices. And that's exactly what eclectic bedroom design is all about!

Eclectic design style for bedrooms, like all other eclectic design styles, includes a certain lack of rules. It also has that "everything goes" vibe about it. However, this does not mean that a jumble of unevenly matched parts without any common thread is eclectic design. The eclectic design style maintains control by following general guidelines. It uses color, shape, texture or style to tie the whole look into a harmonious environment. Designing an eclectic interior is about experimenting with mixing different styles, structures, patterns and even time periods. Here is a list of some of the most inspiring eclectic bedroom design rooms for you. These ideas will surely inspire you to show your creativity and add the personal touch to your bedroom decor.

{1} Eclectic lighting bedroom decor

Eclectic lighting bedroom decor
Vibrant colors in Allard apartment – St. Tropez by Olivier Gay Architecture | Photo of Frenchie Cristogatin
The vibrant blue and green colors on the sheets and duvets are a nice contrast with the soft white walls. The bleached wooden floors and the wooden cabinet really give the room a rustic atmosphere. But the industrial style chandelier and hanging lamp give a bold personal statement. This contrast of rustic and modern gives a lovely eclectic touch to the common room.

{2} Victorian Screen Headboard Eclectic design

Victorian Screen Headboard Eclectic design
This is truly a classic modern bedroom with traditional features. The different patterns on the sheets, bed cover and ikat pillow give color and pattern to the decor. It also gives the room a definite eclectic touch. The elegant lamps add another traditional touch to the decoration. Similarly, the ornamental screen behind the bed, which serves as the headboard, also gives the room a traditional appeal. The combination of the modern side table, wooden floor and low bed also gives the room a modern look.

{3} Eclectic decor in modern style

Modern style eclectic decor
Timeless and interesting Vail Valley Retreat Village Andrea Schumacher Interiors | Photo of Durston Saylor
This bedroom is truly the perfect example of an eclectic bedroom design. The room is full of individual elements that will all form a harmonious bedroom setting. The dark walls really give the room a modern and mature look. However, the white bedding looks inviting and adds warmth to the interior. The patterned floor-to-ceiling curtains fit well with the beige headboard and also give a bold statement. In addition, the red patterned ottoman along with the red pillow and the red cupboard give pattern, texture and a splash of color to the room.

{4} Jewel Tones Eclectic Bedroom Design

Jewel Tones Eclectic Bedroom Design
Jewel tones and earthy colors in Bellosguardo in Florence | Photo of Simone Dicosta Photography
The jewel tones in this bedroom decor further enhance the eclectic appeal of the room. The wreath of the wreath chair seems to be more even with its golden gold tones. Similarly, the dark wood tones of the furniture enhance the same effect. The golden chandelier also gives the room the grand look. In addition, the Persian carpet, patterned seating with guitar stand and antique lamp, all give the room an eclectic touch. The herringbone floor binds the whole room together and maintains balance.

{5} Colorful eclectic headdress and bedspread

Colorful eclectic headdress and bedspread
Meaningful art personifies this Chicago home | Photo of Rachel Loewen
The strong white walls and ceiling look extremely smooth unless the rest of the décor is vibrant with vibrant colors. The rich colors and pattern on the accent wall also set the tone for the rest of the interior. The curtains and the rest of the furniture are also kept dark to further enhance the effect of the accent wall. In addition, the colorful bed with blue linens, flowery yellow covers, red pillows and yellow duvet on the headboard all give the room an eclectic appeal.

{6} Painted mural Background design

Painted Mural Background design
Artistic touch to bedroom off Carole Dugelay | Photo of Patrick Sordoillet
The light blue bedspread perfectly complements the soft blue walls of this artistic bedroom. The fantastic mural on the accent wall behind the bed really makes up for the lack of a headboard. It gives color, pattern and an artistic touch to the interior. It also gives character in the room while making a bold statement. In addition, the dark blue bedding and pillows offer a nice contrast to the light tones in the rest of the interior. In addition, the multicolored pillows give a splash of color to the blue-dominated room. The cozy white sheepskin makes the room look warm and cozy.

