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Decorate Indoor Plant in Living Room

Decorate Indoor Plant in Living Room

The atmosphere is influenced by the surrounding environment. Experts suggest that everyone in your work environment is productive. The same rule applies in the home. You will feel uncomfortable if the rooms are not clean and objects are placed randomly. The primary thing is to keep the rooms clean. Decorating is one's personal choice, but it affects the mood with positive vibes.

living room indoor plants
Monstera plant of Home and garden

Plants clean the air for us. Decorating a living room with indoor plants makes us feel more comfortable and relaxed. Indoor plants are those that can live with minimal or no sunlight. Here are some ways to decorate indoor plant in living room.

{1} Tropical theme

Dark green wooden furniture Sunroom
Dark green foliage, wooden furniture, pictures with black frame Glazed timber garden room – Connection with kitchen by Westbury Garden Room
A living room fully decorated with indoor plants and stickers of plants (if interested) is called a tropical theme. Everyone has different flavors. Few attach superhero stickers to the walls of their rooms while some people attach favorite pictures with celebrities.

Tropical themed living room large indoor plant
Bird of Paradise Plant decorate an open-plan home Hempolska | Photo of Claire Esparros
Similarly, a living room can be completely reworked with plants according to your interest. Large plants should be placed in the corners of the room. Small plants can be placed in tables located in the living room. Hanging planters can also be used for decoration. There are no rules for decorating indoor plants in the living room. Imagination and creativity have no boundaries and boundaries.

{2} Large plant next to the sofa

Large plant next to the sofa
Perfect bohemian interior & peacock chair, modern Boston Carriage House Village Melissa Miranda
Interior decoration of living rooms with indoor plants does not limit to shelves and tables. We can cover the extra space next to couches by placing large plants. It will look amazing. Parlor palm, dracaena and umbrella papyrus are some of the plants to try. Use pebbles in the bottom container of your plants. They absorb excess water released by pots.
Cozy gray living room large plant
Cozy gray living room house in Herlev Jørgensen City Stay Better | Photo of Mikkel Adsbøl For House of Pictures

{3} At windows with strong sunshine

Small kitchen with window sill decoration dining area
Small kitchen with table kitchn | Photo of Stadshem
There are many categories of plants that differ in shape and size. Sunlight is important because it plays an important role in the photosynthesis process. Plants get energy with this process and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Christmas Inspiration Decor Window Plant
Dark decor for Christmas off Mari Strenghielm | Photo of Lina Östling
You can keep indoor plants as well as outdoor plants at windows. Money plants, peacocks and peperomia are some of the suggestions for decorating indoor plants in the living room.

{4} Plants on shelves or bench

Plants on shelves living room
Vertical Killer Garden Wall in Your Apartment of Lindsay Kujawa in California by A beautiful mess | Photo by Paige Buffington
Decorating rooms with plants in shelves is not a bad idea. But dedicating all the shelves in one place to plants looks awful. Instead, what we can do is mix it up. There is no set rule about using racks and benches. You can use it for all personal purposes from keeping books to office supplies and many more.

Plants on bench Living room mirror decor
Modern Boho Home Decor By Decor tips
Your objects will be on the shelves, and either between them or at the edges we can hold plants, and it looks nice.

{5} Beautiful pots

Beautiful indoor plant decoration ideas white white small wooden floor
Small pot on stairs living with plants Lobster and swan
Pots are available in different sizes, and it depends on the type of plants an individual wants to use to decorate indoor plants in the living room. Medium Sizes Pots for holding plants can be kept in the corners of the living room, near windows or in other places. Small size pots can be made to hang which enhances the natural look and the rooms.

Classic Yucca's Spider Plants Scandinavian Living Room
Scandinavian Open Concept Light Wood Floor Living Room Idea By Inside Out Style
Sword fern, Carex morrowii and peace lily are some of the plants found in the houses. Indoor plants need less amount of sunlight, and they will also maintain without sunlight. Proper watering is all that is needed. You can know when to pour water by looking at the soil moisture. Pour only if necessary, and excess watering can damage the plants.

{6} The living room full of plants

Living room full of plants
Inside the Clapton Tram – a plant-filled storage area Haarkon
People have their own interests. Some will want to decorate indoor plants in the home in some places. Few plants are randomly placed and rooms full of plants, both look fantastic, but it is all about placement and selection. If you want to decorate the living room with plenty of plants, then there are some tips for extra beauty in the living room.

Decorate the house's living room with plants
Tall plants should go to the sides of the sofa. Place them evenly. Some plants in the corner room will improve the look. Don't add too many varieties. Choose 3 to 4 types of your interest and one goes to the left corner and plants in the same category go to another corner of the home. Placing in this way shows the randomness and the room will be filled and beautiful.

{7} Living room corner decorate indoor plant

Living room corner Decorate indoor plant
Bright & White Shop Tour in LA City Shop for sweet things & Design Love Fest
You can go through some options to manage this installation. A large plant can be placed in the corners of the living room. The other alternative is to put some small plants of different kinds in the corners. Use plant holders for better appearance. If the living room consists of thick and hard backgrounds, go to light colors on tripods and vice versa.

Creative loft space in colorful living room
Full of Mix Color Bohemian Style Apartment in Paris by Superhit Ideas
Jade plant, parlor palm, Warneck Dracaena and spider plant are some of the recommendations. There are many plants available, and you can choose indoor plants based on your interest. Every plant works, but one thing to keep in mind is to shop only indoor plants to decorate the living room. If you place normal plants that require daily sunlight inside, they will die within a few days.

{8} Plant in a glass vase

Rotated plants in glass vase
Rotated plants in glass vase of Trendenser
Some categories of plants do not need soil to maintain. Water is all they need. These types of plants can be placed in glass vases or bowls along with water. They can be placed on shelves, above tables and near windows.

Plants in glass vase
The land of the Jarna of Residence Magazine

Glass vase still life
Garage Inspo By Daniella Witte

{9} Near the staircase

Plant decor under stairs
Plant under stairs of urban Jungle
The optimal location for decorating indoor plants near the stairs is at the bottom of the stairs. 2 to 4 plants can be kept based on available space.

Green Effect Pot Plant Plants Modern Staircase
Modern staircase off Duplan

{10} Hanging plants

White rays hanging plants eclectic sun room
White rays hanging plants in sunroom in Japan of with Earth
Hanging plants are beautiful and elegant. Literally, they can be placed anywhere in the home. Just hang them where you want them to be. Make sure to place them where people walk less inside the house. This is because roots are a sensitive and constant movement of pots can affect the sources in the wrong way. Hanging planters are one of the fantastic ways to decorate indoor plants in the home.

Decorate hanging plant in the living room
Gregory and Jenny& # 39; s Relaxed Hippie Bungalow in California by Apartment Therapy | Photo of Monica Wang

These are the ten creative and beautiful ways to decorate indoor plants in the living room. They will certainly brighten up the environment in the living room. Loving nature is found in our blood when we come from nature. You will feel relaxed, secure and the decoration adds luxury to the living room. Even with living rooms, indoor plants can be decorated in bedrooms, work area and kitchen.

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