Wednesday , 6 December 2023
Vintage Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Vintage Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Landlords always dream of cleaning the washing machine out of one Vintage cottage bedroom decorations ideas, so it doesn't ruin the view. The customer for this project, at contrast, wanted to gather in the kitchen all the equipment and the room looked spotless.

And to make the whole event decided in Scandinavian style – or rather in its minimalist version, which makes a small space spacious and elegant.

The owner of the kitchen (and of course the whole apartment) – a young man, single, traveler, movie and music. The most important task that was laid – enter the maximum amount of kitchen equipment. In the kitchen, furniture was necessary to build a washing machine and dishwasher, gas stove and oven, to provide a small dining table (the apartment has a full-size dining room, she placed in the living room).

If the style the customer has also spoken very clearly – that he made a choice in favor of Scandinavian minimalism.

It was not. Ascending the corner to the left of the entrance, we did not want the entrance to be in place. It was necessary to work with the available volume with a floor area of ​​less than 7 squares with a window. It was important ergonomically designed to place all the necessary items in a confined space.

Despite the size, in this small kitchen we have collected a rich collection of textures that can remind you of the style of the loft. The floor is covered with granite metal tiles. One of the walls we met with decorative bricks, an apron designed with glossy tiles "kabanchik" – even with the standard layout, which resembles a brick wall, this material looks fresh and light, chamfered and creates further glare. The remaining parts of the walls we painted only moisture-resistant paint.

For such a small space, all storage systems have replaced a modern kitchen

It helped that the ceilings are quite high – we have chosen the right size of the kitchen, which the owner can fill in the necessary items, and nothing remains to be seen. This set was built in a narrow hood, washing machine and dishwasher we hid behind facades, with the help of countertops built windowsill.

The rest of the furniture in the kitchen, except the headset, very compact to save space, we used folding chairs and Vintage cottage bedroom decorations ideas folding board. Slim design, natural materials, colors gray and white, match the rest of the interior.

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