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Pink Velvet Shorts Outfit Ideas

Pink Velvet Shorts Outfit Ideas

When it comes to the pink velvet shorts, many people think of them as sleeping shorts. There is no question about that. When you wear them as sleeping shorts, you can indeed look sexy. But there is one more thing I want to address in this blog post. I want to show you that you can actually incorporate the pink velvet shorts into your casual outfits. The result can be surprisingly amazing. What you will see are some really nice pink velvet short outfit ideas that I have collected. Let’s look at them now.

Pink Velvet shorts with matching short-sleeved top

pink velvet shorts to match the short-sleeved top

To start this interesting list, I’m going to show you this casual and eye-catching street outfit. It’s actually classy enough to be worn to a cocktail party. To achieve this unique and feminine look, you can wear a pink velvet t-shirt with matching pink velvet shorts. A pair of black strappy sandals and a silver metallic clutch will bring this outfit together.

Wear with a black sports bra and baseball cap

black sports bra baseball cap

Now let’s do a 180 degree twist and see how the pink velvet shorts can become part of a beach outfit. You can combine the light pink velvet shorts with a black sports bra top and black sandals. You can even wear a black baseball cap to add a sporty twist to this sexy and energetic summer outfit.

Pink Velvet shorts with a gray ruffled sweatshirt

pink velvet shorts gray ruffle sweatshirt

To achieve a causal, stylish and low key sexy street look, here is a great outfit for you, especially if you have long and beautiful legs. To achieve this look, wear a gray crew-neck sweater shirt with a ruffle detail just below the shoulders. Team it with pink mini velvet shorts and black sandals to complete this simple yet attractive look.

Pink Velvet Sleep Shorts with matching vest top

Pink velvet sleeping shorts to match the vest top

As mentioned earlier, pink velvet shorts are often worn as sleeping shorts. Not only do they look beautiful and sexy, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear because they are so light and have a very smooth and silky texture. You can easily combine it with a matching vest top and you will feel and look good.

Pink velvet shorts with belt and black leather jacket

pink velvet shorts with belt, black leather jacket

This is a very interesting and exciting attempt at wearing the pink velvet shorts as part of a casual work outfit. You can also wear a black sweater with a black leather jacket as a top. Combine them with pink velvet shorts with a belt and black over-the-knee suede boots to give the stylish outfit a feminine touch.

Wear it with white, cropped, tube tops and light pink sneakers

white cut tube top light pink sneakers

For those of you who like to wear very light clothing when playing sports, here is an outfit that you might want to consider. These are the kind of outfits you would wear in a private gym. To achieve this look, wear a white cropped tube top with pink mini velvet sports shorts. Add a pair of white sneakers to the equation.

White crew-neck sweatshirt and pale pink velvet mini-shorts

white crew neck sweatshirt, light pink velvet shorts

This simple outfit is quite simply my favorite on this list. It’s such a pretty girls outfit that you can look super attractive and natural. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a slightly oversized white crew neck sweatshirt and pink velvet mini shorts. Wear bare sandals to keep the outfit simple and light.

Light pink short cut vest top with matching velvet shorts

Light pink short-cut vest top to match velvet shorts

Here is another low key sexy and beautiful sleep outfit. You can easily style this outfit by wearing a pink short vest top with matching pink velvet mini shorts. It’s just so interesting to see how versatile pink velvet shorts can get.

White short t-shirt with Blush Velvet mini shorts

white short t-shirt blush velvety mini-shorts

For a sporty and restrained sexy look, you can wear a short white t-shirt with pink velvet mini shorts. For the shoes, you should wear white sneakers to give the outfit a sporty touch. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of low-top black and white Converse to look more stylish and casual.

Wear it with a black, semi-sheer chiffon blouse

black semi-transparent chiffon blouse

This is a sexy outfit with a black, semi-sheer blouse made of chiffon and lace. At first glance, you might think that the shirt is showing too much skin. In fact, you can customize this to suit your needs. For example, you can simply wear a black vest top under the transparent blouse to look more elegant and a little less sexy. Wear pink velvet shorts for the buttocks and black open-toe ankles to complete the outfit.

Light gray off the shoulder sweater with pink shorts

light gray strapless sweater in pink shorts

To get a casual and low-key sexy street outfit, you can wear a strapless gray sweater with a relaxed fit. Pair it with pink velvet shorts and white sneakers to look simple and chic.

Pink knotted t-shirt with half sleeves and shorts made of red velvet

pink knotted half sleeve t-shirt blush velvet shorts

Here’s another casual outfit. I really like how cheerful and youthful this one looks thanks to the knotted pink half sleeve t-shirt. You can simply pair the t-shirt with pink velvet shorts and white sneakers to look casual and refreshing.

White bodycon t-shirt with pink shorts

white fitted t-shirt pink shorts

For a very simple look that you might want to wear when stopping by a friend, for example, you can wear a white bodycon t-shirt with pink velvet mini shorts. Pair them with white sneakers or nude sandals to complete this minimal look.

Wear it with a white sports bra and light pink bomber jacket

white sports bra light pink bomber jacket

To look refreshing and reservedly sexy in springtime, you can wear a white sports bra with a light pink bomber jacket as a top. Pair them with pink velvet shorts and nude sandals to complete this youthful and attractive look.

Here are the pink velvet shorts outfit ideas that I want to share with you. For those of you who love to wear shorts, you no longer have to just wear the denim shorts.

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