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Christmas Lanterns Decoration For Indoors
And Outdoors

Christmas Lanterns Decoration For Indoors And Outdoors

Lanterns are one of the most traditional and old-fashioned Christmas decorations. They provide light and warmth to anywhere and make it even more cozy. Christmas lantern decoration is really a very popular trend from recent years. Decorating your outdoor and indoors with lanterns can make your home more welcoming and festive. It can also add a traditional touch to your decorations. You can use the traditional glass and metal lamps available in different shapes and sizes for your decor. If you want, you can also adorn them with many different things like flashing moose lights or pinecones. You can create small Christmas vignettes in your lanterns as well.

Lanterns have a magical appeal regardless of the season. But they look particularly whimsical during Christmas. Adding candles, ribbons, bows, candles or baubles can surely turn a dull lantern into a Christmas decoration center. You can also show your individuality through your lanterns and make them shine out among other Christmas decorations. Personalized lanterns can give a unique touch to your decorations. Lanterns provide light and cheer for even the simplest of decorations. We have collected some unique and fantastic Christmas lanterns decoration ideas that will surely add warmth and holidays to your decorations.

{1} Christmas table lantern decor

Indoor Christmas table lantern decoration
This simple lantern decoration used here as a centerpiece in the table looks very good. Simple lanterns decorated with red beads and white lights give a very traditional Christmas look. This silly simple lantern decoration is simple, inexpensive and looks extremely beautiful and festive.

{2} Living room table lantern decoration

Living Room Table Lantern Decoration
This fantastic lantern decoration is a little Christmas vignette in itself! A vintage wooden lantern decorated with a Christmas forest vignette gives the holiday atmosphere to the living room. Vintage ornaments like trees and mini wreaths and bottle brush Christmas trees and small pinecones together to form a small woody look. Finally, a little phosphorus frost gives the snowy Christmas look.

{3} Vintage Fireplace Mantel Lantern Decor

Vintage Fireplace Mantel Lantern Decor
As seen above, lanterns can have more uses than just providing light. You can also use them to show your creativity through Christmas vignettes. Especially when the lamp in question is this beautifully carved vintage marble lantern. Some evergreen and a red berry adorn the top of the lantern. Inside is a small vignette of frosted mini-bottle brush trees and a garden sign with candy cane bars as posts. A vintage truck with a mini tree in the back tied with candy-colored strands further adds to the vintage look.

{4} Creative Hanging Lanterns Dinner Decor

Creative Hanging Lanterns Dinner Decor
Hanging lanterns always look very elegant and also give style and class to the interior. This glittering silver red small lantern chandelier brings cheer to the Christmas table. These creative lanterns are easy to manufacture. All you need is red paper, silver glitter, strings and some origami skills! Alternatively, you can buy origami lanterns and use silver glitter to make them look more festive.

{5} Carve Wood Lantern's Staircase

Carving wooden lantern stairs decor
Sure, carving may not be a skill most of us possess! But these rustic wooden lanterns look so fantastic, I just had to include them. These lanterns are made of hollow log and carved with Christmas shapes and give the place a rustic charm. Add a wooden handle for simplicity, fill the log with some sand and light it. If you can't cut Christmas forms into it, don't be brave. In fact, keeping it simple. It will look festive even without the carvings.

{6} Dinner Table Christmas Lanterns Decor

Dining table lantern decor
This amazing Christmas lantern decor is truly inspiring. Traditional lanterns and glass candles provide an extremely festive and comparatively cheap Christmas decoration. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, this decor uses a dried tree near the dinner table. Large and small yarn balls garlands strangely draped over the tree give a soft sophisticated look to the interior. Traditional lanterns hanging on the tree of chains give a rustic charm to the interior. The dinner table decorated with many glass candles and a lantern looks very festive. The whole decoration looks happy and dreamy.

{7} Christmas decoration for window sills

Christmas decoration for windowsills
This simple lantern decoration on your windowsill makes the windows look very festive. All you need to replicate this look are some traditional lanterns and some in different shapes like houses. Add tea candles or LED candles to them and that's it. You can see your Windows look even more bright and happy this Christmas!

{8} DIY Moss Christmas Lanterns Decoration

DIY Moss Christmas Lantern Decoration
Amazing Christmas lantern decorations of Wunderweib
If you go for natural and organic decorations, this DIY moss lantern is something you will surely love. Made from moss and other natural features, the lantern looks very artistic and beautiful. Decorating the porch steps or stairs with these lanterns gives them a fresh and organic look. You can also add some pinecone decorations to give the decor a rustic charm.

{9} Festive dinner table lantern decor

Festive dinner table lantern decor
This well thought out dinner table Christmas lantern decoration looks very festive. The dinner table decorated with evergreen greens, pinecones, glittering Christmas ornaments and shiny ribbons looks ready for a sumptuous meal. The different lanterns give the interior warmth and light. The fantastic lantern stand with small hanging lanterns provides a visual treat for the guests and also serves as a fantastic conversation starter.

