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Blue & White Seaside Cottage

Blue & White Seaside Cottage Decoration

Seaside Cottage Beach Living Room

The cottage by the sea to the old fashioned gives it a new life. Custom kitchen and bathroom are perfectly finished including the utmost custom ceiling. It makes the home attractive and beautifully Casual furniture has a natural structure that creates a perception of warmth and comfort.

Seaside Cottage

An outdated home gets a makeover by the sea. A complete renovation gives a new life in a tired home. A custom kitchen and bath with beautiful surfaces combined with a custom pine roof gives this home charm and character. Relaxed furniture and natural structures create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Past Lisa Michael Interiors | Picture of Jessica Glynn

Best interior for living room

This is the best decor for the living room by Lisa Michael. The color combination of the furniture is really amazing. The space between furniture and accessories is perfectly used by the designer. It gives you a better idea of ​​how to decorate your living room. The interior of the living room is the most important area of ​​the house.

Beach cottage beach cottage living room "width =" 990 "height =" 660

Nautical Living with navy blue sofa, white natural textures

Perfectly designed kitchen

A perfectly designed kitchen is your top priority. Lisa Michael had shown her best idea in her designs. The space has been used ideally for setting cookers. The backsplash is set very efficiently because it is usually very difficult to manage the right space and area for it.

Open space Kitchen and dining room

Coastal cottage with whitewashed ceiling in kitchen

dining Area

Perfect selection of art can illuminate the smallest dining area. The three mirror images that reflect the outside of the sea and people riding on a boat, this looks really amazing.

Medium beach dining room


The powder room is the perfect place to showcase yourself as big and bold. Decently designed and decorated with blue denim wall and world-class accessories. The oval mirror looks beautiful and the floor is decorated with mosaic tiles with a clear finishing.

bathroom mirror decorations with marble sink

Designed & decorated bathroom

The bathrooms are more expensive to renovate than the other areas of the house. The floor is decorated with mosaic tiles with a clear finish.

navy white bathroom

A perfect bedroom to relax

A perfect bedroom for relaxing during the day and sleeping at night. It has a large comfortable bed with decent furniture nightstand close by. The wall is covered with a black warmth that stimulates you to sleep.

Beach Style Bedroom

Beach Style Bedroom Corner seating

Design & decoration of the laundry

In general, people avoid designing and decorating the laundry rooms because this room can be hard-working. Check that it has been designed so that you can place the washing machine under the table after using it. This has been done systematically to adjust the laundry material in a white shelf.

design and decorate the laundry rooms

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