{7} Bohemian inspired eclectic bedroom design

Bohemian inspired eclectic bedroom design
Colorful bedroom design with a personal touch of Jours & Nuits Agency
This colorful eclectic bedroom really shows some definite bohemian influence. The white ceiling and regular wooden floors serve as an anchor for the rest of the bright and lively interior. The double-shaded accent wall really compensates for the lack of a headboard. An ornamental mirror and some floral wall decals give the wall an artistic feel. The beads and floral wreath hanging on the side is a personal addition that gives the room an eclectic touch. The different art on the wall also contributes to the bohemian eclectic appeal. The small wall gallery gives color and pattern to an ordinary wall. In addition, the vibrant colors of the duvet and pillows and bright yellow and blue doors show the bohemian influence in the design. Likewise, the colorful personal items that proudly display in the room provide this eclectic bedroom with Bohemian Touch.

{8} Personalized ceiling bedroom with painted ceiling

Painted ceiling Personal touch bedroom
Eclectic decor gives a new life to an old home Lord Interior Design | Photo by Blackstone Studios
This beautifully designed eclectic design bedroom is spacious and homely. The pull-out bed fits nicely into the rest of the interior. The colorful carpet defines the room and anchors all the elements together. The multicolored bedspreads and duvets also add color to the interior. In addition, the painted ceiling, the colorful bookshelf and the owner's collection proudly displayed in a glass bag all the room an eclectic appeal. Wooden cabinets and bed give the room an elegant and sophisticated look.

{9} Victorian style eclectic bedroom design

Victorian style eclectic bedroom design
Earthy Tone Eclectic Victorian style bedroom off Artplay Design Center
The dark earthy tones in this room really add personality to the room. The dome-shaped ceiling and rococo style pillars give the room a traditional look. The different wallpapers give color and pattern to the decor. The large chandelier and decorated walls also give the room a Victorian feel. The pink bedspread, the orange pillars and orange curtains add color to the room. In addition, the patterned carpet increases the area of ​​the pattern.

{10} Pink tones and unique wall design

Pink tones and unique wall design
Creative wall design in apartment Bourbon Village Vittoria Rizzoli | Photo by Cecilia Garroni-Parisi
In this bedroom, the designers straightened the wall on the headboard and treated it with niches of different sizes in thickness. They are completely wood, lacquered and illuminated with LEDs embedded in the perimeter. Inside are glass shelves to display art objects and personal memorabilia. The room's pink tones give it an elegant and elegant look. They also make the room more inviting and warm.

{11} Black and white patterned decor

Black and white patterned decor
A game of print and pattern in the same color of Aro Studio
This bedroom is a harmonious blend of different patterns, prints and textures, all in black and white. There are stripes, animal prints, ikat, etc. The sauna theme is black and white. The white walls look pretty ordinary and if you add white bedding to it, it just mixes with the walls and looks dull. But the use of black-and-white striped duvets and ikat linens together with ikat-print pillows and striped pillows give the decor depth and character. The animal print Ottoman adds to the look. Despite the different structures and patterns, everything comes together as a meaningful look.

{12} Accent Walls Pendant Lights Decor

Accent Walls Pendant Lights Decor
Young and fresh feeling bedroom design by Inc Design Studio
Space is designed for a young couple and is characterized by its many unconventional elements. The furniture is designed in pine and stone structure, finished with handmade knobs. A striking feature in the space of the custom wallpaper on the accent wall, which was designed by our customer who is a graphic designer with our vision and help. Hidden nail protectors were used in the loose bedside tables, in an attempt to charge all electronics wire-free. The height of the room is marked with full-height shutters and pendant lights.

{13} Simply Classy Eclectic Bedroom Decor

Simply elegant eclectic bedroom decor
Classic eclectic bedroom with lots of personal touches By John Wollwerth / Shutterstock
This bedroom is a perfect example of an elegant and sophisticated eclectic bedroom design. The gray walls provide a nice base for the dark tones of the furniture. Various personal belongings of the owners are proudly displayed on the open shelves. A keyboard set at the foot of the bed gives the room a personal touch. Fancy lighting and stylish wall mirrors further add to the eclectic appeal of the room.

