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How To Style Cashmere Dress

I’ve written some blog posts to talk about different fancy and sexy dresses you can wear for proms and cocktail parties before, and I’m going to talk about something completely different today. I will find out with you how to style the cashmere dress, something that is easy to build a cozy and casual outfit around. One of the best ways to look good is to imitate beautiful outfits and customize them a little to suit your needs. That’s why I’ve put together some really nice cashmere dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them.

Gray cashmere mini dress with V-neck and white slippers


The cashmere dress shines when worn as a very simple or minimalist outfit. To start with this list of cashmere outfit ideas, I’m going to show you a super simple outfit that you can easily take off. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a gray v-neck cashmere mini dress and a pair of white loafers and you would look casual and beautiful.

Light gray mini cashmere dress with bell sleeves

light gray mini cashmere dress with bell sleeves

If you think simply wearing a cashmere dress with shoes is a little too uninteresting for your tastes, you may want to find a dress with a more specific cut. For example, here is a light gray cashmere dress with a bell sleeve design. You can pair the dress with a pink pointy toe heel to look feminine.

White maxi cashmere dress with mock neckline and black slippers

white maxi cashmere dress with mocked neck, black slippers

There’s no question that a mini dress often makes you look attractive and reservedly sexy, but it’s nice to wear a maxi dress every now and then to look more elegant and ladylike. For example, here is a white maxi cashmere dress with a fake neckline. Simply combine it with black slippers or black oxford shoes to give the beautiful and simple outfit a touch of unisex.

Black turtleneck cashmere mini dress with leather ankle boots

black turtleneck cashmere mini dress leather ankle boots

To look more mature and serious, consider trying this all black outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a black turtleneck cashmere mini dress. Pair it with black suede boots to complete this flat yet beautiful outfit.

Long sleeve black cashmere mini dress with deep V-neckline

long-sleeved black cashmere mini dress with deep V-neckline

At first glance, this seems like just another all-black outfit that is a black dress, but the choice of shoes makes this outfit unique indeed. You can achieve this look by wearing a black long sleeved deep cashmere v-neck dress and a pair of black loafers.

Camel flared mini cashmere dress

Camel flared mini cashmere dress

One way to make your legs look longer is to wear a flared mini dress. For example, here is a flared cashmere camel mini dress that looks very cozy and casual and makes you look tall and slim. Wear black platform heels with open toes for the shoes to give the outfit a particularly elegant touch.

Black turtleneck mini sweater dress with lace-up boots in the middle of the calf

black turtleneck mini sweater dress mid-calf lace-up boots

To look more youthful, you can add some attention to your shoes and bag. What I mean by that is that you can still wear a pretty serious looking black turtleneck cashmere mini dress and still build a youthful outfit around it by wearing black combat boots and a brightly colored clutch.

White midi cashmere dress with black sandals

white midi cashmere dress black sandals

To achieve a very casual look, wearing sandals can often help. For example, you can wear a white cashmere midi shift dress and pair it with black pointy toe heels to look very elegant. By replacing the heels with black scandals, the outfit instantly turns into a casual and refreshing one.

Black long-sleeved cashmere dress with white sneakers

black long-sleeved cashmere dress white sneakers

While sandals make you look slightly more casual and refreshing, white sneakers make you look more casual. For example, you can wear a black cashmere mini dress with white sneakers to look both youthful and energetic.

Gray turtleneck maxi dress with black leather boots

gray turtleneck maxi dress black leather boots

To achieve a sophisticated look, one way is to wear a bodycon dress, another is to wear a maxi dress. Or, of course, you can do both. Here is a gray turtleneck maxi cashmere dress that can bring out the feminine and mature side of you. Wear them with black leather boots to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Green Mock Neck Belted Flared Cashmere Dress

green, flared cashmere dress with belt and belt

For those of you who love to have some unique details in your outfit, here is a dress that might interest you. It is a green midi flare dress made of cashmere with a mock neck and a brown leather belt. Simply combine the outfit with light pink pointed toe heels to keep the attention on the dress.

Black cashmere sweater dress with leather pants

black cashmere sweater dress leather pants

This is a stylish layered outfit that tries to pair a cashmere dress with pants. In detail, wear a black cashmere mini dress that you normally wouldn’t wear with pants or leggings. To look more unique and stylish this time around, wear a pair of short black leather leggings under the dress. Wear white sneakers to compete in this casual and stylish outfit.

Crepe wrap collar cashmere dress

Cashmere dress with a crepe wrap collar

This crepe cashmere dress has a very unique cut that is hard to name. For now I’ll just call it a wrap collar or wrap neck dress. When paired with black ballerina flats, this outfit is classy and professional enough to be worn to the office.

Black cashmere sweater mini dress with high boots

black cashmere sweater mini dress overknee boots

To look both youthful and girly, a good looking side pocket can be a game changer. For example, you can wear a black cashmere mini dress with black suede over the knee boots for a nice and cozy look. Now if you add a black leather bag to the outfit, you can look even more youthful and attractive.

Hope you enjoy these cashmere outfit ideas that I mentioned above. Don’t just focus on costumes or stylish jeans, wear both stylish and casual clothing like the cashmere dress, which can easily open many doors to your outfit game.

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