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Romantic Home

Romantic Home

Most people think of playing soft music and lighting some candles when they want to create a romantic atmosphere. But it is not enough if you want to create a room with romantic decor. You should use some of these decor ideas to add the romantic feel to your room.

Use some gold in the room. You can add a gilded lamp, a golden framed mirror or a crystal and gilded chandelier for the golden effect. Consider using wallpeper that has some gold in it. You can also pick up some gilded material from a craft store and start gilding some furniture. The antique gilded feeling has always been perceived as romantic.

Use some wrought iron. Rolling of wrought iron is elegant and romantic. Find wrought iron tables, side chairs and fireplace screens with curved patterns. If you do not want to add extra furniture, you can use wrought iron wall decorations that you can buy in garden centers and other home stores.

Use silk for decoration. Silk gives a romantic texture and look, so using silk veils is a good idea. You can also stop some chairs, or simply decorate your room with some pillows of silk.

Use curves. Curved patterns should be used extensively for a better romantic effect. Try to choose furniture with curved legs and sculptural lamps. However, do not use the upper curves, as keeping curves everywhere can distract the eye.

Add some embellishments. Make your room even more beautiful by adding band details to your lamps, tassels to your pillows and any other beautiful accessories you can imagine. Using lace borders and thin lights will also create a fantastic romantic effect.

Add flowers. So this is the last step. When you have finished everything, you should complete your work with some romantic flowers. Use flowers that have been linked to love and romance and stay away from dark and bright colors. Magnolias and roses that have soft colors are good choices for a romantic room.

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