{14} Master Bedroom With South American Influences

Bedroom with South American influences
Pink and Emerald Green Master Bedroom By Barlow And Barlow Designs
This beautiful, bright and airy bedroom really shows South American influences. The odd combination of pale pink walls and emerald green interiors gives a bold and colorful statement. The emerald green headboard and climbing leopard carpet provide a great contrast to the lighter shades of the room. Ethnic wall decor, rattan ottoman, patterned pillows and curtains give the room an eclectic touch.

{15} Antique headboard traditional bedroom decor

Antique headboard traditional bedroom decor
Bright and illuminated Brooklyn Loft Village decor Help
This simple and simple bedroom does not have many things displayed. It is decorated in minimal style with stylish ceiling light, industrial light bulbs and a dominant headboard. The traditional and antique look on the headboard gives the whole room a traditional look. It is this quirky décor style that gives this room an eclectic appeal. The matching headboard is the wooden table's wooden table that complements both the bed and the headboard. They also give the decor a rustic charm.

{16} Vibrant Boho Chic Bedroom Decor

Vibrant Boho Chic Bedroom Decor
Living and lively bedroom decor | Photo by Mrigank Sharma Photography
This colorful and lively bedroom looks like a personal retreat from the chaos of the world. The colorful contrasts and the personal impression of the room decor make it an eclectic decor. The patterned door looks good and gives a sense of balance in the interior. The red headboard and the ethnic quilts and pillows give character to the room. The orange Ottoman woman with ethnic cushions further adds to the eclectic appeal of the room. The lively and colorful art on the walls adds a personal touch and gives the room a bohemian look.

{17} Shabby Chic Eclectic Bedroom Decor

Shabby Chic Decor eclectic bedroom
The wonderful shutters give the room a rustic country charm. The worn cabinet and windows provide a nice contrast to the elegant table lamp and bed. Ornamental tiles that surround the windows give the room a shabby chic look. The striped bedspread with a multicolored duvet and colorful printed silk pillows gives the room an eclectic appeal.

{18} Eclectic hand to simple bedroom

Eclectic hand to simple bedroom
Beautiful and inviting eclectic bedroom off Renata Ku| Photo by Dina Alexandrova
This simple bedroom looks so beautiful and inviting. The white walls and bedding give the room a light and airy feel. The various rugs that are thrown on the floor give the bedroom an eclectic look and also provide warmth to the interior. The colorful pillows further add to the eclectic look. The hanging crocheting cover on the wall and the ceiling lamp gives a bohemian touch to the room. The different plants give a little life and character to the room. They further enhance the eclectic appearance of the room.

{19} Traditional eclectic bedroom decor

Traditional decor eclectic bedroom
Traditional but eclectic look for Blue Pine Estate by Fuzzy Wuzzy Interiors
The earthy tones, the roof rails, the traditional headboard and side tables really give this bedroom a traditional look. The animal print Ottoman at the foot of the bed further adds to the traditional appeal. The area rug adds some balance and color to this room decor. Wooden floors and elegant lamps fit well with the eclectic appeal of the room. The garden is an old remodeled traditional door, which enhances the room's eclectic appeal

{20} Interesting wallpaper design for wallpaper

Interesting wallpaper bedroom design
Complex and colorful pattern bedroom decor by Lisa Burdu's decor
This bedroom design is a combination of different patterns and colors that work in perfect harmony to give this sophisticated and modern look. The detailed wallpaper on the wall looks fantastic and adds color and style to the interior. The ikat print on the duvet and printed bedding also gives the room an eclectic appeal. The light curtains and the rustic lamp balance the variety of colors and patterns in the interior. The simple carpet and plain blue ottomans give the settings a luxurious look. The quirky yet beautiful chandelier illuminates the room's personality.

{21} Bright and sunny eclectic decor

Bright and sunny eclectic decor
Colorful bedroom with yellow accessories and Mexican accents By
Bright sunny colors and geometrically patterned bed sheets make this odd bedroom an example of eclectic design. Splashes of light yellow in the chair, hanging lamp, pillow and frame give color and personality in the room. The pink details give the room a soft and feminine feel. The cozy throw and carpet mat gives the room a feeling of warmth and comfort. The art and the mirror on the wall and the plants give life and vibrancy to the interior. All in all, this bright and sunny bedroom serves as a perfect example of individual touches in interior design, characterized by eclectic design style.

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