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How To Wear Harem Pants

How To Wear Harem Pants

Harem pants are pants that sit very loosely and are made of soft fabric. The pants also tapers around the calf or ankle area. In other words, they are like joggers, but they usually fit more loosely and are made of softer material. It’s one of those things that you don’t really do that often, but you do it a few times a year just to have fun and add variety to your style. Since they are not worn that often, many people find it difficult to style them and that is the problem this blog post is trying to solve. I’m here to share with you some of the best harem pants outfit ideas I’ve put together.

Low waist harem pants and black vest


Let’s start with a low-key sexy outfit that shows you skin in your waistline. Just wear a black vest top with olive green low-waisted harem pants. To complete this stylish outfit, pair them with open leather boots and a long necklace.

Harem pants with black vest and green cardigan

Harem pants black vest top green cardigan

For a unique feminine outfit that you can actually wear to work, you can wear brown boho style harem pants with a black vest top, green cardigan and black heels.

Black pants with a white vest

black harem pants white vest top outfit

For a minimalist casual outfit, you can simply wear a white vest top with black harem pants. Wear black strappy heels and a statement necklace to add elegance to your outfit.

Gray t-shirt with cheetah harem pants

gray t-shirt cheetah harem pants

For those of you who love the cheetah trend, this casual outfit is for you. Just wear a gray t-shirt with the cheetah harem pants and black heeled sandals.

Wear with a gray blazer

black harem pants gray blazer yellow vest top

Blazers are mostly something you wear to work. But since blazers are so good at making you look slim and chic, sometimes we like to borrow them and put them in our casual outfits. This outfit idea is a great example of how to wear a blazer casually. Just wear the gray wool blazer with a yellow vest top, black harem pants and sandals.

White t-shirt with olive harem pants

white t-shirt olive green harem pants

For a really casual street look that’s great for causal friends and grocery shopping, you can just wear a white t-shirt and olive green harem pants with red open-toed heels. Wear a long necklace to avoid looking too underclad.

Black harem pants with leather jacket

black harem pants leather jacket outfit

My favorite way to style the black leather jacket is to wear it with dark blue skinny jeans. But if you’re looking for an alternative, you can wear it with black harem pants and ballet flats.

High waisted trousers with a black bra top

High waist harem pants, black bra top

For a summer outfit that looks dark and sexy, you can wear a black bra top with high-waisted black harem pants. Complete this unique outfit with open platform heels.

Wear with a v-neck sweater and floral blazer

V-neck sweater harem pants flower blazer

Among this list of outfit ideas, this one has the best use of color. For the top, wear a gray sweater with a deep V-neck and a colorful floral blazer. For the bottom, wear the black harem pants with high walking shoes.

White tank top with black harem pants

white tank top black harem pants

This outfit is made up of three simple pieces that look so good together because of the combination of colors, cuts and styles. Just wear a white knotted tank top with black harem pants. Wear black thong heels for your shoes. It’s the small details like the knotted top, the black handbag and the bracelet that make this simple outfit look classy.

Wear with Wool White Top

Wool white top black harem pants

Wear a white wool top with black harem pants for a business casual work outfit. Harem pants are loose fitting pants that are more casual. To make the outfit more professional, balance the harem pants with elegant shoes like the black strappy heels.

Wear it with a black leather jacket and a felt hat

black leather jacket with harem pants made of felt hat

Most of the time we wear all black outfits to look dark and stylish, but this outfit is an exception. This outfit consists of the black boho top, the leather jacket, the dotted harem pants, the strappy ballerinas and the felt hat. Putting all of these pieces together actually creates a very cute and creative look. By the way, you might be interested to read about how to wear a felt hat on our blog post.

Wear it with a white, semi-sheer boho blouse

white transparent blouse black harem pants

The loose fitting nature of the harem pants makes them go well with a boho style top. For example, this white semi-sheer boho blouse, black harem pants and sandals make a very comfortable looking outfit.

Drop Shoulder White Top & High Waist Pants

Drop shoulder white top high waisted black harem pants

To dress as a minimalist, you can simply wear a white top with a dropped shoulder made of thick fabric, so nothing like a shirt. Pair it with black high-waisted harem pants with black and white heels. The black and white outfit just looks artistic and elegant.

Low waisted trousers with black leather jacket

low waisted pants black leather jacket harem pants

Low-waisted harem pants can look pretty stylish with a black leather jacket. In this outfit, simply combine these pieces with a gray t-shirt and black leather boots.

Here is the list of some of my favorite ways to wear the harem pants. For those of you who are hardcore jeans fans, hopefully you will try some of these and get out of your comfort zone. Apart from that, I also belong to the group of people who just love to combine any top with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. I just always try to have more fun by adding more variety to my everyday outfit. After all, fashion is about having fun, being creative, and trying different things. It’s for both the fun and the beauty.

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