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Art deco style interior design

Art deco style interior design

Spring is a season of light: it gets more and more every day, and it gets everywhere until the trees have no leaves. Catch his glare and keep the rays in your own home with Art Deco-style decor transparent objects and surfaces.

Openness is one of the most spring trends

Back in fashion this year, transparent for transparent things are unexpected backgrounds. If the glass walls or furniture used to look good only in a minimalist environment, today they can easily fit into the attic or in a "Palace" interior. And sentimental Victorian crystal perfect complement allowed an apartment in Scandinavian style.

Glass walls often look like "office" and are only suitable for the extremely minimalist – or, on the contrary, glamorous, club racking. There are successful examples, including in the Russian projects – especially with the use of electric chrome glass. But repeating stunts without the participation of professional designers will not be easy.

Much more versatile solution that you can implement on your own – partly transparent partitions. This can be a transparent wall separating the inside of the small bedroom, or the upper part of it inner walls are made of glass. In the gallery – real examples, which we have already written.

It is above all an iconic model of Philippe Starck. "Ghost" chairs – peers century, with models Luis Ghost 2000 began a series of legendary objects that Maestro periodically updates. The best-selling chairs in the world have obviously become the subject of commercial envy – because after 2010, the company furniture with each other to offer its customers transparent objects. Now such chairs you can buy for example in IKEA.
In addition to the chairs, look at tables, shelves and even a sofa made of plexiglass, glass and polycarbonate. But do not overdo it – in a completely transparent environment it is difficult to maneuver between borders. The best examples of glass furniture are the Italian factories.

Kind of a continuation of the history of the trend for transparency: decided not to stay on the chairs and brought a mixer of organic crystal. The water supplied in a vertical flask turns the mill flow this exciting process can be observed, Art Deco-style decor, during the morning wash. All this beauty has the designer created for the brand AXOR in two versions white and chrome.

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