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Yellow Shoes Outfit Ideas

Before we look at the following ideas for yellow shoes, let’s first agree on one thing. We expect the shoes to look natural or cozy. They are simply designed to be eye-catching and bright. I’ve divided the yellow shoes into the same categories of items that you don’t wear every day, but you can have a lot of fun wearing them every now and then. If you want to have fun wearing bright outfits, let’s check out some of the best yellow shoes outfit ideas I’ve gathered for you.

Yellow open toe shoes with a black vest and leather gaiters


For those of you who love to wear all-black outfits, how about spicing it up a bit by creating a crazy contrast between black and yellow. For example, you can wear a black vest top with black leather gaiters for an all black look. Now pair them with yellow open toe shoes and a chic yellow handbag to make the outfit even more eye-catching.

Black t-shirt with gray pants and yellow oxford shoes

black t-shirt gray pants yellow oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are something you don’t see that often these days. It is even rarer to see a pair of yellow Oxford shoes like the one in the picture. To create a casual and stylish outfit around the shoes, you can wear a black t-shirt and gray-cut tweed pants.

Yellow sneakers with a white shirt dress and a green bomber jacket

yellow sneakers white shirt dress green bomber jacket

While there’s no chance for you to look inconspicuous in yellow shoes, this particular outfit is indeed a relatively natural-looking outfit on this list. To get that stylish and casual look, you can simply pair the yellow sneakers with a white shirt dress and green bomber jacket.

Yellow pointed toe heels with yellow and dark blue scarf

yellow pointed toe heel marine scarf

To achieve a classy and chic layered look, here is a lovely outfit to consider. For the top, wear a white blouse with a dark blue cardigan and a yellow and navy blue scarf. Combine them with dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs. Pair them with yellow pointy toe heels to complete the outfit with a bright and cheerful touch.

Yellow slippers with sleeveless top and black suspender pants

yellow slippers navy sleeveless top black suspender pants

Here is a very unique outfit that looks surprising. Not only the sleeveless top in navy blue and the black suspender pants are such a rare combination, the yellow slippers that are chosen to combine are also so rare. It’s just amazing to see how all of these rare components can form such a uniform outfit.

Yellow ankle strap heels with matching leather clutch pocket

yellow ankle strap heels to match the leather clutch

Yellow and blue is also a very stylish color combination with an intense contrast. To achieve this great look, you can wear a fitted denim jacket over a white t-shirt for the top. Pair them with skinny jeans and pointed toe heels with yellow ankle straps. Combine the yellow heels with a yellow leather handbag to take this outfit to a new level.

Wear with Black Long Cardigan & Gray Crop Top

black long cardigan gray crop top

If you still feel that wearing yellow is a little too light for your tastes, you can reduce the brightness by wearing it with something rough and tough. For example, you can wear a ripped gray crop top with a black long cardigan and seriously ripped boyfriend jeans. Now wearing the yellow open toe heels would just add a little cheer to the outfit.

Wear it with an oversized light blue blouse and linen shorts

oversized light blue blouse linen shorts

For a relaxed street outfit, you can choose a pair of yellow sneakers instead of yellow heels. Pair them with an oversized light blue shirt and matching shorts to look cozy and casual.

Pink blazer with a white vest top and yellow heels

pink blazer white vest top yellow heels

For those of you who think wearing something yellow isn’t bright enough, how about adding some pink to the mix. In this case, it is an elegant leisure outfit that consists of a white vest top and a neon pink blazer. Wear it with straight-leg jeans and yellow pointed toe pumps to complete this eye-catching outfit.

White floral sweatshirt and yellow sneakers

white sweatshirts printed with flowers, yellow sneakers

Here is a girlish and adorable outfit. You can achieve this by wearing a white floral crew-neck sweatshirt. Don’t underestimate the beauty of a sweatshirt, it’s one of those things that will make you look so beautiful that you won’t try. Team the sweatshirt with skinny jeans with cuffs and yellow trainers to look casual and sporty.

Orange waisted knitted sweater with a dotted skirt and yellow heels

orange waisted knitted sweater dotted skirt yellow heels

To achieve an elegant and colorful look, you can wear a white collar shirt and an orange knitted sweater for the top. Pair it with a white and black polka dot skirt and a pair of yellow pointy toe heels to create this unique look.

Yellow ballet heels with a pink skater mini dress

yellow ballet shoes pink skater mini dress

Some of you may think that wearing something yellow is too over the top to date. However, this pretty outfit will make you think twice. To achieve this look, you can wear a pink fit and flare mini dress. Wear yellow heels to add a cheerful touch to the outfit. To tone down the yellow a bit, you can carry a pink leather handbag to look more feminine.

Knee-length sheath dress made of dark blue linen with yellow shoes

knee-length sheath dress made of dark blue linen, yellow shoes

One way to look more casual is to wear something made out of linen. For example, you can wear this dark blue linen shift dress to add a little toughness to the look. To look like a door like a girl, you can wear a pair of dark blue knee dress and yellow shoes.

Wear a chambray shirt and a yellow vest top

Chambray shirt yellow vest top

Here is a very unique and stylish fall casual outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a yellow vest top with a chambray shirt. Combine them very creatively with shorts with a leopard print and yellow heels.

Royal blue mini dress with belt and yellow heels with ankle straps

royal blue mini dress with belt, yellow ankle strap heels

Just when you think that black and yellow have the most intense contrast, I would argue that the combination of royal blue and yellow is actually more intense. To create a super eye-catching outfit with this color combination, you can wear a royal blue mini dress that comes with a yellow plastic belt. Pair the dress with yellow heels with ankle straps and a small yellow handbag to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the yellow shoe outfit ideas that are both beautiful, eye-catching and fun. Just give it a try and you will find that these outfit ideas are actually easier to implement than they seem at first glance.

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