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Decorating Colorful Walls

Decorating Colorful Walls

Despite its small sizes too decorate colorful walls, the architect managed to design a comfortable and functional space. The house can be divided into two zones: the public – with living room and veranda and bathroom with bath and toilet. The porch is separated from the living room and a folding door is one good solution for a summer house. Just as the customers in the room have made a full stove from the bath, it goes into the oven.
The walls of the house were carefully chosen: they will be used in rooms with high humidity. For example, the floorboard in the living room is treated with a special mixed wax-based: it protects the wood from moisture and significantly prolongs the life of the material. As for the walls, they chose a moisture resistant color "baked milk" in combination with clinker bricks.

Since this is not a primary residence, the need for storage was not. In the corridor and in living room wall put on the little chest of drawers. And the bathroom made some shelves for toiletries and towels?

The lamps selected in accordance with the general direction of the selected style interior elements of the ceiling. In the living room several.

Functional areas for colorful walls

Above the table hung an industrial-style chandelier design, a reading range and recreation marks the outdoor floor lamp; mantelpiece put two identical lamps for decoration.

For the porch chose a lamp in the same style with the chandelier above the table – they combine metal and glass elements.

"The Space Foundation's color palette has chosen the color of milk – it gives a lightness to the room and reflects natural light from the large window," says Philip. – As accents is a perfect fit brick red and ash wall paint decor. To dilute the tightness of the palette, help discreet carpets to light turquoise.

The furniture in the house is mainly simple forms of natural materials – so it looked like a loft. Careful in our selection of upholstery: fabric should be with moisture resistant impregnation, but looks cozy and comfortable to wear decorate colorful walls

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