{10} Unique Christmas Lantern Staircase

Unique Christmas lantern staircase
These lanterns in replica historical monuments look elegant and elegant. They also create visual interest and are safe to use with children as well. Decorating your stairs with these unique lanterns gives them a bright, happy and artistic feeling. This is the perfect idea for a modern and elegant headlamp decoration.

{11} Decoration for traditional porches with Christmas trees

Traditional porch christmas lanterns decoration
This dreamy porch look is really very warm and welcoming. As mentioned above, lanterns are a traditional Christmas ornament. Therefore, it is also a very traditional look. The snow-covered porch illuminated with lanterns of various shapes and sizes looks like a scene from a fantasy dream! These are simply the simplest and most impressive ideas for Christmas lantern decorations we have here.

{12} Front Door Christmas Balls Lantern

Front Door Christmas Balls Lantern
This beautiful lantern decoration is another simple and light lantern decor idea that we love. This is a very no fuss decoration. Some remnants of Christmas balls and ornaments from your previous decorations will also make for this decoration. First, get some big lanterns and fill them with colorful Christmas ornaments you have. Now tie some evergreen and red berries to a string and tie it on top of the lantern. Also add a colorful band on top of the mini wreath. It is so easy it is to get this look !!

{13} Red Lights And Lanterns Christmas Porch

Red lights and lanterns Christmas porch
Candles and lanterns adorn this minimalist and beautiful porch. The absence of other decorative ornaments does not make this porch less festive. On the contrary, it enhances the bright and festive atmosphere of light and light. A few lanterns on the front stairs and a couple on the porch are enough to give this porch a festive look. The cozy throws on the chair together with the warmth of the lanterns and the lights give this porch a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

{14} Entryway Stairs Red Lanterns Decor

Entryway Stairs Red Lanterns Decor
For those who prefer minimal and simple decorations, this is another simple option. All you need are some fancy lanterns in large, medium and small sizes. First and foremost, these lanterns paint a bright red Christmas color and then add light to them. Red is a traditional Christmas color, looks festive and bright and lifts the mood of decoration. Make a small Christmas decoration with evergreen and red berries to give an extra & # 39; Christmassy & # 39; effect. If you have any red berries, place them near the veranda steps for extra effect.

{15} Christmas Porch Rustic Lanterns Decor

Christmas Porch Rustic Lanterns Decor
Traditional colors Rustic lanterns decoration of Mingles and tangs
Rustic country-style decoration can also look very warm and welcoming. These rustic-looking vintage lanterns look very welcoming and really have a rustic charm. With only traditional colors and decorations, these lamps change the look of the entire veranda. They are decorated inside with fresh magnolia leaves, red berries and candles, they look perfectly festive for a Christmas decoration. Also add mini wreaths of red berries, pinecones and evergreen on top of the lamps to complete the look.

{16} Rustic Glam Hanging Christmas Lanterns

Rustic Glam Hanging Christmas Lanterns
Rustic as well as glamorous, these DIY lanterns are a fantastic upgrade to the traditional Christmas lanterns. These unique lanterns look completely fresh and natural, completely wrapped in evergreen and decorated with fairy lights. They give a rustic charm to the decor. The flashing fairy lights give the lights a dreamy look. When decorated with these innovative lanterns, the porch looks like a Christmas wonderland.

{17} Creative Red Lanterns Porch Decor

Creative Red Lanterns Porch Decor
If you do not want the trouble of decorating your lanterns in detail, you can go for this simple and simple lantern decoration. All you need are some lanterns and for lit fairy lights. Just add the fairy lights to your lanterns and place them anywhere on your porch. They lift the decorations and create light and warmth for the decorations.

{18} Unique decoration for interior lantern

Unique Lantern Post Entry Decor
This amazing lamp chair decor reminds us of the lamp post in Narnia, right? The ornate lanterns look very sophisticated and simple compared to other detailed decorations. And yet they also have a wonderful festive speech. A wreath of evergreen, pinecones and red ornaments wrapped around the top and base of the lampposts also gives the decoration a grand and festive feel.

{19} Porch Railing Paper Lanterns Decor

Porch Railing Paper Lanterns Decor
Christmas Themed Origami Paper Lanterns by Lia Griffith
If you love origami and are very good at it, this DIY Christmas lantern would be a fun challenge for you. But if you, like me, are not so good at origami, you should not be brave. You can still have these amazing paper lanterns on the porch at Christmas. You have the opportunity to buy origami sheets for the lamps online from sites like Now just fold and fasten the sheets so that you form a lantern. Also add a lit LED too and the lamp is ready to use!

{20} Creative Basket Lantern Christmas Decor

Creative Basket Lantern Christmas Decor
These wicker lamps can add a creative and unique touch to your Christmas decorations this season! Get just a few wicker baskets, pre-illuminated flashing fairy lights and silver 3d star protection. First and foremost, soothe the baskets in fairy lights and make sure to keep all the wires in the basket. Now cover the wires inside with some snow and the silver stars. Hang the baskets on the porch stairs or along the railings for a beautifully lit porch. These rustic lanterns are really easy to make, cheap and reusable. I'm sure you can already think of many other creative uses of these amazing lanterns.

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