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How To Wear Red Blouse

How To Wear Red Blouse

I know a lot of people are not that comfortable with red. Just think the color is too bright and too aggressive. Now if you use the color on a blouse that is a feminine and elegant piece on its own, the aggressiveness has been well balanced and you are left with a cheerful and eye-catching blouse. If you’re still hesitant to try a red blouse, check out the following red blouse outfit ideas that I have prepared for you. Let’s look at them.

Red linen blouse with a V-neckline and knee-high boots


Let me start this interesting and lovely list with a chic and stylish outfit. To form such an outfit, you can simply wear a red linen blouse with a V-neck over a white vest top. Wear these pieces with blue skinny jeans and brown leather knee high boots for a stylish look.

Half sleeve blouse made of red lace with skinny jeans and sneakers

red lace half-sleeved blouse skinny jeans sneakers

If you think the boot outfit is a little heavy and sophisticated for you, you can just wear white sneakers instead. In detail, you can wear a red lace blouse with half sleeves, which will look beautiful and feminine. Pair it with dark blue, skinny, and white sneakers. Carry a black leather handbag for a slightly elegant touch to the overall look.

Red blouse with crepe cardigan and black chiffon skirt

red blouse crepe cardigan black chiffon skirt

To look more ladylike, let’s try pairing the red blouse with pieces in softer colors. For example, combine the red peplum top with a crepe cardigan. For the bottom part, wear a black maxi chiffon skirt and crepe ballerinas for a simple and airy way to complete the outfit.

Red bell-sleeved blouse with blue jeans

red bell-sleeved blouse blue jeans

Not only is this red blouse an eye catcher for its bright color, but it also has the nifty bell sleeve detail that takes the outfit to another level. With such a beautiful and unique top, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple. In that case, just wear blue skinny jeans and nude sandals to complete the lovely look.

Red Velvet Button Up Shirt with black drainpipe pants

red velvet button shirt, black tube trousers

If you like that extra depth that makes you look more feminine and mature in your outfit, you can wear a red velvet blouse that has this deep and sophisticated texture. Combine it with black, slim chinos and black, pointed toe heels for a unique and beautiful work outfit.

Wear it with black chinos and white pointed toe heels

black chinos white pointy toe heels

Here is another business outfit with the red blouse. This time it’s a cozier outfit in which the red blouse with buttons is combined with black chinos with straight legs. Wear white heels and a small black wallet to tone down the aggressiveness a little.

Red shoulder blouse with a white felt hat

red from the shoulder blouse, white felt hat

For a very eye-catching and happy holiday look, we are bringing out the white felt hat. In detail, you can wear a red strapless blouse with gray skinny jeans and light pink pointy toe heels. That would have been a very nice outfit, but wearing a white felt hat takes the outfit to the next level.

Red ruffled blouse with skinny jeans with cuffs

Skinny jeans with a red ruffled blouse and cuff

For a more elegant look, choose a red blouse with layers of ruffle detailing. This automatically makes you look more feminine and airy. Combine the blouse with dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs and light pink sandals with sophisticated silver sequin details.

Wear with white denim mini shorts with a gold necklace

white denim mini shorts gold necklace

This is a very adventurous attempt to wear red with another aggressive color, which is gold. The result is surprisingly good. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a red buttoned shirt and white short mini sandals. Now here’s the interesting part. Wear a gold necklace and belt to make the outfit look super edgy.

Red slim fit button up shirt with gray skinny jeans

red slim fit button up shirt gray skinny jeans

Here’s a relatively casual way to style a red blouse for a business casual outfit. You can wear a red slim-fitting shirt with buttons. Pair it with gray skinny jeans and a pair of burgundy pointy toe heels with ankle straps to look sleek and stylish.

Red and white polka dot shirt with black wide leg chinos

red and white polka dot shirt, black chinos with wide legs

If you want to add a nice touch to your work outfit, try this cute red and white polka dot shirt. Pair it with black wide leg chinos and red ballet flats to look attractive and slightly playful. You can even carry a small red leather handbag to match your red blouse.

Red wrap blouse with black pants

red wrap blouse black pants

Here is another work outfit. This time it looks a little more feminine and minimalist. To achieve such a look, you can wear a red chiffon wrap blouse with black straight leg pants. Wear black leather ankle boots to add glamor and look even smarter to your outfit.

Red bow with bow and black skater skirt

red bow blouse blouse black skater skirt

Here is a very feminine and elegant work outfit. The blouse here is a red bow with a bow that looks so soft and cozy. Pair it with a black skater skirt, black shafts, and black ballet flats to look professional and beautiful.

Red tie blouse with blue flared jeans

red tie blouse blue flared jeans

One trick to making your legs look longer is to wear flared pants with a fitted top. For example, you can wear this red cut blouse with blue flared jeans. You can hide a pair of black heeled ankle boots to look even bigger.

Red shoulder blouse with ruffles and a high-waisted, flared midi skirt with a floral pattern

red ruffles from the shoulder blouse, high waisted, floral flared midi skirt

For a happy and reserved sexy look, start with the red ruffle on the shoulder blouse. Team it with a black high waisted floral flare midi skirt to look slim and pretty. You can wear a pair of burgundy suede heels to add extra depth to the outfit.

Hope you find the above red blouse outfit ideas useful and hope you find some inspiration in coming up with your own lovely ideas.

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