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How To Wear Chambray Jumpsuit

How To Wear Chambray Jumpsuit

The chambray jumpsuit is one of those things that a lot of people like to forget but that makes it easy to set you apart. What I love most about the chambray jumpsuit is that while it is very eye-catching, it actually looks very natural and airy. It’s not very laborious to style it. You just have to add a few details here and there, and the result is often stunning. I’m going to show you some of the best chambray jumpsuit outfit ideas I’ve put together.

Sleeveless chambray jumpsuit with wide legs


This is just an adorable wide leg sleeveless chambray jumpsuit. Note that the jumpsuit already has a nice detail in the waist band. For an already amazing looking jumpsuit like this one, literally, you don’t have to do a lot to style it. Just pair it with black sandals to complete this lovely and airy look.

Long-sleeved chambray jumpsuit with strappy sandals

Long-sleeved chambray overall strappy sandals with straps

For a more serious look better suited to work, you can wear long-sleeved chambray jumpsuit instead. Wear black strappy sandals to complete the look. As simple as this outfit seems, it is still a very interesting outfit when compared to other typical business casual outfits.

Sleeveless chambray overall with a checked scarf

sleeveless checked chambray overall

This is a very stylish sleeveless jumpsuit with wide legs and a casual design with a tie waistband. Add a little more randomness by wearing a plaid scarf that is a similar color to the chambray jumpsuit. Finish off your outfit with brown heeled sandals.

Wear it with a crepe cardigan and grass hat

Chambray jumpsuit cardigan grass hat

Chambray jumpsuit usually looks better without a jacket, and it’s easier to style it that way. However, when the weather gets colder or you just want a change, a jacket can definitely look good too. This outfit idea should give you a good start. You can wear the chambray jumpsuit with a crepe cardigan. Pair them with a grass hat and nude flip flops for a more balanced outfit.

Wear with White Purse & Heels

Chambray jumpsuit white purse heels

If you look carefully you can see that there is a very interesting detail in this chambray jumpsuit. It is an overall with a button closure. The outfit uses a natural color combination of blue and white. The white part consists of the white handbag and the heels that go perfectly with the chambray jumpsuit.

Chambray overall with black blazer over the shoulders

Chambray jumpsuit black blazer outfit

Similar to the previous outfit, this outfit also includes a button-fastening chambray jumpsuit. For a stylish touch, pull on a black blazer over your shoulders. Wearing white floral heels as shown in the picture is a creative and happy choice of shoes.

Wear with Green Floppy Hat

green floppy hat chambray jumpsuit

This chambray jumpsuit has an elastic design with a tie waistband that separates the top and bottom. It’s almost like wearing a chambray vest top and wide leg jeans. To compliment this playful outfit, you can add another interesting item to the green floppy hat. Simply worn bare sandals complete the refreshing look.

Chambray jumpsuit with wide legs and white long vest

Wide leg chambray jumpsuit, white long vest

After showing that a jacket can look pretty good with a chambray jumpsuit, it looks like a vest goes well with the jumpsuit too. For example, this outfit consists of a wide leg chambray jumpsuit, high heeled sandals and a white long vest.

Wear it with a white blazer and a white knitted scarf

white blazer knitted scarf chambray jumpsuit

The outfit is a great demonstration of how to use layering techniques to create a stylish look. To achieve this lovely look, wear off the shoulder chambray jumpsuit. Then wear a long white knitted scarf and place it over the jumpsuit. Wear a white blazer as the top layer. Wear brown strappy sandals to complete this stunning look. The use of color and layer is just amazing for this outfit. This is easily my favorite idea on the list.

Long-sleeved chambray jumpsuit with ballerinas

Long sleeve chambray jumpsuit ballerinas

The design of this long-sleeved chambray overalls is much more casual. For example, it has the front pockets that you usually find in denim boyfriend shirts. A great way to style it is to simply wear it with ballet flats and keep the look simple and clean. A simple hairstyle like the one in the picture goes wonderfully with this outfit.

Wear with statement belt & boho sandals

Chambray jumpsuit statement belt boho sandals

If you want to dress up with a chambray jumpsuit. This outfit is probably as close as possible. Wear the sleeveless chambray jumpsuit with a wide, gold statement belt and nude heeled sandals. A black handbag and sunglasses would definitely help create this aggressive look.

Unwashed chambray overall with grass hat

unwashed chambray jumpsuit grass hat

Here’s a garden look that is perfect for a spring outdoor photo shoot. The unwashed chambray jumpsuit is a sky-blue item that goes perfectly with nature. Pair it with other refreshing looking pieces like a grass hat and white sandals.

Wide leg jumpsuit, black blazer and grass hat

Wide-leg jumpsuit, black blazer, grass hat

For an artistic look, you can wear cropped chambray jumpsuit with wide legs, a black blazer and sandals. Add an artistic touch to the outfit by wearing a grass hat.

Off the shoulder chambray overall with strappy sandals

off-the-shoulder chambray jumpsuit strappy sandals

Chambray jumpsuit can also make you look sexy. For example, wear this off-the-shoulder chambray jumpsuit to show off your beautiful shoulders and collarbones. To look more airy, you can wear nude strappy sandals. This minimal outfit is just so gorgeous and reservedly sexy.

Wear with a long plaid wool coat

Overall long plaid wool coat

Here’s another outfit idea exploring which jacket to wear with a chambray jumpsuit. For this outfit, the answer is the long gray and white plaid wool coat. The red ballerinas go well with the outfit.

Black leather jacket with chambray jumpsuit

black leather jacket chambray overall

The black leather jacket is so versatile that it’s no surprise that it looks great with a chambray jumpsuit. Wear the jumpsuit and leather jacket with white flats for a stylish and minimalist outfit.

After sharing some of the best chambray jumpsuit outfit ideas with you, I hope that you will really try some of the outfits. It’s great fun adding more variety to your everyday outfits.

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