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How To Wear Red One Shoulder Dress

How To Wear Red One Shoulder Dress

For those of you looking for a sexy outfit that doesn’t require you to show way too much skin for your next cocktail party, I have something here for you today. Instead of talking about all of these chic and sexy plunging V-neck cocktail dresses, I’m going to talk about the red one-shoulder dress in particular. It’s something that is perfect for those of you who have nice shoulders and collarbones while you think wearing an off the shoulder dress is a little too much for you. What you’re about to see are some really nice red one shoulder outfit ideas. Let’s look at them now.

Red One Shoulder Mermaid Dress


To start with this list of beautiful outfit ideas, I’m going to show you an outfit that is formal and classy enough to be worn as a prom dress. To achieve this amazing but simple look, you can simply wear a red one shoulder mermaid dress with silver heels with an open toe strap.

Red Sheather One Shoulder Knee Length Dress

red leather a strapless knee length dress

A floor length dress is usually more formal and works better for proms. If you want to tone it down a bit, consider wearing a shorter dress like this one shoulder knee length red leather dress. For the shoes, you can wear light pink heels with open toe straps to make your outfit look elegant.

Red Mini One Shoulder Knotted Strap Dress

red mini dress with knotted straps and one shoulder

Sometimes a simple little detail in your dress can add value to your entire outfit. For example, here is a red one-shoulder mini dress with a knotted strap detail. It makes you look more adorable right away. Combine the dress with silver sequins with open toes to complete the outfit with a classy touch.

Red silk bodycon one shoulder midi skirt with silver heels

Red, figure-hugging midi skirt made of silk with silver heels

A great looking cocktail party outfit is usually very minimal and just consists of a nice dress and heels. In order to add some depth to the look, the choice of fabric is particularly important. For example, to look fancier, you can wear a red form-fitting silk midi skirt with one shoulder and a pair of silver open toe heels with ankle straps for an absolutely beautiful look.

Red puff shoulder ruffle boydcon dress

Figure-hugging dress with red puffed shoulder ruffles

This red dress is so creatively designed. It is amazing to see that a puff shoulder design can be incorporated into a ruffled and one shoulder bodycon dress. To style this gorgeous dress, you can simply wear a pair of silver heels with an open toe strap to give the outfit a particularly elegant touch.

Red bodycon midi dress with a single silver strap

red bodycon midi dress with a silver strap

While at first glance it might seem like you can’t have as many details on a red one shoulder dress, there are actually ways to make the dress stand out. For example, here is a red midi dress with one shoulder and a silver sequin strap to make the dress look shinier and classier. Pair it with silver heels to complete the outfit.

Red maxi shoulder dress with pink pointed toe heels

red maxi dress with one shoulder and pink heels with pointy toes

You can also have a red one shoulder dress that also has a low back design to look extra sexy, just like this red maxi one shoulder dress. What is very typical is that you want to wear silver heels to complete the outfit. To look even more ladylike, wear pointy toe heels in rose or rose gold to take this outfit to another level.

Red Ruffle Maxi Mermaid One Shoulder Dress

red ruffle maxi mermaid one shoulder dress

Here’s another maxi dress that you can either wear to cocktail parties or proms. To achieve this attractive and classy look, you can wear this floor-length mermaid dress with one shoulder and red ruffles. Combine it with silver, open toe heels and long and elegant earrings to stand out from the crowd.

Red one shoulder skater mini dress

red one-shoulder skater mini dress

If you want to look both sexy and youthful, you should choose a dress that is much shorter. For example, you might want to try this red one shoulder mini skater dress. Wear a pair of silver strappy open toe sandals to add an elegant touch to this beautiful and youthful outfit.

Red one shoulder maxi high split wrap dress

red one shoulder maxi high split wrap dress

However, you don’t always have to wear a mini dress to show off your beautiful legs. Wearing a high split dress is another great option. For example, you can wear this red maxi wrap dress with one shoulder to make your legs look extra long. Pair them with light pink heels to look extra ladylike.

Red strapless lace dress with black heels

red lace dress with one shoulder and black heels

If you want to look a little more mature, remember that maturity has nothing to do with age. You may want to add a lace element to your outfit. For example, you can wear this figure-hugging mini dress made of red lace one shoulder. Pair it with black open heels for an elegant touch to complete the outfit.

Red One Shoulder Flared Maxi Dress

red strapless maxi dress

This is probably the most minimal outfit on this list. You can’t even see the shoes clearly. To achieve this simple but beautiful look, you can wear a red one shoulder floor length dress. Wear it with black ballerina flats for a clean and elegant look.

Red maxi dress with black strappy sandals

red maxi dress with black strappy sandals

This outfit perfectly shows how shoe choices can seriously affect the overall look. To achieve this look, you can wear a red maxi dress with a black and silver clutch. Wear black strappy sandals with your shoes to add character and elegance to the outfit.

Red one shoulder high split dress

red shoulder-high split dress

To look extra classy, ​​you might want to wear a costume like this to a prom. In detail it is a red one shoulder bodycon high split dress. Pair it with a pair of black open toe heels that come with a silver ankle strap design.

Red One Shoulder Spaghetti Straps Mini Wrap Dress

red mini wrap dress with one shoulder spaghetti strap

To look beautiful and elegant at the same time, you might want to wear this dress to a cocktail party. The dress here is a red mini wrap dress with one shoulder. Just pair it with black ballet flats to look simple and adorable.

Hope you would find the red one shoulder outfit ideas mentioned above useful, especially if you are having a prom or cocktail party that you are about to be going to. Try these outfit ideas. They have a much lower barrier to entry compared to all of the deep V-dresses you often see in proms.

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