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Burnt Orange Sweater Outfits

Burnt Orange Sweater Outfits

If you follow fashion trends, runway shows, and street style, you probably know that orange was the color of the fall / winter season. This season, however, it morphed into a darker shade known as burnt orange. You should see runway shows were colored this shade. So don’t hesitate to buy a burnt orange sweater.

Sweaters are my favorite winter staple. Not just in winter; They are perfect for transitional weather, early spring or late fall.
The burnt orange shade goes well with black, white, gray, and other primary and neutral colors. You can be sure that you will have a great outfit in no time!

Let’s see what outfit ideas I gathered from some of the most popular bloggers, street stylers, and other fashion insiders.

Orange is the new gray

burnt orange sweater gray
Changing your black details to gray is always a smart idea. This way you will make your outfits brighter.
This outfit is ideal for your work time. Gray midi skirt, flattering and with an A-line cut, is ideal for everyday wear. The burnt orange sweater is oversized and very comfortable. You can put a printed scarf for a better look.
Girls know the importance of having a large shopping bag every day. You can put so many things in it which is very convenient.


burnt orange sweater stripes
Together with this interesting bag, this outfit alone is a very happy looking and singing spring!
The orange sweater has stripes of different colors, which looks very nice. If you’re looking for a new favorite sweater, you’ve come to the right place! I already found you! Wear it with jeans and ankle boots or chinos for more elegant occasions.

Gold and Burnt Orange Sweater

burnt orange sweater gold skirt
Gold and orange surprisingly make a great combination. This is for lovers of sequins and sparkling outfits.
The oversized orange sweater is combined with a gold pleated skirt. Are you wondering what it looks like? Just take a look at this photo above. This fashion girl opted for gold jewelry and a gold bag. You can definitely go for this outfit as an everyday combo.

Orange and red

burnt orange sweater red
Burning sun has the most impressive colors. If you want to carry these tones over to your outfit combinations, just mix and match red and orange sweaters. You can only add details like this red bag, but that won’t detract from the sophistication of this look.
However, if you go for brightly colored and printed pants, your outfit is going to get an interesting turnout. Why not?


burnt orange sweater neutral
If you’re still a high school girl, consider this comfy outfit. Replacing those ripped jeans with classic ones can definitely show your friends how to follow trends like you!
Wear your orange knit sweater with flat chelsea boots and you will be the main star.

Matchy Brick

Burned orange sweater to match
Matching outfits are very practical. You don’t have to think about colors as you only have one option. No matter what color you choose, you can’t go wrong.
Here we burned an orange or brick hue on the sweater and leather skirt. She decided to break this outfit with a yellow snakeskin bag. It’s an excellent way to make your matchy outfit look exciting rather than boring.

High waist jeans and striped sweater

burnt orange sweater stripes
If you want to keep up with fall, it would be smart to wear a burnt orange sweater.
For an everyday outfit, choose high-waisted jeans, pull on your favorite sweater and pull on a black statement belt. Patent leather boots with a block heel and an orange faux fur coat are great accessories.

Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots with a burnt orange sweater
You already know how trendy thigh high boots were last year. Even so, they are the desire of many women trying to incorporate them into their daily outfits.
This girl shows us how to be relaxed and casual. She wears a burnt orange turtleneck in a loose and oversized form, mixed with skinny jeans and beige suede boots.
This is a beautiful outfit for everyday use.

Red Stripe Burnt Orange Sweater

burnt orange sweater red details
Chunky sweaters are my favorite. They are so flattering and oversized, perfect for everyday wear. In combination with narrow black pants and pointed slippers, this sweater is ideal for everyday occasions or for work clothes.
If you are into red color, you should pair your outfit with red details like this fabulous shoulder bag.

Denim shorts

green pocket of burnt orange sweater
For those transitional weather, when it’s not that cold but you can also feel summer is over, you need a combination like this.
Oversized sweater in a burnt orange shade tucked into denim shorts. If you really want to make a statement with even the most casual outfit, consider pairing this look with a green bag.
When it comes to shoes, you can go for flats, sandals if it’s not too cold, or ankle boots if the weather is cold.

Two sweaters

burnt orange sweater two sweaters
Olivia Palermo proves that two sweaters are better than one. It goes well with orange tones, while the A-line midi skirt stays in a neutral brown color.
She wears this outfit very politely and makes a statement with blue backless slippers.
This look can be your new workwear inspiration.

White shorts for summer

burnt orange sweater white shorts
Some girls are very skeptical of the orange color. I can understand, but there is no fear if you combine it with black or white paint. It’s very light and a noticeable shade, so be ready for lots of looks.
White high-waisted shorts as well as white loafers and an orange sweater make an amazing combination.

If you’re still in a dilemma about wearing this shade, just check out the runway show photos of couture or New York Fashion Week that have just ended.
The burnt orange sweater will serve you well. It’s a great piece of clothing for casual and elegant occasions. As you could see, wearing them with jeans, ladylike skirts and pants is very easy and suitable for many different events.
Hope you will try to recreate some of the looks. They are super easy to try out and at the same time a great eye-catcher.

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