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How To Wear Draped Top

How To Wear Draped Top

For those of you who don’t already know what a draped top is, I’ll do my best to describe it here. It’s basically a wrap top with a relaxed fit that has an Av neckline or even a deep V neckline. I think it would be easy for you to understand what it is if you just scroll down quickly and see a few examples. This blog post is about showing you a few ways you can style a draped top. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of the best draped top outfit ideas and am going to show you now.

Light yellow draped top with white skinny jeans


A draped top is usually best when it is part of a very simple outfit. This outfit is a perfect demonstration of that. You can just wear a light yellow draped top with white skinny jeans. Add a feminine touch to this look with light pink pointed toe heels and a pink leather handbag.

Black velvet draped top with blazer

black velvet draped top blazer

For a stylish and chic look, you can wear a black velvet top. The special thing about a black draped top is that it is more difficult to see the details clearly. So it’s almost like you’re wearing an ordinary black top that looks kind of nicer and deeper. You can then hang a black blazer over your shoulders. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and black heels to complete the look.

Japanese style blue and white draped top

blue and white draped top in Japanese style

I love the idea of ​​wearing clothes that borrow a side from the traditional clothes of other countries or cultures. When done right, the result is often amazing and unique. For example, here is a blue and white draped top in traditional Japanese style. Of course, the design has been adapted so that it is suitable for casual wear. You can simply pair the draped top with light blue skinny jeans and brown heeled sandals for a fantastic look.

Draped white linen blouse with gray vest

white linen draped blouse gray vest

As you can see, a draped blouse is basically a wrap top. Of course, she must have an Av neck and sometimes a deep V neckline. For those of you who don’t want to show too much skin, you can wear a vest top underneath. The example here is a white linen top worn over a gray vest top. To look feminine and stylish, you can pair the pieces with blue skinny jeans and gray knee-high suede boots.

Dark blue draped top with V-neck and white skinny jeans

Dark blue skinny jeans with deep V-neckline

For a breezy look, you can simply choose an oversized draped top and wear it as part of a minimal outfit. For example, you can wear a dark blue oversized draped top with white skinny jeans to look airy and stylish. For the shoes, you can just wear bare sandals to complete the outfit in a neat and simple way.

White top with mini shorts

white top mini shorts

Here’s an all white outfit that is perfect for summer, especially for a beach hangout. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a white draped top with white mini shorts. To make the look as pure and innocent as possible, you can pair the pieces with white sandals to complete the outfit.

One shoulder white draped top with ripped skinny jeans

off shoulder white draped skinny jeans

Up to this point, all of the draped tops that I showed you are available in the form of a wrap neck top. This particular draped top has a different cut. The side wrap detail leads to the one-shoulder design. The result is a low-key, sexy, white-draped one-shoulder top. You can easily pair it with blue washed skinny jeans and black pointy toe heels to look stylish and sexy at the same time. You can even wear an ivory leather clutch bag to add extra style to the outfit.

Light pink top with dark gray skinny jeans

light pink top dark gray skinny jeans

Here is another unique draped top. It’s a light pink draped top that isn’t as baggy and long as most typical ones. It is considered a chic pink top with a v-neckline and beautiful details. To style this top, you can wear it with dark gray skinny jeans and black suede heels with pointy toes. Wear a necklace to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Olive green draped top over gray vest top

Olive green draped top over gray vest top

This is a very casual street look that is perfect for casual hangouts. To achieve this look, you can wear a wide, olive green draped top with a deep V-neckline. Wear it over a gray vest top to avoid exposing too much skin and add stylish layers. Pair them with navy skinny jeans and white sneakers to keep the outfit casual and sporty.

Black top with deep V-neck over the suit trousers

black pants with deep V-neck

If you are a boss or manager and you are used to dressing yourself for work all the time, here is a sexy way to dress up for every formal event you go to. Wear a black plunging draped v-neck top and pair it with black and white dress pants. Finally, wear a pair of black pointed toe pumps to complete the outfit powerfully.

Light pink polka dot top with mom jeans

Light pink polka dot top mom jeans

For a nice and girlish look, you can wear this light pink and white polka dot top. You can easily pair it with mom jeans and nude heels for a minimalist and chic look. As simple as this outfit looks, the pieces just go well together and give an amazing result.

Black sleeveless top with dark blue skinny jeans

black sleeveless dark blue skinny jeans

For a cool and super simple look, you can wear a black sleeveless draped top with dark blue skinny jeans. Pair the outfit with white sneakers to look casual.

White asymmetrical cropped draped top

white asymmetrical short draped top

This is a very uniquely designed draped top. It is a white asymmetrical draped top where the left side is a short top while the right side is a long draped top. Team the top with white wide leg pants and silver heels for a remarkable outfit that you can wear to cocktail parties and proms.

I hope you like the draped top outfit ideas I just showed you. As you can see, most of the outfits are pretty easy to take off while the results are pretty amazing. So what are you waiting for? Let’s try them out and see what they look like on you.

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